Natasha's Secret: Not So Secret Now


A party is held at Avengers Headquarters to celebrate defeating Ultron and that the new Avengers (Sam, Vision, Rhodey and Wanda) are officially part of the team thanks to Nat and Steve training them. The party is going great until a game of Truth or Dare goes a bit far and Natasha reveals a secret that stuns everyone.

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Truth or Dare on Party Night

Hi this is the next story in the Natasha’s Secret series. As always I hope you enjoy if someone does read this please tell me what you thought and I do realise these make no sense whatsoever.

Characters- Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, Bruce Banner, Thor, Clint Barton, Natasha Romanoff, Wanda Maximoff, Pepper Potts, Maria Hill, James “Rhodey” Rhodes, Vision and Sam Wilson

Time Period- Post Age of Ultron pre Captain America: Civil War

Base- A party is held at Avengers Headquarters to celebrate defeating Ultron and that the new Avengers (Sam, Vision, Rhodey and Wanda) are officially part of the team thanks to Nat and Steve training them. The party is going great until a game of Truth or Dare goes a bit far and Natasha reveals a secret that stuns everyone.

Warning- Sexual activities, femslash sex, male/female sex, mild language, sex toys and alcohol.

Time- 9:52 pm

At Avengers HQ everyone except Pepper, Vision and Wanda participated in a drinking challenge against Natasha. Obviously Nat was the only one unfazed by the alcohol, I mean after all these American light-weights had no chance beating a Russian.

Wanda: Nat, could I have a go?

Tony: There is no way on the planet I’m letting you Wanda

Tony may have been drunk but understood what was going on and there was no way in hell he would let Wanda have a drinking competition with Natasha.

Wanda: Stark, what harm could it do?

Natasha: Come on Maximoff let’s have a match

Wanda quickly scurried to the end of the sofa and jumped up to play against Natasha.

(twenty minutes and 12 shots each later)


Sam: Come on how are you bitches still alive? I tapped out by two shots Nat must be on like shot 256 or something!

Pepper: Sam use some form of common sense Nat is Russian and Wanda is Sokovian

Pepper wasn’t participating because last time Nat handed her a drink they ended up in-between each others legs.

Sam: Hey Pep, do you think I have fucking common sense right now I’m drunk out of my brains

By now majority of the people had passed out from being tired or being drunk so Wanda and Natasha went to Nat’s room and some stuff happened.

Time- 10:25pm

In the mist of silence coming from the lounge there was a lot of noise coming from Nat’s room. Nat was in-between Wanda’s legs going in out of her with a 10" strap on dildo while making out with her.

Nat: You like that baby

All Wanda could get out was loud moans until she managed to pin down Nat and licked her wet insides until Natasha was the one moaning her head off.

Everyone in the lounge had woke up to loud crashes coming from Natasha’s room and they sent Maria Hill to check it out as they needed to find Wanda and Nat because they were going to play truth or dare. As Maria approached the room she heard a lot of heavy breathing.

Maria: Romanoff, Maximoff what’s going on in here- for fucks sakes Nat!

Wanda quickly got her jacket to cover herself up and Nat got the robe that Steve got her for her birthday.

Natasha: Maria...

Wanda: Agent Hill...

Maria: I will forget what I just saw. We are about to play truth or dare if you wanna join

Natasha: Be there in a minute just don’t tell the others

Maria nodded and left to let the girls get changed and make their way out to the lounge.

Time- 10:30pm

Natasha: Hey guys, how is everyone?

Clint: Surprisingly not drunk anymore. But how?

Natasha: It’s a secret recipe by yours truly of vodka and some secret ingredients designed so that when you fall asleep you don’t wake up hungover or drunk

Thor: Brilliant I shall take some back to Asgard

Natasha: Yeah, that’s not happening we should probably get on with the game

Maria: Agreed

Maria glared over to Nat and Wanda as if to say I know what happened between you two.

