The Assassin

The Assassin - Chapter 9

Chapter 9

The mouth-watering smell of bacon wafted throughout the lower levels of The Burrow as Molly Weasley skilfully cooked away in the kitchen. Delicious piles of homemade food littered the long, wooden dining table; preserved by a charm to stay at the right temperature. As Molly continued her usual morning routine making breakfast for the entire household, four of her children had already awoken and were gathered around happily eating. Fred and George shared looks between themselves with a cheeky expression evidently on their faces.

“What are you two up to?” Ron asked between massive mouthfuls of sausage.

“We’ve just been thinking about Ginny’s new crush,” Fred smirked as they both looked upon their tired looking sister.

“Fred! George! Leave your sister alone,” Molly disapprovingly said as she plated some more bacon that was quickly disappearing.

All three boys chuckled at the sight of a red cheeked Ginny. She quickly looked up the stairs before angrily turning around and leaning in closer to her brothers. Her face getting close to the same shade as her fiery, red hair.

“You better not say anything,” she strained to whisper as quietly as she could manage through her anger.

“Ginny likes Harry. Ginny likes Harry. Ginny likes Harry,” both of the twins whispered in a singsong tune.

“Stop it!” Ginny loudly whined, looking between the stairs and her brothers with slight panic.

“Boys, no more of this nonsense. Last warning,” said Molly as she pointed the spatula at them threateningly.

“Yes Mum,” Fred feigned apologetically, immediately turning his head away and smirked at Ginny vindictively.

“Sorry Mum,” George smiled remorsefully at his mother before continuing on with his breakfast as if nothing had happened.

With a knowing smile on her face, Molly turned around to replenish the egg pile that her children had eagerly dug into. She had to make sure the rest of the household had food to eat upon waking up. Especially her new guest that was still upstairs. Molly allowed her mind to wander on last night’s events. Her stomach churning at the sight of the young man’s uncle brutalised and deceased in the family’s living room. The news would have to be broken to the young man sooner rather than later. Part of her wondered how much Harry remembered of his time with the Dursley’s.

The kitchen window blew open slightly from an invisible force, catching Molly’s attention. In came a silvery Phoenix in all of its glory. She temporarily placed the cooking eggs under a charm to keep them from overcooking or burning. Placing her spatula down, she turned towards the silvery-white bird knowing what it was there for. The other occupants of the room turned their attention to the corporeal patronus, tension filled the room as they waited for the inevitable message that was to come.

“Emergency meeting now. Come immediately to my office,” Dumbledore’s voice filled the room, an ominous underlying tone evident.

“Fred, George, go get your older brothers and your father,” Molly spun around, wiping her sweaty hands on her apron. “Ron make sure you are looking after Ginny. You two are not allowed to leave until we come back.”

The twins eyes lit up as they immediately stood up and made their way upstairs to retrieve the other three. As Molly was dishing the last serve of the eggs and quickly tiding up the kitchen with a spell, Ron was looking at her with sad puppy dog eyes. Any time there had been an Order meeting lately, he did the same routine hoping his parents would give in.

“Can I come this time, please Mum?” he begged, standing up from his seat.

“No Ronald,” she sighed as she took off her apron and sent it over to its resting spot. “You are staying here with your sister.”

“But Mum,” Ron whined with a huff.

“No but’s Ronald Weasley. We’ve been over this. Until you are out of school, you aren’t allowed to join the Order,” Molly said as she hurried up the stairs, ignoring the whining that continued from her youngest son.

As Molly begun to climb the stairs, Bill and Charlie hastily made their way down passed her and into the kitchen. She shook her head as she momentarily paused, watching her two eldest dig into the food. Reaching the third level of the house where Harry was staying, she headed towards the closed door. Out of the corner of her eyes she saw the twins head down from the level above. Turning back, Molly leaned in to see if any noises were emitting from within, her hand hanging in the air next to the door. Nothing could be heard, so she assumed the young man was fast asleep.

The room was silent. Although the same could not be said for the rest of the house. The other occupants carelessly stomping around and shouting at one another. Harry tried his best not to allow the Weasley family to disturb his peaceful meditation session. He had a very busy day ahead and he would need a clear mind to keep his emotions in check; especially when dealing with Dumbledore. Sitting crossed legged on his bed, Harry allowed the warm rays of sunlight to stream on his closed eyes, breathing in and out slowly.

