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Redmoom pack pov
Alpha (daniel) was working when he heard voices from main room . So he went their and saw bella was being bruised a beaten laying numb on floor ? Alpha (daniel) was in his deep thinking when his luna approach him and said ;
Luna (linda): Hey daniel how was your work going and any reason u came here?
Alpha(daniel): I came here downstairs to see from where these voices were coming and according to my guess i was right thay mutt (bella) again did someth'in .
Luna(linda): Well yeah she was cleaning well so i beat her and let her know how to do work properly . Btw when are we gonna get of this mutt?
Alpha(daniel): Soon honey (smirks and kiss linda) .
At the time whole pack was watching but they didn't give shit even though bella parents known as beta of alpha also were watching but didn't help her cause she was mistake to them . Bella was laying in pool of her own blood . Everyone get back to their work . Except this person (lia) . She was maid but she never hated bella cause she never saw a reason to hate bella . She look around to make sure there was no one . She slowly approach bella but her one arm around her and grab bella waist from her other hand . She drag bella to her room and drop bella gently on a bed . She went and to first aid kit and start applying bandage on her wound . She saw bella was opening her eyes .
Bella: lia....where am i ?
Lia: I took you to your room honey now you are laying on your bed . Between how are you feeling ? Is their still pain ?
Bella: No! Thanks lia . I feel better . (Smile)
Lia suddenly got dead serious and look around and went to door to check if there was someone who could see them but noo there was no one . She close the door behind her . Amd went to bella .
Lia: bella i need to tell u something?
Bella: what is it ?
Lia : Alpha daniel is trying to sell u too rouges in help to grow the strength of pack .
Bella: (panick) what? U are lying right?
Lia: No! And if you don't want to be sell then listen to me . You have time by tonight . Tomorrow they are selling you .
Bella: What is it lia? What i can do to not let myself sell?
Next words lia said my whole world crumble a part.
Lia: Run from here and never look back to this pack . They want to take advantage of your powers and will aginst to arise therd throne and strength . Run away tonight from here .
Bella was in her deep thoughts . There's no way she will let her self sold to others . To her , her pride and her wolf pride is very important . She can't let it lose . So she decided!
Bella: I'm ready to run from here. Bella said to lia in full determination in her voice .
Lia: Alright at border around 11:30 to 12:30 guards took break at that te u could take a chance to run . Bella noded on her .
Lia was helping to heal her wounds and make sure she is in great state to leave from pack . Lia done enough to help her and took her leave and tell bella too take enough rest before run.

Bella pov
I was feeling sticky and smelly so i went to take shower . I was stripping my clothes when i saw my reflection on my mirror i saw how my bruise were healing from morning beat which i get from luna . (Flash back). I was cleaning the main room when luna enter . I bow her politely . But in conner of my eye i saw smirk pop on bottom of her lips . I knew what was going to happen . She came towards me and said me .
Luna (linda) : Hey why aren't you cleaning well look how much dust is there . U are miserable in each and everything . U are use less, burden and a sl*t . No doubt you got many mens between your legs . (Smirks)
Bella: Luna u are crossing u limits and about having men between my legs is not my thing but indeed yours . Her smirk drop and it was my turn to smirk . In conner of my eye i saw luna was watching alpha coming down and that's it she start beating me. She make sure i was passout and i indeed was . My head still aches from the beating and taunts i got from her . I shrugged things of my shoulder and went to shower to relax and sooth my muscles . Which inded help me . (Timeskip to the night border ) I was watching lia to give me signal to run and leave this pavk territory . At this time alpha and luna and rest must be sleeping cause there were extra training classes which have tired them all . I was in my human form when lia spoke .
Lia: Go shift in your wolf form it's almost time to say good bye to the hell . (Smile) I nod and went deep into bushes and strip myself . My bones start cracking and shifting indicating i was now in my wolf form .

(Pretend it's night in background)
Bella: Ash are u ready ?
(For you information Ash is bella wolf name) lia went to me and stand infront of me and hug my wolf .
Lia: Take care of yourself . And don't for gave your self that easily. Fight for yourself Ash and bella . I love you . Now run . Before they came . (Tears streaming and smile) . Ash didn't took a minute but take a run to leave this territory . I was running . I have been pretty far from the pack . I heard roared coming from black sky . It's like it's gonna rain soon . I need to find myself a shelter . I was running when came in view of a cave . I went there and first check the surrounding to make sure it's safe . And yeah it's safe . I shift back into my human form cause my wolf was tired from running hours . I was wearing black jeans with black sweater and denim black jacket cause it was pretty cold . I found some tree branches to make fire and warm the cave . I even hunt rabbit and raw in my wolf form . Soon i drift to sleep cause i need to find a proper place to live . I was sleeping when i heard a twitch voice and i snap my head to the source of voice my breath got stuck in my throat and huge lump form in it .
Bella: ...........????

Hi cupcakes! It's my first story and obviously my new experience . I hope u enjoy and make sue to create more suspense to bring u more joy . I will give my best in upcoming chapter of my Saviour till then it's good to be a ....
Good bye ❤️
Your author zico ✨

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