Natasha's Secret: Another Secret Out


After a huge amount of suspicious things are found on Nat's bed, Natasha sends a friend to the tower who Sam and Steve have been dying to meet but she isn't really who she says she is.

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We Hit the Jackpot

This is the third story in the Natasha’s Secret series so I hope you enjoy.

Characters- Natasha Romanoff, Steve Rogers, Sam Wilson

Time Period- Post Captain America: The Winter Soldier pre Age of Ultron

Base- After a huge amount of suspicious things are found on Nat's bed, Natasha sends a friend to the tower who Sam and Steve have been dying to meet but she isn't really who she says she is.

Warning- Contains mild language, masturbation and porn watching

Morning had hit New York City and the Avengers were all at the tower for the first time in a while. Sam was being trained to be an Avenger so he was there too.

Steve: Hey Nat

Natasha: Morning

Natasha was sat by the table eating some sort of protein porridge (oatmeal) and reading a book that appeared to be Russian

Steve: You good?

Natasha: Yeah why?

Steve: It’s 8:00am and you haven’t trained yet

Natasha: I know

Steve: Ok

Natasha just looked at him then back down at her book. She was doing ok it’s just she had found some stuff from when she was in the KGB from a side job she had that she kinda wished she had gotten rid of for good.

Natasha: Uh Steve you up to spar later?

Steve: If I can then sure

Natasha smiled

Natasha: Thanks

She left the kitchen and went to her bedroom and put the stuff on her bed ready to get rid of them all.

Natasha: Meh I can do that later I’m just gonna have a shower

Nat went into her bathroom locked the door and started having a shower. Sam came to see where she was and entered her room where he found the things on her bed so he put them in his bag and went to show Steve.

Sam: Steve

Steve: What is it?

Sam: Look what I found on Nat’s bed just placed out

Steve looked in the bag and was shocked

The boys rushed quickly to Steve’s room to get a better look

Sam: She has leather whips, handcuffs, sex toys, a ball gag, chains, blind folds and porn

Steve: Wow that’s a lot

Sam: Yeah it is

Steve pulled out one of the porn DVDs and read what it said

Steve: Uh Sam?

Sam: Yeah

Steve: Look at the cast of this

Sam: Ok

Sam looked at the cast and there was a girl called Nova Rackley. Her name sounded like a porn star's I mean she has the word rack in her name.

Sam: She has the same initials as Natasha

Steve: Yeah could that be why Nat chose it?

Sam: Maybe, should I google her?

Steve: Yeah

Sam googled her. There were no pictures of her whatsoever but there was a lot of info about her. She was Australian, was a very famous porn star and apparently very hot.

Steve: Any pictures?

Sam: Nah

Steve: Oh

Sam: Wanna watch for uh research purposes

Steve: Yeah sure

Sam got up and put on the DVD and they sat and watched

In The Video:

Narrator: Staring in the adult movie "One Hot Gym Day" Nova Rackley as Samantha White, Axle Package as Elijah Murphy

Sam: What sort of a porn star name is Axle Package?

Steve: I'm gonna be honest an idiots name

Sam: Yeah

More names are announced as the cast

Samantha: Hey Elijah

Elijah: Samantha

Steve: Wow that Nova whatever her name is looks a lot like Natasha.

Sam: She really does

Samantha: I uh saw you working out at the gym tonight and you really looked...sweaty

Elijah: I was a lot more than sweaty. You looked all in shape as well

Elijah looked Samantha up and down

Samantha: Elijah

Samantha said breathing heavily

Elijah: Yes Samantha

Samantha: I-I uh I

Elijah: Just get over here and fuck me

Sam and Steve laughed as both characters kissed deeply

Sam: That was the most quick coming on to someone I've seen in my life. Maybe I should take a page out of her book.

Steve: Yeah it would be nice if I could go up to Nat do that then have sex with her

The two of the characters had hard, rough sex. Samantha even brought out all of the things that Steve and Sam had in the bag.

Nat had just got out of the shower and heard some loud groaning and moaning coming from down the hall. She left her bathroom to find everything she had out on the bed had disappeared and that her bedroom door was open. She got dressed and went looking.

Samantha: Oh uh Elijah harder ahh fuck.

Sam: Wow that Nova is really hot

Steve: I know

Something neither of them noticed happening. They had both started masturbating to the video of Nova Rackley and Axle Package having sex. It was more because of Nova Rackley.

Elijah: Samantha I-I'm..

Samantha: Cum inside me damnit

Natasha entered the room and looked at the tv in complete shock and horror.

Natasha: Sam! Steve! What are you doing?!

Steve and Sam both put their pants on when they heard Nat's voice.

Sam: Uhh hey Nat

Natasha: Don't hey Nat me. What the fuck are you watching?

Steve: Sam went looking for you and it was on your bed along with all this so he brought it here and we watched it

Natasha: On my bed? What?

Sam: Yeah it was just spread out with a bunch of bondage and crap

Natasha: Bondage?

Natasha just shook her head

Natasha: Next time turn it off before someone walks in

Sam: Ok

Nat went to walk out and the boys un paused it. Nat got mad and she used one of her electric widows bites to break the tv

Steve: Hey!

Natasha: I told you to stop with that

Sam: What's the problem Nat?

Natasha: I-I uh

Steve: Nat?

Natasha: I know that Nova Rackley girl

Sam: Can we uh meet her?

Natasha: Yeah, I'll call her she lives in New York so she should be here soon

Sam: Nice

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