Since the early hours of the morning, there had been nothing but noise all over the house. People walking around on the floors above him. People going up and down the stairs. Loud chatter, laughter, and banter floating up the stairs. Harry needed to collect his thoughts and himself from all of the disturbance. There was no way he would be able to live here for an entire month. This family would drive him insane in just a couple of days.

The peaceful moment he had created within him was once again disrupted as a shift in the activity peaked his interest. He could hear two sets of footsteps pass his floor and continue up, followed by a dull knock and then muffled voices. As the two sets of footsteps moved further up to the top level, he heard Arthur rushing around his room getting ready. With a heavy sigh, Harry opened his eyes and stared at his door, just waiting for someone to knock on his door.

Obviously it was time to go to Hogwarts for the Order meeting, and the Weasley’s were getting ready to leave. Harry wasn’t ready. Mentally, he was prepared, emotionally not nearly ready enough. He lowered the charms and wards he had erected around the room last night as footsteps slowly approached his door. Waiting in anticipation, the person on the other side took their time before finally a firm knock rung through the room. Harry got up swiftly and walked over to the door, prying it open without a pause. He looked into the eyes of Molly, patiently waiting for her to say something first.

“Oh good, you’re awake!” smiling cheerfully at the young man in front of her. “Dumbledore has called for an Order meeting now. If you want to get dressed, grab a quick bite, and then meet us outside so one of us can side-along apparate you to Hogwarts, dear.”

“Thank you, Mrs. Weasley,” Harry smiled back before closing the door softly.

Harry waited until he heard her footsteps retreating before he started getting ready. Holding out his hand, his mokeskin pouch came flying over to him. He opened up the drawstrings and silently summoned up a fresh change of clothes and one of his usual leather cloaks. Wasting no time, he took off his dirty clothes, folding them up and placing them on the bottom corner of the bed to deal with later. He threw on his new shirt, pants, socks and heavy boots before equipping his two bicep knives and 12 piece Throwing knives to his ankles. Making sure everything was in place, Harry shrugged on his leather cloak and quickly tied up his shoelaces.

Looking around the room, Harry debated what he should do next. He could either go downstairs and apparate himself, or simply adjust the wards around the house and leave from the room. He’d much rather not see or interact with anyone more than he had to. Closing his eyes with a smirk, he focused on the wards and begun to shift them slightly. Within minutes he had successfully changed them so he could apparate within the boundaries. Doing one last check over himself, he erected the same wards as last night over the room so no intrusive Weasley children could snoop around.

And with a blink of his eyes he was no longer standing in the middle of the room, but outside the gates of Hogwarts. Harry placed the hood of his cloak up, hiding his face as he begun the long walk up to the Headmaster’s office. He spent the entire walk calming himself, trying to maintain control over his already volatile emotions. Easily manoeuvring within the castle, he arrived within no time, finding the gargoyle already stepped aside the closer he got. Stepping up the revolving stone staircase, Harry took one more deep, calming breath before he arrived inside the office.

Only a few people had arrived so far, the office swamped in a tense silence as he stepped in. All eyes turned towards him as he stood off to the left, back against the wall so he could see everyone. Those that had come back to Hogwarts last night recognised him by the same clothing. Those that had not been there stared him up and down, looking for answers to the stranger in the room. Harry propped his foot on the wall behind him and crossed his arms across his chest. He stared at each person silently, carefully observing everything going on around him.

As the minutes ticked on, the room begun filling out. Order members hastily made their way to the office by various methods, some clearly annoyed by the early morning meeting. No one approached him, even when the whispers begun to circle around the people in attendance. As Harry looked around the room, he noticed the only people missing now were the members from the Weasley family. They didn’t have to wait much longer as the family frantically walked in to the room, eyes wide with panic.

“Headmaster Dumbledore,” Arthur said breathlessly, all of their cheeks flushed red. “H-He’s gone.”

The room looked towards the family with confusion, while Harry turned his head and smirked at the panic he had created by leaving by himself. Dumbledore stood up slowly with a frown upon his face. While the confused silence continued as the Weasley’s stepped further into the room, Harry noticed both of the twins suddenly look over his way. An impressed look briefly passed both of their faces before they simply shook their heads and turned to the conversation that was happening.

