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Lilly Luna Potter

Chapter 2

“Ok so I have zero ideas what to name the chapters >_< Please give me ideas in the comments, thank you! Now time to start the story!!! Enjoy <3 Oh also Lillyś Birthday is March 28 Also I’m sorry this took me so long :( I had writer’s block :p https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gRqY1nxGGE4 Pls watch this video ahead of time. I have quoted from the harry potter book!

It was the day after Lilly’s Birthday, and they were going to get Lilly’s school supply! Of course, Lilly had been in Diagon Alley many times since both of her brothers were already in Hogwarts. Although she had never been in Olivanders, her parents always thought that just the person getting the wand should go in. And of course the parents! Lilly wanted to go get her wand first but her parents said no and Steered her towards the robe shop instead. Lilly got her robes, then her cauldron, books, and everything else. Now there was only one thing left that she needed, her wand! Lilly could not wait to finally get her wand, when they walked up to the wand shop, instead of her mom telling her brothers to go to the Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes like she normally does. Her mom said “Come on boys, I will take you to get you some new robes” And her mom and 2 brothers walked away. Lilly watched as they walked away. She looked up at her dad with a look of confusion on her face. ” Come on Lilly let’s go get your wand,” Harry said with a smile. Lilly grabbed her dad’s hand and they walked into the shop. When they walked in Lilly looked around to see if anyways was there. Lilly looked up at her dad and said ” There’s know one here.” Harry looked back at his daughter and said ” I’m sure they’re just in the back.” Harry and Ginny have been acting really weird towards Lilly ever since she had that dream. Lilly knew her parents were not telling her something, but she just did not know what it was. Then all of a sudden a man popped out and said “Ah another Potter ” He said, “And what’s your name?” Lilly responded with ” My name is Lilly Potter .” The man responded with “Hi, Lilly! Now, let’s find you a wand” Olivander walked away out of view and came back with a long box “10¼“, Willow, swishy” he said while walking back and taking the wand out of the box ” Try it out “he said. Lily grabbed the wand “and raised the wand above her head, she brought it swishing down through the dusty air and a stream of red and gold sparks shot from the end like a firework, throwing dancing spots of lights on to the walls.” Harry gave a little whoop for his daughter, they paid for the wand and left. They walked over to Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes, to find Ginny talking to George’s wife Angelina. Harry walked in and went over to Fred “Guess who just got her wand!” Harry said to Fred. George looked around and said,” Was it, McGonagall?” Lilly laughed and said, “No I did!” Fred said ” Ohhh, so what type? ” Lilly proudly stated ” “10¼“, Willow, swishy.” Just then Ginny walked over with James and Albus. ” Hey, sis! Did you get your wand? ” James asked, Ginny responded with ” Yeah!” Lilly, James, and Albus ran off to go look around the shop. ” So what type of wand did she get? “Ginny asked with a smile, ” “10¼“, Willow, swishy " Harry responded. Just then Albus ran over " Hey can Fred and Roxanne stay at our house tonight " Ginny told the kids to let her talk to Harry about it and that she would let them know when they made a decision. Ginny looked towards Harry and George " I'm okay with it if you two are " Ginny said. Harry and George nodded, and told Ablus that they could spend the night at there house.

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