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"Feel free to hate me while I continue to love you. I can only accept wounds, and yours are the worst." When Haven high school opens its doors to female student too: Nao would never have imagined ending up in an exclusive male class. In which the most problematic boys of the entire institute had been gouped. The dream of living three years, happy in high school, seems to vanish every day more, under the jokes and rebellious behavior of the seven boys, led by the principal's son. The first chapters are inspired by Mayu Sakai's manga Rockin haven

Romance / Drama
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Haven high school was renowned for the excellence of its students. There had never been any problems, the school seemed to perfectly mirror the name it had.
For nearly fifty years it had been a male institute, until after careful consideration, the principal had decided to welcome female teachers and students.
And Nao, a girl of only sixteen year old, would never have imagined how the three years to come, would have totally changed her life.
She found herself taking the entrance test with her best friend, even if she wasn’t really interested in entering Haven high school. In the naivety that both would pass, she had not applied in any other high school. She was lucky, she managed to enter thanks to a point, while Sooyun, her best friend, was refused, having to enter a public institution.

-Nao- the girl was called, looking up, towards the mother who was looking at her, as if waiting for an answer.
-What? - she asked.
-I said, you’re done, it’s time to put on your uniform. Your father can accompany you today-
The girl nodded, placing her chopsticks on the table.
-It will be strange, don’t go the road with Soonyun anymore- she said, giving voice to the thoughts that had been crowding her mind for days.
-It is much better that way- the woman replied seriously, getting up from the table and taking some dishes to bring them on the dish washer.
Nao frowned, following her gaze. -Are you still angry?-
-Yes! - replied the mother turning to look at her. -If it hadn’t been for that one point, now you would also be attending a public institution. All for the ideas that she put in your head-
-But I did it, I think- Nao replied.
-For one point, don’t forget it- the woman said seriously, immediately giving her back and opening the water, to start washing the dishes.
Nao sighed, looking straight ahead. Her six-year-old younger sister, Chohee, was looking at her with a smile on her face, and Nao couldn’t help but answer her. However often Chohee was a plague, she always managed to improve her mood.
She winked at her as she got up from her seat and went to her room to get ready.
She quickly put on the uniform and new shoes that her grandparents had bought her, just to go to school. She loved them, and she knew that they hadn’t even come cheap.
She looked in front of the mirror to see if everything was in order. The black skirt had no folds and was in order, the shirt was inside and the black tie was tied to perfection, while the burgundy jacket fit them perfectly. She adjusted her fringe a little, noting that her strawberry blonde hair, falling gently on her shoulders, was bushed at the end. Satisfied she took the bag, leaving the room, reaching the kitchen. Her father was already fully dressed, ready to go to the office. He placed the coffee cup on the table and smiled as he saw his older daughter.
-Then? - Nao asked opening her arms, to make herself seen better.
-You’re beautiful! - Chohee said raising her arms. The girl smiled towards her sister.
-I think Cho has perfectly expressed everyone’s thoughts- said the father.
Yuri, Nao’s mother, approached her daughter, offering her lunch and giving her a smile. -Do your best-
Nao nodded vigorously, feeling agitated but enthusiastic at the same time.
It would have been an entirely new adventure, certainly she wouldn’t have Soonyun by her side, but Nao was good at making new friends. Her high school life had finally begun.

What Nao didn’t expect was the imposing building in front of her. She had always seen from afar, and hadn’t seemed so big to her. Plus she felt too many eyes on her. She expected it a bit considering that the institute was the first year that admitted women, but it was the same strange.
When she entered school she changed her shoes, looking for her class. She could not be late, not on the first day.
“1-D” tried looking over the doors. She smiled when she found the one she was looking for. She noticed in front of her, a girl with long black hair, stop in turn in front of the door. She too looked at her curiously.
Nao smiled. -Is it your class too? - she asked immediately.
The girl nodded, peering Nao from head to toe.
Nao’s smile seemed to grow, finally another girl. -it’s a pleasure, it’s Lee Nao- she moved her head in a small bow.
-Choi Minseo- the girl introduced herself, imitating her gesture.
-I am so happy to finally meet a girl, I was starting to feel in awe. Shall we go in? - she asked bringing a hand to the door.
Minseo just nodded. Nao noticed that she was not of many words, she thought that perhaps she was shy, and this only made her feel tenderness towards the dark-haired girl.
When Nao opened the door, she found several male eyes on her. She widened her eyes, quickly inspecting the class. Only males.
A pink-haired boy sitting on the bench gave a giggle, breaking the silence that had arisen.
-Incredible. There really are girls-
-It seems that we are the only two in class- Minseo said apathetically, lowering to pass under Nao’s arm, resting on the door jamb.
-It can’t be- Nao said in a low voice. Her fantasies about a girl squad, Taylor Swift’s style, crumbled in an instant.
-Do you have much longer? - asked a voice behind her. Nao turned around. The breath stopped in her throat.
In front of her was a boy considerably taller than her, his mahogany-colored hair was arranged in a slightly disheveled way, but that look seemed only to give him more beauty. She immediately noticed piercings on both ears, and was surprised. His face was white, it seemed made of porcelain. When he raised an eyebrow, small wrinkles formed on his forehead.
-I ...- Nao found herself speechless. A small smile was painted on the boy’s lips. He took steps forward, being a few centimeters from the girl, who blazed at that proximity.
-If you allow- he said bringing a hand to the door, opening it more, so he can pass and enter.
Nao only seemed to breathe again when he moved away from her.
-Here you are-
-I thought you wouldn’t come- several voices said as soon as the boy entered. Nao turned around. Now that she noticed, everyone seemed to know each other in there.
She entered in turn, approaching Minseo, who had already sat down and looked at classmates with a bored air. The brunette looked away as soon as she noticed a figure beside her.
-You look upset- she observed.
-I’d say. I did not expect that we would be two - Nao admitted, sitting on the bench in front of the one of the brunette.
-Me neither. 1A has more. But better this way, the girls only create dramas- Minseo replied.
Nao looked at her incredulously. She did not understand Minseo’s thoughts at all and did not agree at all. In middle school, there were many girls in the classroom and they all got along. Her eyes returned to the group of boys not far from her, laughing and joking among themselves.
-Of course they already get along-
-Of course, they know each other from middle school. All-
Nao’s eyes widened for the umpteenth time, within an hour. Minseo, who had placed his head on one hand, looked in turn at the blonde in front of her.
-You seriously don’t know who they are? - she asked.
Nao shook her head.

