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The Next Generations Of RWBY: The Prequel Story!

Meeting Our Teammates!

Chapter Two!
(Date: September Eighth, 2016!)
Gabrielle Valkyrie’s Point Of View!
(Age: Fourteen Years Old!)
"Hi Freddy, did you sleep well?" I asked my good friend Freddy,
"Ya" Freddy said to me, and smiled at him.
"Good!" I said to Freddy,
"Ready to get a team" Freddy asked me,
"Yeah!" I said to Freddy,
"Then grab your weapon and let's go" Freddy said to me,
"Okay!" I said to Freddy as I grabbed my weapon,
"Let's wait for the headmaster" Freddy said to me,
"Okay! Well how long will that take?" I asked Freddy,
"I don't know he is weird" Freddy said to me,
"Okay!" I said to Freddy, and then I could hear static throughout the room.
"Oh, it looks like the headmaster is here now!" My best friend Freddy said to me,
"That's him, but who are those young women up there with him?" I asked Freddy,
"I don't know!" Freddy said to me,
"Good morning Students, my name is Professor Ozpin, this is my assistant headmistress Glynda Goodwitch. And Glynda's granddaughter Nevena Goodwitch! Nevena will help you all find your classes, and help you all find your way around the school!" The headmaster Professor Ozpin said to everyone,
"Freddy, I hope that we are in the same team!" I said to Freddy,
"Same" Freddy said to me,
"Good morning students, Today! You will be finding some artifacts! They will be at the end of the forest near some Ruins.
"Wow, this is going to be fun!" I said to Freddy,
"Yup! It will be awesome, and if you and I find each other, Then we can be on the same team!" Freddy said to me,
"Yeah, that would be great!" I said to my best friend Fredrick 'Freddy' Yang Long.
Two hours later, Freddy and I found each other, and Octavia and Reginal found each other too,
"Hey Freddy, look at this, the artifacts are paint cans! Let's pick the pink ones" I said to my bestie Freddy, "sure Freddy said to me, some time later Octavia and Reginal found the artifacts and grabbed the pink paint cans.
"Good afternoon Students, this morning, the assistant headmistress and I have asked you all to find the same four artifacts! Some of you have done a great job with retrieving the artifacts, and some of you have not!" The headmaster said to everyone,
"So now I will tell you all the students that will be joining this academy with their teammates. And I have five teams to announce today!" The headmaster said to everyone, and the he started naming the teams.
"First we have Nevena Goodwitch, Allison Schnee, Olivia Caspian, and Victoria Bleu!" The headmaster Professor Ozpin said to everyone, and then the four girls walked onstage.
"Your team name is NOVA!" The headmaster said to the girls,
"Led by Nevena Goodwitch!" The headmaster said to Nevena,
"Next we have Sebastian Miles, Pandora Miller, Aaron Jennings, and Patricia Mills! Your team name is APPS! Lead by Aaron Jennings!" The headmaster said to Aaron, and his team.
"The third group is Winnie Schnee, Ian Jenkins, Nicholas Blacksmith, and Nathaniel McDowell! Your team WINN! Led By Winnie Schnee!" The headmaster said to Winnie and her team.
The fourth group is Casper Daniels, Alexander Shannons, Trina Jackson, and Shannon James! Your team is named CATS! Which will be led by Casper Daniels!" The headmaster said to Casper Daniels, and his team.
"Lastly, the fifth group is Fredrick Long, Reginal Schnee, Octavia Polendina, and Gabrielle Valkyrie! Your team name is FROG! Led by Fredrick Long!" The headmaster said to my best friend Freddy and our team,
"Freddy, we are on the same team, yay!" I said to Freddy,
"Ya!" Freddy said to me,
"Reginal and Octavia, you are my new friends and Freddy will always be my best friend unless we start dating!" I said to Reginal, Octavia, and Freddy
"Yeah!" I said to my friends,.
"I love you all as my friends!" I said to my friends,
"Same here" Freddy said to me,
"Freddy, you got a package from your mothers Blake and Yang!" Reginal said to Freddy,
"Thanks Reginal" My best friend Freddy said to our new friend Reginal Schnee,
"I never get packages from anyone!" I said to Freddy and our friends,
"Well if its dust we will share" Freddy said to me,
"What's in the package?" I asked my best friend Freddy,
"It looks like ammo dust!" Freddy said to our friends Reginal and Octavia, and I.
"Yay, now we can share!" I said to Freddy,
"It looks like half is for yours and half is for mine!" Freddy said to me,
"Cool! Your mothers are really thoughtful!" I said to Freddy,
"Ya" My bestie Freddy said to me,
Freddy Long's Point Of View!
"Hey Freddy, it is almost 5 pm!" Gabi said to me,
"Ya, I know!" I said to Gabi,
"Okay, well we should go find our dorm room!" My bestie Gabi said to me,
"Same here!" I said to Gabi,
"We share the same room, don't we?" My best friend Gabi asked me,
"Yes, we do!" I said to Gabi,
"Okay, so what happens now?" My best friend Gabrielle Valkyrie asked me,
"We make the room the way we like it" I said to my best friend Gabi, and our friends/teammates.