Time- 10:42pm

The Avengers had been playing Truth or Dare explicit to spice things up. A question was drawn out by Rhodey which meant he chose truth or dare but everyone in the room had to answer.

Rhodey: I Chose truth. This is a good one how many people in this room have you had sex with or made out with I will start. I have not had sex with anyone in this room but I have made out with 1 person.

Steve: I have kissed 2 people and slept with one

Tony: Kissed 2 slept with 2 Bruce

Bruce: 1 for each

Clint: Same as Banner

Thor: I have kissed 1 person in this room but not slept with any of you

Vision: I am an android therefore I can not have a sexual interaction with a human

Sam: I’ve fucked 1 and kissed the same person

Maria: Same as Sam, Banged one and kissed 1

Pepper: I have had sex with 2 people and kissed the same 2

Wanda: One for each

Tony: Nat what about you

Natasha was in the corner of the room laughing nervously

Natasha: Well I have Kissed all of you and fucked 8 of you 9 if you count Hulk and Banner as separate people.

Clint: And you all wonder why I call her a whore all the time

Tony: Natasha seriously who out of the people here have you had sex with and yes Hulk and Bruce are separate

Natasha: So Tony, Steve, Bruce, Clint, Sam, Hulk, Maria, Pepper and Wanda

Steve: You, you had sex with Maximoff! Wanda How old are you?

Wanda: I’m 17 years old

Tony: Nat how old are you?

Natasha: Do I have to say? Fine I’m 30.

Everyone were shocked. Nat thought she knew what was going to happen now.

Tony: Hey Natalie Rushman

Natasha rolled her eyes because she knew whenever this happened she was going to have to become the cover identity and seduce Tony or Pepper while everybody but her, Tony and Pepper didn’t understand what was happening.

Natalie (Natasha): Yes Mr Stark

Tony: I need help relaxing

Natalie: Yes Mr Stark

Steve: Tony what happened to Nat?

Tony knew exactly what he was doing.

Tony: Well Nat came as an assistant to me and Pep in a cover identity Natalie Rushman and now whenever I say the name Natasha switches to Natalie and if you say I need help relaxing she will give you a good look at her tits and give you one hell of a blowjob

Clint: I will use that sometimes

Tony: You should

Natalie: What would you like me to do Mr Stark?

Tony: You guys have all seen Nat’s tits right?

Thor: Me and Rhodey have not

Tony: You are in for a treat. Natalie take off your top

Natalie: Yes Mr Stark

Natalie or Natasha really wanted this to be over but she did it anyway she took off her top and her boobs just dropped out as these massive globes and the look on Rhodey and Thor’s faces was priceless.

Pepper: Наташа перестала быть шлюхой (this roughly translates to Natasha stop being a slut)

Natasha: Thank you Pepper can I have my top back now

Clint: You really are a slut aren’t you

Natasha: You’ve gone to far this time. Ублюдок (Bastard)

Clint: What?

Wanda: It means Bastard

Natasha had enough of Clint calling her a slut so she explained to him

Natasha: Does everyone want to know why I instantly have to fuck anyone?

Maria: Please tell us Miss Romanova

Natasha: When I was in the Red Room they trained me in martial arts, weapons and if all else failed there was seduction so that’s how I got the nickname Black Widow I have sex with you then oops your dead. One touch is all it takes.

Pepper: And also it’s not her fault she has an overly sexy voice, curves, long red hair, a leather suit and big tits.

Tony: I guess not I will never do that again sorry Nat

Natasha: It’s ok just next time ask Natasha she will do it but if you want better ask Natalia

Sam: Natalia?

Natasha: My real name

Steve: Real name?

Natasha: Oh did I not tell you my name isn’t Natasha Romanoff it’s Natalia Alianova Romanova I just simplified it for you Americans.

Tony: Oh ok

Natasha: I’m going to bed ok see you all in the morning

Everyone: Goodnight

This will not be the last in the series by the way.
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