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Strange happenings at Idil. sighting of strange animals, the cloud forming a broom shape and appearance of two moon's occasionally. In the heat of all these happenings at Idil Amber's mother goes missing for three months and returns a day before Amber's eighteenth birthday to reveal a shocking secret. A secret which send Amber off to a magical but dangerous journey.

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

Ava stare at the sky through her room window. She rests on its sill counting the stars and simultaneously reeling thoughts in her memory.

She couldn't believe it. Three months had passed, three long and lonely months since her mom went missing. She had moved in with her aunt Matilda who acted strangely.

Her aunt had been very supportive and kind towards her but she continually yearned for her mother's love and warm embrace.

Ava wanted so badly, to hear her mother's voice sing her a birthday song tomorrow morning.

Her mother would be surprised to see how lonely and pale her daughter had grown to become since the past three months of her absence.

Ava wondered if her mother really went missing or if she had left her behind. Perhaps she was tired of her just like her father, whom she had never met.Maybe she was dead.

That she couldn't think of, she Rubs her cheek and then adjusts her blonde hair just like that of her mother and her father ( so she was told ).

She wondered if someone really cared about her existence, her aunt was always around her but she couldn't feel any connection. Perhaps her classmate Millicent was right, maybe it was her fault.

she had an evil aura that always chased her loved ones far from her.

Tears rolls down Ava's cheek. The past three months had been so hard without her mother. The mixed feelings of hope, depression and fear were choking her soul.

The sheriff was doing his best, Ava says within her. She had looked into his eyes last night when he came for dinner with Aunt Matilda. She could see the pity he had for her. Ava couldn't say how but she could sense a person's emotions by looking into their eyes.

Like the feeling of pity in sheriff Valiente eyes towards her and the surprising feeling of indifference her aunt had concerning her mother's disappearance.

Perhaps her aunt Matilda knew something. Ava could swear that her aunt knew something.

Ava recalls that tomorrow was her eighteenth birthday, her head drops downward. She couldn't picture the experience she would have tomorrow without her mother.

She was turning eighteen and her mother will be absent for the first time.

Ava moves to her bed grabbing the birthday album lying carelessly on her white bedsheets of pink dotted designs.

Ava could feel the spirit of loneliness taunting her as she flipped the pages of the book.

For once, since the past three months she smiled genuinely. she stares at the picture of her seven year old self and her smiling mother.

Ava quickly wipes her cheek dry. she had once again began to cry.

She flings the album to a corner as she lays her weary head hoping to receive comfort from her pillow.


Ava hears her room door creak.She opens her eyes slowly a figure approaches her bed. she quickly attempts to alight her bed. Just then she hears a voice, a voice she knew too well

" Ava please calm down" she says .Ava legs are stiff, they wouldn't move. Ava stands staring in surprise.

At last she calls out in a tone of erupting hope.

"Mum" she rush to hug her having missed her. Kate opens her Arms receiving her ever beautiful daughter they embrace for a while and then Kate rush to bolt the door.

" They are here " Kate says. She rush to Ava's room window staring meticulously at the street. She slowly close the cotton, blocking the moon's light which Ava always loved as a companion.

"Mom what's wrong" Ava asks as she is confused.

Why was her mum tensed?, could be after her?, why was she so tensed?.

Ava stare at her mum who moves over to Ava's bed. She kneels tapping thrice as she whispers words unclear to Ava. just then a book slides out glowing bright gold.

Ava is amazed as she gasps. She stares at the book as though it was a feisty animal.

Kate picks it up quickly as she chants strange words and something which amazes Ava happens.

The book unlock itself, flipping it's pages and then quickly stops at a particular page.

Ava swallows the mass of saliva which had accumulated due to outermost disbelief.

Ava moves a step forward staring at the book. She wondered if this woman was really her mother, perhaps she was dreaming.

Ava wondered how her aunt could still be asleep under such atmosphere.

Ava could see writings in ancient Italian style. Her eyes are narrowed down to the image of a door in the book.

" Hold my hands" Kate says stretching out her hands towards Ava who is astonished. She had her doubts

Was this really her mother?, Ava asks herself as she moves backward away from Kate.

Just then Ava's heart skip a beat at the sound of a loud, violent bang on her room door.

Ava stares at Kate's eyes hoping to see through her.

She hoped her strange gift of seeing through someone's soul would function at the moment.

She could see total innocence and love.

The bang becomes louder almost pulling down Ava's room door

Ava quickly grabs her mother's hands.

" Repeat after me" Kate says closing her eyes as if trying to paint her imagination.

Ava is confused, what was happening?, who was at that door?

"Concentrate" Kate's echoing voice snaps Ava from her world of thoughts

"Sorrows, death and tears all tragic"

" Infant, youth and adult all logic"

"Take us now to the realm of magic"

Kate says. she pauses listening to Ava repeats the chant in fear.

" Please darling concentrate, we got no time " Kate pleas with Ava she knew danger was lurking.

Ava close her eyes once again. This time she tries to let go of fear, the loneliness. She makes effort to cover.the holes drilled by the feeling of sadness in her heart.

She then repeats the phrases earnestly.

Just then she feels weightless she could no longer feel her mother's warm hands.


Ava opens her eyes she is in a dark room. She turns and sights portions of radiant golden light seeping through room's door. Ava quickly moves towards the door pressing the door's knob.

Just then a very bright light pours out, Ava reach for her eyes with both hands trying to block the extremely luminating rays of light.

She press on and then enters a brand new mystical environment.

Ava looks around in amazement.

The trees around are mystical, Ava couldn't believe her eyes the trees were moving it branches, Ava is astonished at the sight of the world before her.

she could see different women tending to the beautiful flowers which spelt magic through it's dancing petals.

Ava couldn't describe the new found feeling she felt. She was at peace.

The place was just magical. The beautiful sun rays are mild lighting up the whole environment. The spring located at the center of the garden was gushing out crystal-like water.

Just then Ava holds her head as something hard hit her.

She turns backward facing a huge tree and sights tiny little creatures with wings. They quickly blend into the large trees escaping from Ava sight.

Ava is alarmed. The sun rays all of a sudden gets dimmer switching the environment into total darkness.

Then she hears screams, the trees vanish so do the women, the mystical sky and everything good about this magical world.

The beautiful atmosphere and surrounding transform too quickly.

Ava is terrified as the world before her folds and unfolds like magic.

She was now in an environment set ablaze.

Screams of burning teenagers about Ava's age puts Ava in a pool of horror.

Ava hears a screech she turns to the direction where the sound originates.

she sight a crooked looking man dressed in a black robe. The robe had the symbol of purple coloured hour glass at chest region of the robe.

He smiles in a devilish manner. A bird rests on his shoulder, a Raven, screeching in an intensive manner.

The horrifying sounds gets louder : the screeching, the wailing, all intensifies.

Ava is scared. She hears a hissing sound similar to that of a burning fluid.

She falls on her knees, closing her eyes simultaneously covering her ears,

"Open them " a feminine voice says referring to Ava in a serpent like tone.

Ava tries her best to resist, she could foretell the horror to be sighted if she opened them.

Ava heeds the voice slowly opening her eyes. She then beholds a sight of horrifying facial feature, She screams almost loosing her mind.


Ava opens her eyes staring around. She sweats profusely she then exhales in releif as she is in her room. She had been dreaming all along.

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