Minseo nodded towards the boys. -The boy you talked to a little while ago is Jeon Jungkook, the only son of the principal of Haven high school. Consider him also the boss of the gang-
-What? - asked Nao surprised.
Minseo, kept looking at them. -Park Jimin, the boy who laughed when we entered- she said referring to the pink-haired boy, still sitting on the bench.
-Jung Hoseok, the one with brown hair. The boy he holds on his shoulders is Kim Teahyung- the second boy had auburn brown hair.
A gray-haired boy, shaved on both sides, approached two chairs to the group, sitting on one of them.
-He is Kim Namjoon-
The other chair was occupied by a black-haired boy, who placed his feet on the bench where Jimin was sitting.
-Min Yoongi- Minseo went on quietly. -And ...- she walked through the classroom with her eyes. -Here it is. Kim Seokjin- ended satisfied. While looking at the blond-haired boy, who in turn approached the group, messing up Jungkook’s hair, who said nothing to him.
-And the other three? - asked Nao, looking at the group of three boys, who was about to do their business.
-I don’t have the faintest idea who they are- she admitted shrugging and not worrying about it.
The blonde looked at the group of seven, who seemed not to worry about anything, they spoke and laughed, without worrying about the tone, or the fact that they had already given a messy appearance to the classroom, approaching desks and chairs.
-I have a bad feeling- she said.
Minseo nodded a chuckle. - Given the subjects with which we are in the classroom, I am not surprised. You stay at your place and don’t bother them. You will survive big like this-
Nao frowned. She laughed soon after. -I admit it, for a moment you almost scared me-
Minseo looked at her, as if making sure she was serious or not.
-You heard what Jimin said before, right? - she asked getting closer to the blonde.“Incredible there really are girls”She nodded.
-This is because for three years of middle school, their class was exclusively male. No girl could stay in class with them. The first year, who knows how many changed sections. Two even school-
-What an exaggeration- said Nao, but internally she was beginning to worry.
-Keep a low profile Lee, trust me- Minseo looked serious.
Nao swallowed, bringing her eyes to the group of boys in front of her. Jungkook, who was sitting on the chair, turned his gaze to her, which contrary to what someone else would have done, did not distract her. The boy nodded a crooked smile, then returned to his friends.
§ § §
A week had passed since Nao had entered Haven high school, and she swore that in a week, it had been so much to hear the professor pronounce even the title of the economics chapter.
The shadow of the professor of moral education had not even been seen. Nao supposed he had given up even before he set foot there.
The group of seven made every lesson impossible and she couldn’t take it anymore. Now she understood why many decided to change sections.
Unlike Minseo, she didn’t seem to be bothered by it. The girl took her books and studied on her own, not deigning any of her attention, even Nao, who had tried to establish a friendship, considering that they were the only two girls in there. But it was already a lot if they exchanged two words, in addition to good morning.
The mathematics professor tried in every way he could to explain by writing on the blackboard. Nao had leaned over to try and hear, but it was practically impossible.
-Professor I have a question- Jimin said raising his arm.
The man went straight and surprised he adjusted his glasses. They all stopped talking.

