Coming for You


A fanfic of Frankenstein's Monster filled with horror.

Poetry / Horror
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Chapter 1

I’m breaking down;

Can’t hold on any longer.

It’s too much;

Too much to bear,

I wish this will end,

End soon enough.

’Cause every flower,

is colorless to me.

I keep saying out loud,

I wish there is someone who hears,

Someone who understands,

but no one ever does.

Every other person says this,

Yet no one ever listens to another.

It is a merciless world.

Better get used to it.

Or you will die by your hands,

It’s all a black and white out there.

Why does every blade?

Have to be this blunt?

Why am I still alive?

To hell those pills,

Why don’t they work?

No blade, bullet, or pill,

Will work on you,

Until and unless, nature,

Gives it order.

Who am I, people ask,

Bad news, I’m just a damm doll,

For those who want to play,

I gave them a play and,

Poison them from within.

My heart is atoning,

And I’m becoming one thing,

I hate. Yes, an ASSASSIN.

I don’t take lives, I take hearts,

Don’t I regret it?

No, I save them from sufferings,

At their own hands,

I wanted to die too, before:

My heart was shattered to pieces,

But nothing ever kills me

I’m immune. I can’t ever die.

That’s the greatest curse,

I’m the cursed Frankenstein’s monster.

A curse, a killer, a monster:

The worst nightmare.

Beware, I’m coming for you,

Take your last breaths;

Will, there is still time;

And one day, you’ll bleed and die.

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