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The unbreakable


According to some old legends, the world was once had it's own protectors that kept all the evils away. However, no one really knew who or where they were or if they were even real. As the time passed by, the stories of their great deeds degraded into nothing but myths and bedtime stories. Humans. They are the most arrogant and yet maybe the most passionate creatures in this universe. Although it doesn't change the fact that they are clueless. Clueless of the bigger picture that is right In front of them. But what happens when that bigger picture is nearing and the evil can no longer be kept hidden from the humans anymore? Will the protectors that have been hidden for so long show up again when they learn the dangers that is now lurking over our world?

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The break is over


Location: Space Headquarters

Namjoon: yes?

???: Namjoon there are some continues movement in the space,

Namjoon: Wait what!?

???: Uh huh

Namjoon: (sighs) locations of the other 5. Right now in my cabin.

???: Got it!

*End call*

The man ended the call after pushing some strands of his hair falling on his forehead back.
A prominent frown visible on his face.

Not even a minute after hanging the phone another man with a shorter height entered the room with a tab in his hands. His hair bouncing a little as he walked in front of the others desk with an anxious look on his face.

He shakily handed over the tablet to namjoon while looking at his face, observing his expression to get a clue of what was going on his mind.

Namjoon continued staring at the tab while his fingers urgently moved over it's screen. The silence stretched out between them and the shorter man held back an agitated sigh while looking at namjoon's expressionless face.

Although that didn't last long as namjoon's emotionless face turned into an utterly shocked one. His eyes grew wide with shock before they grew back to normal.The other man didn't miss that reaction, which made him more nervous of the situation.

Namjoon looked up to meet with an utterly stressed and nervous face of the other man who stood in front of him. It seemed like that man's patience finally broke as he let out an irritated,

"What the fuck is it?!"

Namjoon's gaze retired to the tablet, inking a few times before he finally broke through his trance. He slowly turned the screen towards the man, who gladly snatched it away to get a better look.

Not even a moment later, the tablet was harshly kept on top of the table.

"So you mean that the other protectors are all in the same country? After-- I don't know?! 2 decades? I thought we were avoiding each other."

Namjoon nodded distractedly. They were indeed avoiding each other and he knew for a fact that it wouldn't be ending so soon. That only meant one thing, they didn't even know the others were near. Although it changes everything, it still makes things a lot easier for him. They don't need to track them down individually anymore.

"That's right, looks like they are in the same country but different places." Namjoon answered while looking at the tab again.

"And that's a good sign jimin. We all sure aren't prepared for a fight but it's good that they are in the same country. It will be a lot more easier to get them if they aren't scattered around the whole world." Namjoon continued, However, Jimin didn't look so thrilled about the fact of having all the protectors in the same place.

"So are you saying-"

"Yes jimin." Namjoon said, cutting the other one mid sentence and sighed, as jimin's face paled some shades.

"We are about to be together again. Send people to pick them up from where ever the hell they are and tell them 20 years is enough for a break!"

He ordered in a determined voice, the voice that conveyed authority. Jimin nodded even tho he was totally against it and walked towards the door...

"Jimin?" The said man halted in his steps without looking back.

"It may seem odd to have them back after all this years, I know. But I hope you can put that aside because we have a lot more important situation going on."

Namjoon said before the other man closes the door.

"Looks like we are meeting again." Jimin said to himself.

He said as he released a sigh.


I made my way towards the main quarters.

Looks like we'll be finally meeting again after so many years. But I won't say I am excited to meet with a certain some one again.

But I guess namjoon's words were right. Past is past and now we have a much bigger problem.

"Track the location of the nearest protector now." I said to Ji-eun, our present monitor for the other protectors.

You see, the protectors, including vme and namjoon, have a really strong energy radiating from us and it makes it a lot easier to track them.

"Got it!" She said before getting back on the work she was told to.

After we parted ways no one tried to contact each other. Well no one would after how things ended that day but I don't really wanna bring that up.

I was standing in front of the space monitor observing it closely for any sudden movement.

"Si- what the hell is happening??!"

I turned around to see ji-eun's eyes on big windows in the room.

Following her gaze i felt shock overflowing my body.

In front of me I can see that something big covered with fire was falling from the sky. My eyes quickly shifted to the monitor but no movement was shown.

"It's a trap! Call Namjoon now!"

I didn't even realise that I was now shouting at no one in particular. I was making my way towards the window where Ji-eun was still standing when the building started shaking violently.

But the thing was-- If it wasn't me who caused the sudden earthquake than it means that thing has crashed on the surface.

Namjoon came in the room while panting. Obviously ran here.

His face told me that he thought it was me, but in the state i was in (on the ground) made him realize that it wasn't me.

His once worried gaze turned into a dark and serious one.

"It's starting,"
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