Nao looked at him in surprise, but when she saw Yoongi hint a smile, she understood that surely the boy was going to be stupid.
-Tell me Park- the man urged him.
The pink-haired boy stood up from his desk, holding a sheet of paper. -It is this expression. Can you solve it? -
The man took a sheet, peering at the numbers.
-Don’t forget the time Jimin- said Hoseok.
The pink-haired boy smiled. -Quite right. You have to solve it in a minute. In fact I feel good, let’s do two- he said raising two fingers and looking at the man in front of him with arrogance. -If he does not make it, it is the case that he returns to the classroom taught to review his own subject- the boy continued.
The man turned purple. -This is an absurdity. Return to your seat now and be silent-
-Absurd ...- said a voice immediately overlying that of the professor. -I will have to tell my father that he hired an incompetent- said Jungkook. Placing one foot on the chair in which he was sitting, looking at the man in front of him.
The professor seemed to swallow.
-Tik tak- Jimin said imitating the clock and not losing his smile.
The man crumpled the sheet, seriously frustrated, before throwing it on the ground.
Jimin put a hand on his chest, pretending to be injured. -Auch. It took me a long time to copy it- he said.
Without saying anything, the professor took his things, leaving the classroom, closing the door behind him. Everyone laughed at that scene.
Nao was speechless. They had totally humiliated him. She looked at Jimin who, smiling, went to sit on the chair and pointed to Yoongi. -You have chosen the perfect expression- he said.
The boy who had his back against the wall, limited himself to a shrug and a slight smile on his face.
Jungkook, on the other hand, seemed quite bored. He scribbled absently in his notebook, paying no attention to anyone.
-You are really a bunch of idiots- said Nao, unable to bear everything in silence.
Minseo behind her immediately lowered the book. -No, shut up! - she said. And her sentence was heard by everyone, considering that silence had returned to the classroom.
-Excuse me? - asked the pink-haired boy, cupping his hand over his ear, pretending not to understand.
Nao got up from her seat. -You heard very well-
-It’s the case that you listen to Choi- Yoongi intervened, pointing to Minseo, who had pursed her lips.
Nao moved, looking badly at the boy. -I really don’t think you’re in a position to tell me what to do-
Yoongi raised an eyebrow.
-Ahi- Jimin said amused.
-It’s seriously the case that you don’t continue- Namjoon added.
Yoongi stood up in turn, taking steps towards Nao, who tried to keep her expression impenetrable, while she seemed to incinerate her with his eyes. -You are playing with fire-
-Do you seriously think of frightening me? - she asked him, although her heart had started beating fast inside her chest, she wouldn’t have been surprised if he had heard him. -What are you going to do to silence me, to tell the principal’s son to expel me? - she asked ironically, considering that all their pranks could be accomplished every time Jungkook opened his mouth. The latter looked up from his notebook, bringing it to her.
-Cabbage. Jungkook ...- immediately tried to intervene Jin getting up from his chair to reach his friend, who raised his hand to stop him.
-God, you had to be seriously silent- said Taehyung, who was sitting on the bench next to her, who seemed not to understand what the hell was taken at all.
Yoongi raised his hands in surrender, taking steps backward. -Good luck- he said with a smile in his face.

And the desire to throw him a book in order to remove that grin from him was so great.
Jungkook violently moved his desk, which fell to the ground and scattered everything on the ground. Nao jumped on the spot, as she saw the mahogany-haired boy look at her very badly and get up from his place. He took steps towards her, who, just like the first time, felt the air fail her when he was in front of her.
-You have a long tongue- he said.
-A bit like you, don’t you think? - Nao was also surprised at the security with which she had said that phrase.
Jungkook brought his face close to Nao’s, bringing a finger under her chin. She rolled her eyes, not understanding what the hell he wanted to do. He brought his lips close to her ear.
-Are you ready to see this paradise, become your personal hell? - he whispered making her goosebumps. -Be careful who you tease little angel- he added walking away and looking her coldly in the eyes.
Nao no longer had the courage to say anything.
-If you don’t like how we handle things here, you can very well leave- he took a step back to move away from her, giving her back he left the class.
-Jungkook, wait for me- Taehyung rose from his seat and ran after him.
-Jin, you should go too- Namjoon told him, looking at the blond boy, who nodded, quickly reaching the exit.
Yoongi snorted. -What a disappointment- he said sitting on his seat.
-It went very lightly- Jimin jumped down from the desk, putting a hand behind the back of his neck.
-A tip Lee, never provoke him again. Because today’s one wasn’t even sugar- Hoseok said.
Nao looked down, unable to make even a sound. Those dark eyes on her, the fury with which she had approached, the way he had promised her a personal hell.If you don’t like how we handle things here, you can very well leave. She clenched her fists tightly, she would never have allowed Jungkook to ruin those three years of high school. She was determined to enjoy them to be happy, and would not give up easily.


Hello everyone!

I'm Moon and this is the first time i'm tring to translate one of my own fan fiction. I know that i'm not very good at English, so feel free to tell me all the mistake you find, so i can improve myself.

I hope you enjoyed this first chapter

Kiss & Biscuits!


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