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Blood & Fire

By Fiona DayDreamer

Fantasy / Adventure


Hello reader! I presume you decided to take peek because the title sounds catchy or it is involved with magic, justice and above all vampires like me. Well, not exactly like me but ... I think you got the picture. I won't be telling you much of my history and story because I want to avoid spoiling anything. I guess you call that in today's time 'spoiler alert'? What I can say and you've obviously noticed that I, Dracula, am doing the telling and showing of my own history and story. A fair warning, read if you dare.

Chapter 1

After all those centuries, I never thought my cursed life would have a turn such as this. I always did my best to avoid anyone’s business and kept my opinions to myself. Until one vampire thought killing an innocent young woman because she knew too much of our existence and magic. Not for her blood or something that motivates to turn her into a vampire but the plain and frightening reason to know from a vampire; spilling more innocent blood.

From where I stand that goes against my sense of justice. Even in my human days I would have said the same and done the same; trying to protect the human at all cost. That is what I am doing now for about a year, in addition it turns out it is not some ‘human’ but a guardian of magic. Not to mention the magic itself pointed that it is my ‘destiny’. Well, I see it as that it chose me.

Irony has it that I never believed in destiny or fate. I always decided my actions through my mind and heart. I suppose I should have seen it coming since I made the ruthless deal with a damned demon. Alas, I was blinded by revenge and caught in a desperate situation. I wonder? Did those thoughts and emotions over take not only me but further vampires as I spread the venom?

Now, after many centuries I’ve learned many things in life and situations. Not only the latest inventions known to man, newest medicine or basically facts to gather in acknowledgement but things that reside within me. As a fact, my appearance will never change while the rest does. I’m not the person I was before.

Sorry, I’m wandering off the path of my story and history. Back to the guardian that I am protecting for about a year. The guardian’s name is Megan O’Brien and she’s from Ireland. Luckily no relative of Bram Stoker who wrote his crazy version of me. Well, slightly crazy but filled with one or two correct facts. If you think the infamous vampire hunter Van Helsing exists I suggest you grow up. He never existed but vampire hunters did. They’re a rarity in today’s time because many humans put in their mouth, “there’s no such thing as vampires.” If I got this right the 1720s were the most flourishing years with vampire hunting and other dark creatures that feast on the living.

There I go again. It’s a blessing and a curse to have great knowledge. I presume to explain the situation as clear as possible I’ll bring you to the beginning how it started, how the vampire noticed the human and I getting involved into it.

It was a warm summer night in Brasov, Romania and I was hunting. A warm summer breeze passed through the entire town. In the distance, I heard few cars honk, a siren of the police and a few drunken people singing. In silence, I overlooked a part of the city from a roof of an old house. Not far away I heard a usual sound and a familiar one. Someone was walking in a quick pace towards the street that I directly overlook, without a doubt a woman wearing high-heels. After a moment or two the woman paced down the street. What made it out of the ordinary was that she always threw a brief and worried glance over her shoulder. Shortly after her followed a dark hooded man at a certain distance in a calm pace. His eyes remained focused on the woman which looked very suspicious. As he passed I leaped down, landing silently on my feet and began to walk the same direction. I have decided to follow the man. I know the woman made a wrong turn because this street leads to a dead end and a suspicious man following. You know how it can turn out.


It was the cry of the woman. I ran to where it came from. The hooded man held a butterfly knife to the woman’s neck and pushed her against the wall. “Now stop shouting. The night is young to share and have small pleasures, zahăr (sugar).” Spoke the man in Romanian with an evil grin and was about to lay a hand on her.

“Indeed the night is young but for different pleasures flăcău (lad).” I interrupted.

He looked at me for a moment with widened eyes as if he had seen a ghost.

Always the same expression when I catch them red-handed. It looks hilarious and pathetic to me. I could laugh but from the situation there is nothing to be laughing about actually.

“You’d better be walking home or I’ll have something to cut.” Noted the man aggressively while pressing the blade closer to the woman’s neck. Without a doubt a threat.

“On the contrary.” I sighed with a grin. “It will be I who’ll do the cutting here.”

“Are you the police?” His eyes scanned me from head to feet.

“No. I’ll let you live if you let the woman go unharmed.”

He laughed. “How will you kill me? I see no weapons in your hands.”

I only grinned. His question will be answered sooner than he’ll think.

He slowly made space from the woman yet keeping his sharp knife pointed to her. He senses there is more than to what meets the eye, although my appearance is normal like any human with pale skin, dark thick eyebrows and short dark hair reaching the shoulders. Odd that many women are attracted to me but it is the vampirism that does that effect.

In my vampiric speed, which is fast as lightening to human’s eye, I ran towards the woman grabbing her by the waist and brought her over to the save side. She immediately sprinted out of sight. You can’t expect a simple thank you lately.

“Why you devil!” The man shouted angered and threw his knife aiming at my stomach.

If I stood still it would have pierced my stomach. As a vampire with extremely high senses and reflexes the knife came at a slower speed like a ball in a game. I dodged the knife with a backward duck like you might have seen in the movie ‘Matrix’.

The hooded man was frozen in awe as I stood up right again. I smiled and with my great speed I leaped on him like a tiger. Before he realized what was happening my fangs pierced into the warm flesh on the neck.