“What do you mean, Arthur?” Dumbledore came around his desk to stand tall in front of the entire Order.

“We were waiting outside for him, when Ron and Ginny heard a loud bang upstairs. We all rushed up and he was gone from the room,” Arthur continued, clarifying what he meant.

“There is no need to worry,” Dumbledore told them in an assuring tone. “He is here.”

“W-What?” Molly asked, frantically looking around like the other members of her family.

All of their eyes landed on Harry off to the side, in the back of the crowd. A sigh of relief went through them, expect the twins whom had spotted him before. Molly broke away from the group and walked up to him. He was suddenly engulfed in a tight hug, catching him slightly off guard. She let go and held him at arms distance after a couple of seconds.

“We were so worried about you. Don’t you dare do that again, young man,” scolded Molly, as if Harry was one of her own children. “Not after you only just got here.”

Harry didn’t say anything, instead standing still waiting for her to step out of his personal space. Her show of affection and concern was odd for someone he had only met not even 24 hours ago. There seemed to be an attachment already there for the woman, perhaps all the time her family and herself had spent trying to find him. All the false promises Dumbledore had made throughout the years.

“Molly dear, let the boy breathe,” Arthur said in the silence of the office.

“Why don’t you come up here so we can introduce you to the group?” Dumbledore said once Molly let go of the boy.

Holding up his hand, he beckoned for the boy to come up. Looking towards him with a false smile, he quickly glanced around the room to find many were watching with confused expressions. The boy made his way up to the front of the room, moving cautiously through the crowd. Dumbledore had an annoyed twinkle in his eyes as the stubborn child refused to stand close to him. He once again gestured for the boy to come closer, to stand right beside him. He noticed Harry did so with great reluctance.

“Our time and efforts throughout the years have finally paid off,” Dumbledore begun his grand speech, feeling the entire room hold its breath, the energy spurring him on. “From today, our focus as The Order of the Phoenix will no longer be centred around searching for Harry Potter. Instead,” he paused to place a firm hand on Harry’s shoulder, “we will be training him ready for his inevitable fight against The Dark Lord Voldemort.”

Gasps rung around the room for those who weren’t aware or didn’t believe the rumours that had floated around before the meeting started. Harry lifted his hands up and lowered his hood, staring around at all the faces of the Order members. He observed the shock, the wonder, the hesitation, the disbelief. The silence continued on as they all stared at him, and he stared directly back at them. The hand continued to stay on his shoulder, and it took all his willpower not to shake it off in front of everyone.

“Last night, after investigating yet another incident at the Dursley residents, we found Harry Potter,” he continued finally after allowing the shock to subside slightly.

“I’ll have to interject there, Headmaster Dumbledore,” Harry spoke for the first time, not letting the anger slip into his voice. “You did not find me, you did not rescue me. I simply made my presence known.”

“Why yes, that’s right,” Dumbledore cleared his throat. “Such a long night, I do apologise for that small slip in information.”

“That’s okay, Headmaster,” he said, shrugging the hand off his shoulder and taking a step to the side.

The room watched the interaction, some with intrigue while some were utterly confused. The Headmaster tried to play off the small show of disrespect by walking back behind his desk and sitting down. With a wave of his hand, chairs appeared around the room. He gestured with a kind twinkle in his eyes for everyone to sit down. Harry ignored the order to instead stand off to the side in a pose much like before; arms across his chest and foot propped against the wall.

“As I was saying, the search for Harry Potter is finally over. We are going to need to keep this extremely quiet for the next couple of weeks. No one is to know he has been found. This information you learn today does not leave this room until we are ready to let the public know. Is this understood?” Dumbledore asked with a stern gaze.

“Yes Headmaster,” a lot of the room mumbled under their breaths.

“Perfect,” he nodded, sitting forward in his chair and clasping his hands together on top the desk. “For the duration between now and the start of the school year, Harry will be staying at the Burrow as the Weasley’s have graciously offered a room for him. However, I require some of you to help train and educate him throughout the month. We’ll discuss this a little later.”

Harry passive-aggressively continued to stand to the side, allowing his eyes to roam around the room. Staring blankly at anyone that looked his way, not looking away until they did. The room filled with tense silence as they all waited for the Headmaster to continue. Disbelief was still hanging heavily in the air, a lot of the Order members wondering where the young man had been all this time.

