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Kim taehyung is a ghost,who died many years ago searching for someone to love,as he doesn't want to leave to the afterlife yet...but who will he choose?

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Night had nearly fallen...

My hands fiddled with my phone as my parents shouted at each other from the room underneath me.

These turns of events would often happen on many occasions,mostly on cold lonesome nights.

But still I told myself that nothing would or could come between the peace that struggled to fall in my room.

My eyes felt the heavy weight of sleep as my body relaxed in it's position.

My phone falling with my hand as sleep overcame me.

/ / / 5 a.m.

One who sleeps would usually not feel something strange surround them In most cases.

but In my surcumstance,the feeling of a cold and dark bone chilling presence had filled my room so swiftly

Even in my entranced state,the feeling of someone in my room was quite obvious to me

And yet I chose to ignore it...

Thinking it was just the wind that decided to try and scare the living daylights out of me

As I still rested peacefully,the cold feeling of a hand touching my thigh had me in shock

The enticing touch of the hand sent my body into chills and if I was standing,I knew for sure I would be on the ground as my knees wouldn't be able to handle such a feeling

As much as my body enjoyed the physical touch of this stranger,the thought rushed into my mind that I don't know this person...

I still didn't have any knowledge of whether this was even a person at all..the aura seemed off to me....

My head spinning as I felt another hand running up my other side as both hands gripped my waist

My heart began pounding like I never felt before and I felt blood rushing to my cheeks

And the mysterious hands started to work there way up and down my body,as if they were trying to figure out what I was

I felt as if the whole world had stopped and my mind raced back and forth trying to find some way to free myself from the grip this thing had on me

But it felt as if my mind was captivated and I couldn't stray from it

I felt attraction towards it in some way,and not the usual kind of attraction...

Not like"I love my crush"kind of attraction

It was like...Addicting.

I felt the movement of whatever it was,hover over me.

And even though I was asleep,I felt a long and focused stare on felt like my insides were burning

I had no idea what was going on...

The touch of whatever it was was way to physical to be a dream,and I found myself believing it just might be real.

I suddenly felt a soft rush of air hitting my lips,and I found myself unconsciously biting my lips.

And I heard a small deep chuckle above my head,Before I felt the air being suddenly knocked out of my chest

My lungs struggled for air as I flew up from my mattress

I finally caught my breath and swung my head around,trying to see if anyone was in the room with me


No one was there...

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