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Blood & Fire

By Fiona DayDreamer

Adventure / Fantasy


This story is narrated by Dracula himself all along. You will embark on a journey not only adventurous by land but by emotions, memories (flashbacks), magical powers and difficult situations. While protecting the human he learns that he has a destiny, what is a Guardian and what exactly "The Great Magic" is. Is there a 'great power' that decides over one's fate or destiny? (It is a combination of fantasy, supernatural, historical fiction and adventure.) Read if you dare humans!

Part I; Chapter 1

After all those centuries I never thought my cursed life would have a turn such as this. I always did my best to avoid anyone’s business and kept my opinions to myself. Until one vampire thought killing an innocent young woman only because she knew too much of our existence and magic. Not for her blood or something that motivates to turn her into vampire. Spilling more innocent blood? No.

Naturally it is difficult to see some other shade of red when it is already red. It suffices that we vampire draw of the living just to survive. Why more? Did my rage and hate spread along with the venom? Are many blinded by that same rage as I did many centuries ago in my human days?

Why did I ever agree to that cursed offer of the damned demon? I should have let it all go and rest in peace with my beloved. No; I was too stubborn and determined to avenge the death of my father and brother and to do what is right for my country, my people.

I should not look into the past too often or I would not look forward. I have now after many years, centuries found few good friends. Including discovered that I have a destiny that was worth struggling so far in my cursed life. Becoming a protector and ally of a Guardian. What Guardians are you will know soon enough because it is no ordinary Guardian as you know it…

With this story that you are about to read it dates back a few years where it all started in Brasov, Romania. You are surly wondering whom am I? I am Vlad III Dracul. Yes, Dracul but not ‘the’ Dracula from Bram Stoker. I can assure you my appearance is different from what you have seen in movies or computer games nowadays. I look nearly as I did when I was human. Only the details have been changed for my own good. I do not wear a moustache anymore, cut my hair to shoulder length and look now about 15 years younger.

It started all then on one night as I was standing close to the edge of a roof watching over a deserted street…

A warm summer breeze passed through the entire town. In the distance I heard few cars honk, a siren of the police and a few drunken people singing. Not far away I heard a usual sound and a familiar one, clack, clack, clack. Someone was walking in a quick pace towards the street where I watch. Without a doubt a woman wearing high-heels. After a few moments the woman paced down the street. Always throwing a brief and worried glance over her shoulder. Shortly after her followed a dark hooded man at a certain distance. His blue-eyes stayed focused on the woman, which looked very suspicious. As he passed I leaped down landing silently as always. I have decided to follow the man. I know the woman made a wrong turn because this street leads to a dead end and a suspicious man following. You get the picture of how it can turn out.


It was a cry of a woman. I ran to where it came from. The blue-eyed hooded man held a knife to the woman’s neck and pushed her against the wall. “Now stop shouting. The night is young to share and have small pleasures, zahăr (sugar).” Spoke the man in Romanian with an evil grin.

“Indeed the night is young but for different pleasures flăcău (lad).” I interrupted.

He looked at me for a moment as if he had seen a ghost.

Always the same expression when I catch them red-handed. It looks a bit hilarious to me. I could laugh but from the situation there is nothing to be laughing about actually.

“You’d better be walking home or I’ll have something to cut.” Noted the man aggressively while pressing the blade closer to the woman’s neck.

“On the contrary.” I sighed with a grin. “It will be I who’ll do the cutting here.”

“Are you the police?” He demanded what sounded pathetic to my ears.

“No. I’ll let you live if you let the woman go unharmed.” I responded truthfully.

“How will you kill me? I see no weapons in your hands.” He remarked with a mocking laugh.

I said nothing. His question will be answered sooner than he will think.

He slowly made space from the woman yet keeping his sharp knife pointed to her. He senses there is more than to what meets the eye with me, although my appearance is normal like any human with pale fair skin, dark thick eyebrows and short dark hair. What many women oddly attractive about me but it is all with the vampirism in me.

In my vampiric speed, which is fast as lightening to human’s eye, I ran towards the woman grabbing her by the waist and brought her over to the save side. She immediately sprinted out of sight.

“Why you devil!” He shouted angered and threw his knife aiming at my stomach.

