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Hunter exam~ part 2

I just arrived to the exam building (which took like forever). I was sitting in the building leaning against the wall with my eyes closed until I heard a familiar voice. “What the heck” . I opened my eyes to see killua . "Omg killua its been forever!" I screeched. He started rolling his and rubbing his neck. " Jeez, i see you're still still energetic and annoying as ever. But can you come over for a minute?" I stood up with a questioning look. I didn't know what was happening until he stood in front of me and we were face to face. " GAH dang . How you 8 years older than me and the same height as me", he said laughing holding his stomach with his arm. "I'm laughing so much my stomach is hurting!" "Killua, I'm going to kill you" I said pulling his hair. "Ok, ok I'm sorry", he said while wiping the tears from his eyes. "What are you doing here anyways?" I asked. "I was just bored. What about y- he was cut off by the scream of a man. I looked up to see pretty little flower petals rising from the center of the building from his arm , And there I saw him...that SCRUMPTIOUS delicious looking man in a joker outfit , with a star on one side of his face and a water drop on the other. I just knew I needed a piece of that."My how unusual~ it seems this poor man's arms have been turned into flower petals. Now you see them, now you don't. You should be more careful and do apologize when u bump into someone ". GIRL WHEN I SAY MY BODY QUIVERED, but not in fear. It was exactly the opposite. I was shaking from excitement. My breaths became heavy and short. Girl I was having a flew blown seizure SKCNDJSN . And Killua noticed right away. " Jeez y/n calm down and have some type of control will ya," he said rolling his eyes crossing his arms. I giggled and put my index finger under his chin and turned his face towards me. " Awww~ are you jealous that my attention isn’t on you" I mocked. He blushed a little in embarrassment and snatched his head away. "As if!" he yelled back." I'm going to go take a look around,' he yelled as he skated away. "well I might as well get a look at the competition myself. "I said as I began to stand up and walk away from the wall. I walked around until I found people who interest me. Then that's when i seen him.
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