“But for us to get Harry accustomed to our ways and prepared for his first year at Hogwarts, I think a trip to Diagon Alley is in order. It would be better for us to go sooner rather than later, as to avoid the busy crowds getting ready for the school year. I’ll need as many Order members in attendance as possible. You’ll be spread out across the place to cover any threats that may occur,” Dumbledore said as his blue eyes scanned the room.

“This Friday Nymphadora, Alastor and I will fortunately have the day off from work at the same time,” Kingsley spoke up. “If that works for others, that would be the best opportunity considering you’ll have three Auror’s at your disposal.”

“Show of hands who is available on Friday,” said Dumbledore after taking a second to take in the information.

Majority of the members raised their hands in response. Severus, Minerva, Arthur, and Dodge were the only ones to not raise their hands. Icy blue eyes looked around the room, pleased that they could get the nerve wrecking expedition out of the way sooner rather than later. Hopefully each person stuck to their word about keeping Harry’s re-appearance in the wizarding world secret until a later point and not before this trip.

“Perfect, it’s agreed upon that this Friday, we shall go to Diagon Alley to get Harry ready for the school year,” Dumbledore gave a fake smile to the members. “We will need to go to several stores, so the positioning of everyone shall be very important. Perhaps I will leave that task to you, Kingsley since I shall not be going. If I go, it will raise suspicion of walking the streets with a strange young man.”

“I agree, it will raise suspicion,” nodded Kingsley as he quickly shot a look at the passive kid off to the side. “Leave it with me and I will owl everyone instructions on Thursday.”

“Thank you for your help, Kingsley,” said Dumbledore as he forced a kind twinkle in his eyes. “Now let’s move on to making our training schedule for Harry.”

The room nodded their heads in agreement, many hoping this wouldn’t go on for much longer as they were already late for work. Although the excitement that Harry had finally been found, or revealed to them as the young man insisted, far outweighed the prospect of working. Looking at the young man, he looked nothing like many of them would have imagined he looked like. Especially to the Order members that were close to either one of his parents; or both like in the case of Remus Lupin.

“Harry will be taking his O.W.L.s before being allowed to begin 7th year, therefor I will need some of you to devote your time to prepare him for the exam,” he continued after a few seconds. “Severus will be in charge of Potions and Defence Against the Dark Arts classes. Minerva will be in charge of Transfiguration classes. Alastor Moody, Kingsley and Nymphadora will rotate training Harry to duel properly. And if anyone else wants to volunteer to help with any other subjects, please let me know now.”

“I want to help,” said a shaky voice from the back. “It’s the least I can do.”

Remus Lupin had his hand raised and looked around nervously as the room’s attention was drawn to him. The man looked eerily thin in his over-sized, brown trench coat. His light brown hair had flecks of grey throughout it, a sign that all of his stressful transformations had a toll on him. He looked older from all of the premature lines and scars that littered his face. Remus’s green eyes sheepishly looked over at Harry Potter, green staring at green. The older man shocked at how similar the boy’s eyes were to his mothers.

“Of course, I’m sure you can help Harry study the other subjects for his O.W.L.s,” smiled Dumbledore, hoping perhaps with the help from Remus he could keep the boy in control with the his plans. “Anyone else?”

“We can try and help fill in any gaps since Harry will be living with us,” Arthur said after no one else indicated they wanted to help.

“Wonderful. I feel like we have enough volunteers to move on creating a weekly schedule now,” said Dumbledore as he leaned forward in his chair, summoning a self-inking quill and parchment. “What days are you free Minerva, Severus and Remus?”

“I am free on Mondays and Wednesdays,” Minerva said first after she contemplated her schedule before the school year was to begin.

“I’ll put you down for those two days. We’ll do four hour lessons considering how hard the subject can be and how much he needs to learn,” said Dumbledore, thinking out loud. “If you deem he needs more or less hours each week, you can adjust it as you please.”

“May I ask something first?” Nymphadora said from her seat.

“Yes, of course you can,” hesitantly said Dumbledore with a fake smile upon his face, hating when the Order members wanted to ask or question anything from him.

“Should we not test his knowledge beforehand, that way we aren’t wasting precious time?” she asked with a frown, many others nodding in agreement. “Especially if his time could go towards things that will be helpful in duels, rather than the school year ahead.”