"Okay, well let's start decorating!" Gabi and my friends said to me,
A half an hour later, we were done decorating our room.
"That's better!" Gabi said to me,
"Ya" I said to Gabi, and our friends,
"Yeah, oh it's getting dark outside!" Gabi said to me, and then everyone was getting sleepy.
"Night everyone!" Reginal said to everyone, and then he turned off the light in the room.
"Night!" Everyone said to Reginal, and then they all went to sleep.
Everyone was asleep, and it was a half an hour past 9 o'clock at night. I then got very horny. All I wanted now was my best friend's cock inside of me. I walked over to my best friend, who was asleep. I put my hand on Freddy's cock, and I started to lick it.
He moans and starts getting hard
I started to lick the tip of Freddy's cock.
"Mm mm mm Gabi" He moans in his sleep as he is half hard. I then get on top of my best friend Freddy.
"Sorry, but I need this!" I said softly to my best friend Freddy, so no one could hear me. I then sat on Freddy's cock, after I lined his cock with my pussy. Then I covered my mouth to stop myself from moaning loudly, so I could ride Freddy's cock without moaning so loud.
"S-so good and b-bigger then I thought he would be" I said that to myself as I rode his cock softly but sped up with how fast and how hard, I'm riding him as I moan softly.
"Mm mm mm Gabi your mouth feels so good" Freddy said to himself in his sleep as it makes me ride faster and harder.
Freddy slowly wakes up and sees me riding him "mm mm mm don't stop Gabi my love" he said to me as he moans softly as I blush deeply when I see him watching me ride him and call me his love.
"S-sorry I really needed something more then fingers" I said to him as he pulls me on top of him more to fuck me as I ride him.
"Ahh this is what I want, Freddy don't stop" I moaned into Freddy's ear as I had my first orgasom with a guy.
"Shit i'm going to blow inside you" he warmed me as he pushed what felt like a k9 knot into my pussy, then I felt his hot cum get shot into my pussy and womb.
"Ahh s-so much and s-so hot and s-so big, Freddy I love you" I said to him in between my moans and pants as I fell asleep on him. Then he covers up with his blanket, so no one could see that we had sex.
It's now 5 o'clock in the morning, and Freddy and I were the last ones awake!
"So I'm confused right now, are you my boyfriend now or still my best friend?" I asked Freddy,
"Well we can be friends with benefits but that's up to you" he said to me as I grabbed my ass as I felt his cock was still in my pussy.
"Um, I want to be your girlfriend, since I have liked you since the day we became friends!" I said to Freddy,
"I'll gladly be your boyfriend! But first since no one is around and I'm still in you, do you want another round before we go" Freddy said to me,
"Sure, I would love that!" I said to Freddy,
He rolls us over making me go on my back as he starts pounding my pussy "mmm mmm so good" he moaned into my ear as I'm moaning loud but just quite enough the moans don't leave the room.
I wrap my legs around his waist as he fucks me harder "I-im g-gonna cum" I moaned and pulls him as close as I can as I cum.
"F-fuck I can't hold it" he moaned to me as he knots me again and fills my womb and pussy up with his hot and thick cum.
"Ahh s-so much c-cum, i-its hot t-too" I moaned loudly as I cum again which makes him cum.
After an hour or so of me and my boyfriend Freddy doing nothing but cumming, we finally ran out of cum.
"F-fuck I'm sorry for making you cum so much" he said to me as he pants.
"It's okay! I love you Freddy! I will always love you, um do you think that I'll have a child someday?" I asked Freddy,
"With how much I pumped into your womb I'll be shocked if you don't get morning sickness in a few months"
"Okay, well what if I do become pregnant, I would be really scared! Since I'm really not ready to have a child!" I said to Freddy,
"Should have put a condom on my cock then" Freddy said to me,
"But if I do have a child, then I will still have you to help me! Right Freddy?" I asked my boyfriend Freddy,
"Ya! But it won't be just one kid" Freddy said to me,
"You mean, I'll have more then one child? Wait won't our child, I mean children be like you?" I asked Freddy,
"There's a chance yes" Freddy said to me,
"Okay! I hope that we have a girl, or even a boy, or maybe both!" I said to Freddy,
"Most likely both" Freddy said to me,
"Yay! Can we wait to tell my parents and your mothers, they might be a little worried about this happening so fast!" I said to Freddy,
"Ya but I'm stuck for a little bit longer" Freddy said to me,
"Okay! So you can't get your cock out of my pussy?" I asked Freddy,
"Not like this without hurting you, but if we roll to make me on my back, you can pull off of me with your own pace" Freddy said to me,
"Okay!" I said to Freddy, as we rolled over, and now Freddy was on his back, which helped me be able to pull myself off of Freddy.

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