A story of two individual in which a man who is madly and deeply in love kidnapped his lady love from her marriage night and held her captive in his love for the lifetime. Will the fiance of the girl able to find her? Will the family accept the bride back after they caught her back. What will the consequence of this kidnapping?

Erotica / Thriller
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Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Marriage day

She was loved by him, more than anyone could imagine. He made her realize what true love is. His affection is such that it couldn’t be measured or defined in words. It said love gives pain and this is exactly what her true love had given her. She wished there was a magical switch in her life that she could press to erase all the memories with him but unfortunately she couldn’t. No matter how much she tries, his memories whether good or bad overshadow her present.

″You are looking beautiful. Khushi.″ Few friends gestured with a beaming smile.

Like every ordinary girl, she also dream to spend the rest of her life with the man she loves. She has thought it to be a special one but all her dreams fade away the moment he breaks up with her, shattering all her dreams. That pendant was the symbol of their love which he took off roughly without caring about her emotions and feelings.

She has no glow, no happiness on her face. The reason is one and only Arnav Singh Raizada who snatched each and every happiness and wrecked her heart. She never wanted to marry Nandkishore but circumstances forced her to take this decision.

How many times she tries to tell Arnav that she is not wrong, she is not responsible for Di’s broken marriage. She hadn’t trapped shyam, but he didn’t care to listen and once again broke her heart into million pieces and humiliated her in front of all. He thinks because of Khushi, his jijaji gave divorce to his elder sister.

Few months ago, Arnav and Khushi confessed their feelings to each other and their marriage was fixed by their respective families. On their engagement day, Arnav came to know that his Jijaji wanted to divorce his Anjali di for Khushi. Shyam wanted to have Khushi by hook or crook. This made him hell agitated and ruthless.

2 years ago, Arnav came to know the true color of Shyam manohar Jha that he is a monster. Shyam was physically torturing his wife till death. But Arnav was completely in darkness For a long time, this kept going on as Anjali hid it from her brother. But everything is going beyond her endurance. The thin wall of her patience broke one fine day. It was a night when Shyam pushed his 5 month pregnant wife with a huge force resulting her miscarriage. She lost her last ray of hope to survive. It was her 3rd miscarriage and after this incident, she cannot become mother again. She got distraught and shattered. Unable to bear this pain anymore, she tried to commit suicide.

At the right moment, Arnav saved her life and stopped her from doing this stupidity. She broke down into tears and told everything to her brother. The bitter truth stabs him like anything. Without any second delay, Arnav sent his so-called jijaji to jail and made sure he get tortured day and night for every single pain his anjali di has suffered.

From his hidden sources, Shyam came to know that Arnav proposed to Khushi and they were tying the knot. This made him mad. Although he is now in jail, he has many contacts outside who run under his fingertips. Using the last trump card, Shyam started putting doubt in Arnav’s mind that Khushi is a characterless girl. He put venom in Arnav’s mind that before dating him, Khushi was secretly dating shyam.

On their engagement day, Arnav humiliates Khushi in front of everyone and throws an engagement ring on her face calling her the most disgusting girl on the earth. Everyone tried to make him understand Khushi was not what he was thinking but he was blinded by hatred which Shyam fed into his mind. Arna got a few pictures and voice recordings from Shyam’s mobile which give enough proof of Khushi betrayal which he cannot deny. But what he didn’t know was all the fake pictures created by Shyam’s men as per his instructions.

“Maine tumhari jaise ghatiya ladki aj tak nahi dekhi..Tum itni gir jaogi main soch bhi nahi sakhta tha..Sharam ati han mujhe apne appe main tumse itna pyaar kiya” (I have not seen a lousy girl like you till will fall so hard I did not even think..shame comes, I love you so much)

“Arnav you are..”


Angrily, he grab her shoulder and throw her out from his house.



Wiping off the tears, Khushi looks at herself in the mirror dressed in a bride. Within a few moments, she will be Nk’s wife. 6 months ago her life took drastic change. She cried, pleaded, ran behind him and did everything to erase this misunderstanding. But that’s enough. She would never put her self respect on stake. He don’t deserve my love. She will not think about him. He said it right. It’s over. She is ready to accept Nk. (Nandkishore)

After this moment, she is going to be someone-else and she doesn’t wish to meet Raizada. At least NK won’t break her heart as brutally as him. She closes her eyes, inhibiting those unwanted thoughts out of her mind. Taking a deep breath, she carried her gaze and found herself in a bridal wear. She should focus on her present and ask help from her Kanhaji to let go of all the bitter memories of the past so that she focuses on her present. Her future is only NK- Her best friend Nandu.

″Lagta hai baraat aa gayi..″ The girls teased her and left the room. They rushed down to see the groom where everyone was welcoming him.

A lone tear trailed down her cheeks once she realized she is going to be someone else.

″Arnav aur Khushi ki kahaani khatam ho gayi..″ (Our love story has ended)

″Yeh kahaani itni asani se nahi khatam ho sakhti..″ (This story shouldn’t end like this) Came a faint voice.

At first she thought it’s her imagination but when she felt his presence, she got startled. Blood drained from her face as soon as he made the entry from the balcony and jumped inside her room.