“While yes it may be better to focus on things in a duel, Harry needs to also complete his O.W.L.s in order to be eligible to start his 7th year. This process will undoubtedly take up a lot of the time to catch him up to the levels of his peers, regardless of how much he may or may not know now,” he replied, trying to keep his anger hidden to the best of his ability.

The fact that the Order was once more questioning his leadership and decision making skills, made Dumbledore infuriated. He could feel his cheeks flush slightly, hoping no one would notice. Why could no one just follow the orders he gave? Why must everything these days be questioned? Dumbledore had to remind himself to smile and breath as he felt the tension rise in the room from his temper. Looking over at the boy, he could see a glimmer of glee flash through the eyes as they made eye contact; which only added to his growing anger.

“Severus?” Dumbledore moved on before anyone else could say anything else on the matter. “Which days can you do?”

“Thursday and Friday all day as well as Saturday evenings,” replied Severus simply, his dark persona causing shivers in those near him.

“And Remus?” he asked as he scribbled down the availability of the Potions Master, looking up at the man through his half-moon spectacles.

“I can do any time, any day of the week,” the man replied eagerly. “And perhaps considering how many subjects I may need to cover, I could work a couple of hours each day with him.”

“That would be very helpful. However, only if you believe you are up to such tedious task,” said Dumbledore with a kind smile, while inside he was jumping for joy as this would help his plans immensely.

“Of course,” Remus nodded with a wide smile before looking at Harry. “Anything for James and Lily.”

The room expected the young man to react to those names, but Harry didn’t even bat an eye as he continued to stare impassively at Remus as he spoke. Perhaps the young man didn’t know of his past, or his heritage. Some tried to reason that the reason there was no reaction was because Harry didn’t know much about the wizarding world and its history. Remus felt a wave of sympathy pass through him at seeing no reaction. He could not wait to help Harry learn about his parents.

“So on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, you can help Harry after his lessons with Severus and Minerva. On Tuesdays you can have the full day with him. I feel like that should be efficient to reach our end goal,” Dumbledore said as he jotted everything down upon the parchment. “From Saturday morning to late afternoon, Harry will train with Kingsley, Moody, and Nymphadora depending on who is available. That way there he can have a break before his lessons with Severus and have all of Sunday off. Is this understood and agreed upon?”

“Yes,” some of the people involved answered verbally while others nodded.

Harry merely stood there listening, amused that no one had asked for his input. Considering this whole ‘schedule’ was for him, one would assume you would ask the person it directly impacted the most if it was fine. But no. Not here. Not with Dumbledore in charge. Whatever the old coot said would be finally and the Order would agree no matter what.

“Headmaster Dumbledore?” Molly’s voice suddenly said, filled with apprehension.

“Yes, Molly dear?” he said looking at her with a twinkle in his eyes.

“I don’t mean to be a hassle, but you know the Burrow is already so full and crowded. I feel like having these extra people constantly coming and going may cause a disturbance in our household,” she said as she nervously played with her hands, not wanting to upset the Headmaster.

“And I wouldn’t want to cause such a disturbance to the family that is providing a roof over my head,” said Harry, surprising everyone. “Perhaps to make it easier, I could come to Hogwarts each day and return once the day has finished.”

“That could be arranged, but we would need someone to take you to and from each location to ensure your safety,” Dumbledore said after thinking for a few seconds.

“Or possibly I could stay at a place with more space, the Weasley’s would be more than welcomed to join me, and anyone else that is training me,” Harry tried his best to compress the smirk that was bubbling under the surface.

The looks on everyone’s faces made it even harder. Especially Dumbledore whom was trying so hard to figure out the place before he needed to ask. Oh how fun this next little conversation was going to be. Oh, all the juicy information he was about to spill. Harry was hoping to create some waves within the Order, and big troubles for Dumbledore. He stared defiantly at the Headmaster as he waited, not bothering to look at the rest of the Order.

“Where are you thinking, my dear boy?” asked Dumbledore with caution.

“12 Grimmauld Place,” answered Harry, smirking when a few gasps rung out at the familiar address.

“Harry,” Remus injected before Dumbledore could say anything. “Unfortunately that place has been locked down since your Godfather, Sirius Black, went to Azkaban.”

