The Next Generations Of RWBY: The Prequel Story!


My name is Summermendes12, and this is a story based on the unofficial anime from YouTube and amazon prime called RWBY. Well this story is about the next generation of the RWBY characters, and this story is called The Next Generations Of RWBY: The Prequel Story. So my name is Gabrielle Nora Layla Valkyrie and I am the first-born daughter of Ren and Nora Valkyrie. I have three younger siblings, aka a sister named Aaliyah Nicole Leonore Valkyrie, and two brothers, who are twins named Ethan Nicholas Lucas Valkyrie, and Mitchell Nathan Leon Valkyrie. I live in the kingdom of Vale with my parents, and siblings.

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Starting School At Beacon!

Chapter One!
(Date: September Seventh, 2016!)
Nora Valkyrie’s Point Of View!
(Age: Thirty-Six Years Old!)
"Gabrielle Nora Layla Valkyrie, wake up!" I said to my daughter,
"I'm up mom!" My daughter Gabrielle said to me, and then Gabi got dressed for school.
"Bye mom, Freddy just texted me to tell me that the School plane leaves soon!" Gabi said to me, and then she left.
Gabrielle Valkyrie’s Point Of View!
(Age: Fourteen and a half Years Old!)
"Hey Freddy, are you ready to go?" I asked my friend Freddy,
"Ya, got your weapon" Freddy asked me,
"Yeah!" I said to Freddy,
"Good" Freddy said to me,
"So what did your mom say about your weapon?" Freddy asked me,
"I forgot to show her!" I said to Freddy,
"Might be for the best" My good friend Freddy said to me,
"What do you mean Freddy?" I asked Freddy,
"She might have been mad at you" Freddy said to me,
"Because it's her old weapon?" I asked Freddy,
"It was hers but ya" My friend Freddy said to me,
"Okay, well we have to go get on the plane that takes us to school!" I said to Freddy,
"Ya" Freddy said to me,
Two hours later! Freddy and I were at the high school, aka Beacon Academy! Where my parents met, and Freddy's mothers met.
"We're here!" I said to Freddy,
"Yup" Freddy said to me,
"Wow, this place is huge! Oh Freddy, did your mothers tell you about this school, and what it's like?" I asked Freddy,
"Ya" Freddy said to me,
"So Freddy, um where do we get our school schedules?" I asked Freddy,
"After we get our teams" Freddy said to me,
"Okay, so let's start making some new friends!" I said to Freddy,
"OK" Freddy said to me,
"Oh doesn't your great uncle Qrow work here?" I asked Freddy,
"No he doesn't" Freddy said to me,
"Oh!" I said to Freddy, and then I saw someone to become friends with.
"I'll be back Freddy! If you need me I'll be over there talking to someone who I might become friends with!" I said to Freddy,
"Okay" Freddy said to me, and then I walked away to find the person who was walking by the entrance to the school.
"Hi there, I'm Gabrielle Valkyrie!" I said to the boy who was standing by the doorway to the school.
"Hi I'm Reginal Schnee! it's nice to meet you Gabrielle! Oh who is this, is he your boyfriend?" Reginal asked me, after Freddy came up behind me.
"No I'm her friend" Freddy said to Reginal Schnee,
"Oh, I just that you were her boyfriend! My bad, but you two would make a great couple!" Reginal Schnee said to Freddy, and I.
"Um Thanks" Freddy said to Reginal,
"Freddy, you know he is right!" I said to Freddy,
"I know" Freddy said to me,
"Remember what I said when we became friends!" I said to Freddy,
"Ya, why?" Freddy asked me,
"You are the guy that I was talking about!" I said to Freddy,
"I know" My friend Freddy said to me,
"How?" I asked Freddy,
"I'm the only guy you been with" Freddy said to me,
"Oh right!" I said to Freddy,
"Ya" My good friend Freddy Long said to me,
"Well do you like me, the way that I like you?" I asked Freddy,
"I don't know" Freddy said to me,
"Oh, well no one is ever going to like me, and be my boyfriend! I should just let my mother try and find someone for me!" I said to Freddy, and I ran away crying.
"Wait" Freddy said to me, as I ran away.
Reginal Schnee's Point Of View!
"Just let her be! She might calm down, I have a sister that is just like Gabrielle. My sister doesn't like being rejected either!" I said to Freddy,
"I didn't reject her though, she didn't say she loves me so I didn't say that I loved her" Freddy said to me,
"Freddy, I think she does love you! She was probably just scared to tell you!" I said to Freddy,
"And I'm scared too, I let the girls make the first move if they truly love me" Freddy said to me,
"So now, you need to go and apologize to her! It might make everything for her better!" I said to Freddy,
"Oh I know but still" Freddy said to me,
"Do you want Gabi to be happy?" I asked Freddy,
"Ya but mood swings are normal in her family, her mom is Nora after all" Freddy said to me,
"That doesn't matter! if you want Gabi to be happy, then You need to tell her how you feel about her, and she will tell you how she feels about you!" I asked said to Freddy,
"Trust me Reginal" Freddy said to me,
"What do you want in life?" I asked Gabi's friend Freddy,
"Dude stop acting weird" Freddy said to me,
"Fine, but it's your fault, if Gabi starts to hate you!" I said to Freddy,
"She won't" Freddy said to me,
"Okay, well good luck and try to think about what I said!" I said to Freddy, and then I left.
Freddy Long's Point Of View!
"I will" I said to myself,
"Freddy, help!" I heard Gabi yelling,
I grab my weapon and runs to Gabi "I'm here" I said to Gabi,
"My leg got stuck!" Gabi said to me,
"Stuck, how?" I asked Gabi,
"A tree branch fell on my leg!" Gabi said to me,
I use my weapon in base cannon form to blast it away "there you go" I said to Gabi,
"Thank you Freddy, um why did you say no to me earlier! Don't you care about me?" Gabi asked me,
"I care about you and I said I don’t know not no" I said to Gabi,
"But no one will love me, except for my parents!" Gabi said to me,
"Not true" I said to my friend Gabi,
"But you don't like me the way that I like you!" My friend Gabrielle said to me,
"Not true Gabi" I said to Gabi,
"Then what is true?" Gabi asked me,
"Later you will see" I said to Gabi,
"So you are wanting me to stay your friend until then?" Gabrielle asked me,
"Until you can't wait, yes" I said to Gabi,
"But my mom wants me to date you, and so does your grandfather!" Gabi said to me,
"Oh I know" I said to Gabi,
"Okay, well when do you think we will meet our teammates, when each of us have a team?" Gabi asked me,
"We will see tomorrow when we get the teams" I said to my good friend Gabrielle Nora Layla Valkyrie,
"Okay! Well where is everyone who will be attending this school, going to sleep?" Gabi asked me,
"Hi guys, my name is Octavia Polendina!" A girl said to Gabi and I,
"Hi Octavia, I'm Freddy" I said to Octavia,
"And I'm Gabi! Nice to meet you Octavia!" Gabi said to Octavia,
"Nice to meet you both! Um Freddy, aren't you Blake and Yang's son?" Octavia asked me,
"Yeah! So can I sleep next to you?" Gabi asked me,
"Ya" I said to Gabi,
"Thanks Freddy!" Gabi said to me,
"No problem" I said to my good friend Gabi,
Two hours later, my good friend Gabi and I were getting sleepy.
"Goodnight Freddy!" Gabi said to me,
"Goodnight Gabrielle" I said to Gabi, and then we both went to sleep.

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