“Why is he here? What does he want? Aren’t he satisfied with humiliating my love?” From the time her marriage was fixed with Nk, he didn’t leave a single opportunity to spoil any ritual. I don’t know what he wants now? It was him who throw her out of his life and when she is ready to moved on with someone else, why does he has so much problem? Every ritual he spoiled and she thought he never interfered in her life henceforth.

″Tum..tum yaha kya kar rahe..″ (What are you doing here) She blasted at him angrily asking him to get out of her sight. Without breaking eye-contact, he reached her.

She is shouting at him angrily but he was lost and smitten in admiring the most beautiful bride who looked like an angel. He had never seen anyone breath-taking as her. She is looking magical. More beautiful he has imagined her in his mind.

″WHAT ARE YOU STARING ME LIKE A FOOL..GET OUT FROM MY ROOM BEFORE I..″ She paused after hearing Mom’s voice.

Her mother was approaching her room to get her down in the altar as Nk had already arrived and it’s time for the bride to appear in alter.

″Today is my marriage..For god sake please go from here before my parents see you..You already cause huge drama on my engagement and every other ritual with Nk..″ Khushi began to yell, trying hard not to let her voice go out from her room.

″Arnav, I am talking to you..are you---″

″Shh..″ He placed a finger on her lips and gestured to her to shut up. For a second, she gets numb and froze. Why is he acting so weird?

″You are looking beautiful, Angry kitten..″ That’s when they heard someone knocking at the door. Khushi turned to move toward the door but he grabbed her forearms pulling her into his strong embrace.

″What are you doing..leave me..″ She struggled to let’s go off him.

″Don’t marry NK..″ Arnav spoke looking deep into her eyes.

″What? Are you crazy? My marriage is going to happen in some moments and you are telling me to....″

″Yes..″ He replied darkly.

″It’s too late now. our fate is already decided″

″Without knowing the entire truth, you can’t punish me and yourself like this. Trust me I never wanted to break up with you but my-..” He was about to reveal the real reason but she didn’t let him complete.


Hearing this, he grabbed her shoulder and looked deep into her eyes.

″Khushi Beta..″ Garima, Khushi’s mom knocks on the door.

″Arnav.please..Mom is calling me″

″So?″ He replied carelessly.

She tried to free him from her grip. He leaned near her and whispered those three magical words that she always craved for. But now it meant nothing.

″You are mine, Only mine and I won’t let you marry and spoil 3 lives due to pressure from your family because I know you love me the way I do..″ He captured a kiss on her cheeks. There is so much intensity and possessiveness in his gaze. While she looked away, trying to free herself.

″No, I am not..I don’t love you anymore″ She replied instantly.

″That we will decide later..″

″What do you mean..Are you going or should I call the poli--′

Within a second, she felt a strong smell drugging her and drawing her into a different world. His body was covering hers as she lost her balance. Her head is getting heavy and then everything is blurry. Her eyes looked into his directly, hating him, loathing him before she fell into his arms, losing her senses.

In the outskirts of Delhi-

A man of late 20′s taking pheras with the love of his life, lifting his bride into his irresistible arms and the panditji was chanting mantras. While Akash (Arnav’s brother) and nannu (Arnav’s grandfather) are standing in a corner showering flowers to them with a smile. There are only witnesses to their secret marriage.

Although Khushi was semiconscious, she still didn’t give up the fighting. She continued punching him with her free hands. He loves this side of his angry kitten very much.

″I am sorry Khushi. I gave you many choices but you left me with no option. I have to do this..I wish you will forgive me for this..″ With that, he filled her partition and wore the wedding chain before marking her as his for eternity.

After marriage, Arnav took blessings from Nanu and gestured to Khushi to do the same. Being half conscious, Arnav leads her to take his blessing.

″Sada Khush raho dono..Ab kisi ke liye Alag mat hona..″ (Always stay happy..Don’t get separated again)

″Take my Bhabhi away from this cruel people, Bhai..″ Said Akash.

″What are you saying Akash?″ Arnav asked shocked.

″Akash is saying right. Anjali will never accept Khushi, daughter-in-law of our family. She hates her like anything. She hadn’t forgiven Khushi till now. She thinks she lost her baby because of Khushi. Because of Anjali, you were forced to leave Khushi and choose your Di happiness over your own. If you both stay in Raizada house she will make Khushi live hell..″ Said nanu trying to make him understand the seriousness of situation

After a lot of discussion, Arnav finally decided he needs to keep Khushi safe from this cruel world and specially from his Di. Everyone is against their love and after their marriage they would certainly try to separate them. Neither Khushi family accept him nor his family accept Khushi. Except Akash and Nanu, everyone in his family hates Khushi.

In the Gupta mansion, Khushi’s disappearance developed a hurricane within NK. His love for Khushi took the form of obsession. He began breaking the Mandap getting out of control. His mother, Jasmine is trying hard to stop him but he is in no position to listen to anyone. She feared if he didn’t get Khushi he would again start taking drugs. While Khushi’s papa and mom are searching for her in every possible place. No-one knows where Khushi is.

To be continued

Hello my lovely readers. This is a new story i have written. Please support me and do tell me if you like it or not. It's a short story. It is about 3-4 chapters. Within 3 days I will finished it off.

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