“He is right, Harry,” said Dumbledore, confused how the boy even knew the place existed. “No one can get in there without Sirius’s permission.”

“Perhaps it is time for Sirius Black to be released from Azkaban. After all, he is in there for a crime he did not commit,” Harry said, holding back the urge to laugh at the reactions from the Order.

Dumbledore could only stare at the brat before him as his mind processed the words. How did he know? How did the boy know any of this? He could feel his face grow hot in embarrassment. He would be damned if he allowed the boy to spill all of his secrets today. Dumbledore would need to tread through the rest of this conversation carefully, steering in another direction if the boy said something he should not.

“Harry, I really am sorry to say this. I don’t know what has been told to you, but your Godfather was a Death Eater, a follower of the man who killed your parents. He was the one to betray your parents location to The Dark Lord before killing one of your father’s friends, Peter Pettigrew, and twelve Muggles,” said Dumbledore, forcing a sad look on his flushed face.

“Remus,” he turned his head, ignoring the Headmaster. “You knew Sirius Black the most here out of any of us, did you not?”

“I-I did,” stuttered Remus with a confused look upon his face.

“Did you ever think once before it all happened that Sirius was a Death Eater?” Harry asked without batting an eye.

“N-No,” he answered with a frown. “It came as a shock when I heard the news.”

“This may not be convincing enough for some of you,” he continued, pushing off the wall and walking up beside Dumbledore’s desk. “Perhaps this will help clear the air. Perhaps we should ask someone who knows more than any of us do.”

Looking at the young man with hypervigilant eyes, Dumbledore was trying to figure out the next move before it happened. What surprised him was when the brat turned around to look at him. A wide smirk on Harry’s face, making him anxious at what was to come out of his mouth next. His eyes narrowed as he waited in silence, just waiting for whatever headache he would need to fix now.

“I’m sure your spy within the inner circle of Voldemort’s Death Eaters has told you if Sirius Black is or ever has been a Death Eater,” he smirked.

The room was silent, not a sound was made as the words sunk in. Shock coursed through each person, specifically the people who knew about the spy Harry was talking about. Subtle glances were shot towards Severus who’s body language had changed drastically. The Potions Master body had stiffened, he was sitting straight in his chair, not a muscle twitched. His eyes were darting frantically between the boy and the Headmaster, his mind obviously racing at the revelation of information.

For the Order members that were in the dark about the prestigious Headmaster Albus Dumbledore having a spy in the Death Eaters, the news shocked them to the core. How had they served the Headmaster for so long, yet not be informed he had someone that was feeding him information from the other side. Is this how Dumbledore was able to learn of the attacks that happened years ago? Or how he knew there was a staff member who harboured He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named on the back of his head, trying to help him regain a body and immortality from the Philosopher’s Stone?

The Headmaster of Hogwarts was too stunned for words, his mind racing at the words that had come out of Harry’s mouth. Of course he could sense something was going to come out that he needed to do damage control for. But he did not think, not in a million years, the boy would have known about his spy. How did he even get a hold of this information in the first place? As far as he could tell, no one expect for select Order members even knew that he had a spy. But he didn’t think that any of the people that knew would have told the boy in such short time.

“Has there not been conversations between the two of you about this topic?” Harry pressed on after the silence went on too long.

“There has,” he simply nodded.

“And?” he probed as the Headmaster refused to comment further.

“And he has never been a Death Eater,” Dumbledore replied quietly, face growing redder with each word that came out of his own mouth.

“Has your spy ever said if Sirius Black has ever interacted with Voldemort outside of fights between the Order and the Death Eaters?” he asked to make sure he was covering all areas, ensuring everyone understood the man was being wrongfully imprisoned.

“No. Sirius has never, to my spy’s knowledge, interacted with The Dark Lord,” sighed Dumbledore resigning to the fact he could no longer withhold this information, especially since there was three Auror’s in attendance.

“But if Sirius Black never betrayed James and Lily’s location to The Dark Lord, and if he never committed the crime he is in there for,” Kingsley spoke up for the three Aurors, their minds trying to make sense of everything. “Well then who killed those twelve Muggles and Peter Pettigrew?”

“Peter Pettigrew,” Harry turned his attention back towards the Order members, soaking in satisfaction at the confused and shock looks he saw. “He betrayed my parents by giving Voldemort their location. He then was chased by Sirius Black after he discovered what Peter had done. He escaped not long after framing Sirius Black for his own ‘murder’ and the actual murder of twelve Muggles.”