If I stood still it would have pierced my stomach. As a vampire with extremely high senses and reflexes the knife came at a slower speed like a ball in a game. I dodged the knife with a backward duck like you might have seen it in the movie ‘Matrix’.

The blue-eyed man was astounded as I stood up right again. I smiled and with my great speed I leaped on him like a tiger. Before he realized what was happening my fangs pierced into the warm flesh on the neck.

Dear readers, you are surly wondering I as a vampire enjoy this. NO! As a matter fact not at all! I am a vampire who does not like killing. No matter whom it is. That is why I gave the man a chance to run. If there were another way how to gain strength without killing as a vampire, I would be using that other method without hesitation and delay. Alas there is no other way; not even animal blood helps, I need human blood.

Therefore, I have three rules when I hunt: Firstly, never take an innocent soul or a child. Secondly, take only the life of lawbreakers and thirdly, keep my real identity deep within me. Let no one know that I am the first vampire and my that my name is Dracula.

After all the usual procedure I quickly disposed the body by burning it and left the alley, heading towards the Town-Hall Square. I felt his blood coursing through my ancient veins and new providing strength. You have no idea how awful I feel at this moment. Every move that I make, in every step, I feel ashamed with unimaginable weight of guilt on my shoulders, in my cold unbeating heart and in my mind. There is no escape from this otherwise I would not be here for a long time.

At the Town-Hall Square I sat on an empty bench and closed my eyes, hearing things more intense around me than any other human. Chatter from other people, the warm summer wind and the splashing water from a fountain. Trying to focus on those sounds and let myself distract from the heavy guilt. A church tolled, it’s now midnight. I opened my eyes and stood up. Walking away to a different direction to be precise to my office. Because I have night shift every night from midnight till eight in the morning. Well tonight I might be a bit late for work.

Not to my surprise I found my boss standing in my office. He does his work well but is an annoying perfectionist. He barely speaks unless something is not right such as now my tardiness. “Mr. Darnel, you’re late.”

“My apologies, Mr. Harrison.” I apologised with a suppressed sigh. Mr. Harrison is an Englishman and a bit taller than me. He wears a red thick moustache and short red hair with black Diesel glasses like in the 60s and 70s used to wear only with thick glasses. He takes many things very serious, astoundingly more serious than I, and when he gets angry his face flushes red nearly like his moustache and hair. Everyone makes fun out of him when he is not around. I do see the point why, he does look hilarious, but I never make fun out of him. Although he is annoying and may cost my nerves at certain nights.

Darnel is a cover up of my true identity. Yes, I am a simple worker here in this company. No one knows who I really am. For them I am a stranger with a strange attitude working at night without a cup of coffee or have something to eat. Oddly though they sometimes come to me seeking for advice. Otherwise I always work on my own, minding my own business. This time the first time that I arrive five minutes late after ten years of punctuality. Mr. Harrison argues with me about coming late. Meaning I will be wasting half an hour listening to his complaints, giving out hot air for nothing.

Finally, as the whole ‘shebang’ was over I started working with grinding teeth. Knowing all too well how easily I could frighten him and make him show some more respect but I have my rules and it stays put. I focused on the amount of paperwork that always cheers a worker.

Now I could go on here in detail how my work looks like but I believe that is the least important in this story. We will skip till there were my work was done for the night and I went home by foot. I do not rest like humans do or what you think of me as a vampire. I do not sleep at all; not even lying in a coffin during daytime. As a matter of fact, I withstand the sun easily like any human only my appearance shows clearly what I am. A moving shadow in total black with sharp visible eyes and draining slightly my strength after a certain time. Also if I were in a desert I would survive but with an extreme thirst, compared to other vampires they will all fall. Either fall directly into ashes or dry out and then turn to dust. Not all vampires can withstand the sun; I can not tell why but it has to do with magic so far as I know.

Once in my modern apartment, I took a shower to freshen myself up and afterwards watched television. My apartment is not big but comfortable and luxurious around these quarters. The living room is connected with the kitchen and then there are two rooms separate, one is my office and the other my library. There is only one bathroom and no balcony. Working at night and bore myself to death during daytime. Well, that is my routine for about ten years now. How exciting is that?

You are wondering when does it all change? It begins sooner than you think…

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