From this moment, I savored the warmth of the blood, its taste and how it provided me not only new strength but life. Not. If you expected me to be a sadist and bloodthirsty vampire, nope. Never was that type from the beginning. Why and how? My history will show it in good time, this story that you’re witnessing.

If you paid close attention you would be wondering why I gave the hooded man a chance to run? I wanted to give him the chance to live but it turned out taking his life. That what I so vainfully hoped for. A lawbreaker turning good and me finding a way out of this hellhole of immortality or at least a better method to gain strength. I’ve tried more than once animal blood but it does not help. All vampires need to feed of human blood. Hell, I once even tried ketchup and tomato juice, it made no difference.

For as long I can remember being a vampire, I’ve made few rules. First, never take an innocent soul or a child. Second, take only the life of lawbreakers and third, keep my real identity deep within me. Let no one know that I am the first vampire and that my name is Dracula.

Amusing that I am sharing all this to you. Irony in life I suppose? A hint, irony is a close friend of death so no wonder it appears here often.

Once I’ve drained the man to the point of death I quickly sprinkled few drops of ethyl alcohol over his body and lit it. That is the way how I handle with dead bodies in today’s time. In order to keep my existence in secret, “we vampires do not exist to the human eye.”

I’ve said that more than I can count to fresh born vampires who abandoned or were from their master. Although I kept to myself and avoided meddling on other’s business they asked for help. Like children, they still had a spark of human and hence innocence in them. Exactly the reason besides the blood why many vampires like humans, some even play with them. It would be lie if I said I never played with humans. There was a time but now I’ve learned not to do it anymore. Plus, I don’t feel comfortable being around humans and with vampires the same. I prefer to be alone.


It was a helpless cry of a man not far from here. Quickly as possible I followed from where it came. In a further dark alley lay a man on his back, staring awe struck to the sky with widened eyes. His neck was covered with blood. A quick death without a doubt. His heart just stopped few minutes ago. Performing CPR is now too late I’m afraid. Immediately I noticed the familiar marks and the air carried an interesting scent. A vampire with a considerable age but younger than me and is very close-

“Closer than you think.” Whispered a manly voice with an Oxford, British accent from above on the roof. He leaped down and slowly walked towards me with an evil smile. I stood up and faced him, not knowing if he has something in his mind with me or that is his teasing manner. “Vlad, it’s an honor to meet you personally. The eldest, the first vampire.” He spoke with an element of excitement.

This proves he can read minds. “You know me well but I don’t know your name.” I kept my distance from him.

“Call me Richard. I have hoped to meet you someday.” He continued to smile the same evil smile. He has short, straight, blonde hair reaching to his slightly pointed ears. The slight pointed ears are an obvious mark of a vampire; allow to hear better like bats. Including the sapphire blue eyes with sliced pupils of a cat’s and pale complexion like every vampire has, only the shaved yaw is by him so. He was about same as tall as I am. “There is something I’d like to discuss with you, privately.” He noted to me with a calmer and serious tone. His hands were folded behind his back.

I nodded in response. “Where would you suggest a suitable place to discuss privately?”

“Follow me. It’s not far from here.” He grinned very broad and jumped up to the roof again. He looked back, waiting for me to follow.

With a sigh, I followed him. Not very long Richard and I found ourselves in the courtyard of the castle Bran where I once spend a night in my human days. Our privacy will not be interrupted till breaking dawn.

“You’ve surly noticed that I have the ability to read minds.” Richard leaned against the stony wall with crossed arms and still grinning annoyingly to me.

“I never would have come to that thought.” I said sarcastically.

He chuckled. “Well, two days ago I was in the airport of Bucharest to check out when I saw an interesting young woman waiting for her bags. She had long flaming red hair, pale complexion with freckles, grass green eyes and carrying a mouthwatering perfume. What really caught my attention was not only the perfume but the reason why she came here to Romania.” He paused. “She believes there is such thing as vampires and above all magic. Holding a very clear proof what she had witnessed the other day in northern England.”

I understood what was explained but I did not clearly see the problem out of all this.

“What I’m trying to say is that we don’t exist to the human eye, right? She is a threat to us with her knowledge. The best option that I see would be killing her.”

“Pardon? Did you say killing her?”

Richard laughed. “Oh, how funny you can think Vlad. I have to comment your opinion. Yet you are the eldest, you still think naïvely like a youngling.”

“At least I know what I am doing while I think you’ve lost your mind. Having this terrible pleasure to kill innocent livings or even destroy them!” I remarked concerned.

“Well, I’ve had a rough childhood. Everything was taken away from me that was precious and time changes a man, Vlad.”

Indeed. Time does change a man but having a difficult childhood is no excuse. No one is too old to learn something new. No matter as an immortal or not. “Killing or mainly violence is never the right answer. You will never have anything that is precious in your hands ever again if you continue like this. Things never come the same way twice.”

“Quite on the contrary, it’s what brings me closer to. Don’t be so melancholy. You yourself did nice ‘impalement’ when you were human once. Just a small deed and then we have no more problems. It’s all over within a heartbeat. It’s only one human.” Explained Richard cheerfully.

Only one human? So, that’s how Richard see it. I shook my head and without another word I left him. I did not want to hear of it anymore. Arguing with him seems hopeless; he is too stubborn. I accept what I’ve done as a human but now it is different. I am a vampire living in the 21st century and have learned over the centuries many things. I have become wiser and more cautious including more serious at certain situations such as now.

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