“That’s impossible,” gasped Molly, the first one to find a voice after the shock revelation.

“Not impossible. More like incredibly deceiving,” Harry mused thoughtfully.

“So you are suggesting he is still alive to this day?” Minerva asked after a few seconds of silence.

“Yes,” he said simply, not wanting to give away any more of his knowledge.

“How would he have escaped?” Kingsley asked, perplexed with the whole situation.

“Well Remus can help confirm this,” Harry gestured to the other man, staring at him impassively once more. “Can you confirm that during your time at Hogwarts that my farther, Sirius Black and Peter Pettigrew learned how to become an Animagus?”

“I, uh, yeah,” Remus took a few seconds to get over the shock. “How did you know that?”

“Did any of you three happen to visit the crime scene?” said Harry towards the Aurors.

“I did,” Alastor Moody spoke up for the first time during the meeting.

“Can you remember if there were any sewers nearby?” he asked, knowing the answer already.

“There was,” the bulky man nodded, his face giving no hints at his thoughts.

“Remus, Peter’s Animagus form was a rat, was it not?” he asked with a slight smirk.

“Yes,” he said breathlessly as he, and many others, realised what Harry was implying.

The entire room was in disbelief at what had been revealed. Although some Order members remained sceptical as they had only just met the boy. It was strange how much the kid seemed to know. Of course for those who were present last night, they saw some of the weapons he carried, while those here today could only see the one on his thigh. Moody was probably the only one present that could see his full artillery thanks to his magical eye. The weapons along with the intimate knowledge on people made Harry Potter seem untrustworthy to some at this point in time.

“If any of this is true, the Ministry Of Magic is potentially going to face legal repercussion over this,” said Kingsley, getting nods of agreement from the other two Auror’s beside him. “This could also affect you too, Albus, for knowing such information and not reporting an injustice.”

“None of this information leaves this room. And you three,” Dumbledore was addressing the Aurors, “keep all of this under the table until we decide how to move forwards during another meeting,” his icy blue eyes scanned the room dangerously.

It was evident to everyone that Harry had caused quite a stir within the Headmaster of Hogwarts, a feat not many could claim. He was unnerved, angry, and slightly paranoid. A dangerous combination, especially if one was not sound of mind. Harry moved back to his spot, resuming his passive aggressive position and impassively staring at anyone who looked his way. Inside he was pleased with himself. He had achieved exactly what he had wanted to do this meeting. Chaos had been released. Change will be coming. The powerful man before him has been taken down a few notches.

“I think for now, this meeting can be adjourned. We have covered most of the things that were on my agender. I’m sure most of you have things you need to be doing, work to be getting to,” Dumbledore tried to fake a smile to lighten the mood. “Kingsley will be in contact with you all that are helping with the Diagon Alley trip on Thursday. I will be in contact with a few of you throughout the week as well. But thank you all for coming so quickly to this emergency meeting,” he said standing up.

Slowly the room started to empty. Dumbledore holding in his anger and keeping up his happy-go-lucky appearance until each person had left. His eyes barely wavered from the young man who had caused him such a headache this meeting. From the blatant disrespect to exposing him, the stupid little brat had accomplished so much carnage in such little time. As soon as he heard the stone gargoyle fall back in place, he let out his pent up anger. Pages went flying. The lights flickered. Dust that had become unsettled from the top shelf floated down to the floor. Dumbledore had to remind himself to breath as he was almost overcome by rage.

Restoring the items that had been messed with as he slumped down in his chair, Dumbledore thought back on everything that was mentioned. Nothing was making sense. He couldn’t figure out where the boy had acquired his information from. And it wasn’t like he could just skim through his mind. No, he already got caught doing that once. The only way he could find out anything about his past was either getting him to confess, even if it meant using a certain something, or by getting one of his tutors to extract the information.

Tiredly, he continued to stay in his chair as he regained some energy. If this meeting was a look into how encounters were going to happen from now on, this was going to be an extremely long month before the school year starts back. Albus Dumbledore had not been this exhausted in many years. He struggled to even think of the last time someone took this amount of energy out of him. But Harry Potter had achieved to do such that in a matter of an hour.

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