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My school creatures AU


Alternate universe where are the characters are teachers for my school and some of my classmates +me alternate title what's going to be my school Gods and Monsters Universe also there is some gay Romance and these are real people

Adventure / Scifi
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Chapter 1: cast

This fanfiction will be starring

my social studies teacher mr. G who has played the antagonist in many of my other fictions as: past roles, Frankenstein's creature, and Edward Hyde this time he is starring as Dracula

my English teacher mr. C who has played the protagonist in other Fanfictions of mine previously as: Victor Frankenstein, and Henry Jekyll, this time he is starring as Wolfman

myself, I will be known as Kate throughout this book, not because it's not my real name, I have played more than one characterHowever they are either minor or background, the characters I have played in the past are:Robert Walton and A background character used for one throwaway line this time I finally get the confidence to get myself a split roll in this fanfiction I play, Dorian Gray and Robert Walton they are the same person in this

Sam also known as Haley, they have played a role I forget their roles however they will play, one of my favorite roles a werewolf Hunter, she can be nice but at times she can be mean

Nat, plays the role of, Edward Hyde dr. Jekyll And also Victor Frankenstein, thank goodness they will never be seen in the same scene together

mr. Hamilton: vampire Hunter

Mrs t: a random civilian that goes missing


I will include more when I am not lazy maybe some people will get different roles or rolls will be replaced IDK I'm lazy tired and bored

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