Natasha's Secret: Two New Targets


Natasha Romanoff had been training with Agent Maria Hill on softening her image to look more like a assistant than a spy in a very different way to say the least. She had to go undercover as a new assistant for Tony Stark at Stark Industries lets just say things took a turn quickly.

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Agent Hill's "Training"

So this is my first Natasha’s Secret Story. I hope you enjoy and if you read this please leave a review thank you. This is the first and only story I am planning on writing more than one chapter on.

Time Period- Post Iron Man 2 when Natasha is “Natalie Rushman”

6 weeks prior to being undercover at Stark Industries.

Natasha: Agent Hill you wanted to see me?

Maria: Yes I did we have a new mission for you Romanoff

Natasha: What is it Agent?

Maria: Tony Stark owner of Stark Industries has a few secrets and we would like you to go undercover to be a distraction in a way a sexy secretary if you will.

Natasha: And then I gather the information and bring it back to S.H.I.E.L.D

Maria: Yes but he has a new CEO of the company Virginia “Pepper” Potts so you will have to distract her as well

Natasha: But I’m not-

Maria: Gay? We all know you are bisexual and you can’t deny it Natasha

Natasha: Well- Wait bisexual? Who told you that?

Maria: We all figured that after you banged Carter

Natasha: Umm...How do you know that I banged Sharon?

Maria: She said you did

Natasha: She is so dead

Maria: Anyway come see me later for training ok 7:30pm sharp

Natasha: Fine

Natasha had been worrying about what her mission could be only to find out that this was it oh also to find out that all of S.H.I.E.L.D knew she was bisexual without even asking her what her sexuality was.


Natasha had arrived at the gym at 7:30pm like Agent Hill had instructed.

Natasha: Agent Hill? Are you here?

Maria: Mhm just give me a second

Maria then came from around the corner out of the locker room wearing the new women’s training uniform a pair of tight fitting shorts and a tight t-shirt. Natasha was stunned Maria looked so unbelievably sexy she couldn’t take it.

Natasha: A-Agent Hill

Maria: Romanoff go change

Natasha: Ok

Natasha entered the locker room to see that the training uniform was laid out in her locker. She put it on and went out of there. The uniform was even tighter on Natasha than it was on Maria for the reason that Nat had bigger tits and a bigger ass.

Natasha: Is this it?

Maria: Yes that’s the one

Natasha: What training are we doing?

Maria: We are doing a new form of training

Maria was looking forward to this the training was about how Natasha would learn how to please and distract a woman (as if she didn’t know how to already).

Natasha: Oh ok. I think I have a guess of what training we will be doing

Maria: Do you?

Natasha smirked her eyes full of lust

Natasha: Yes take a seat Agent Hill.

The superior Agent took a seat and watched as Natasha Dropped to her knees in front of her.

Maria: Surly I should be training you Natasha

Natasha ripped down Maria’s shorts to reveal some small dark blue lingerie.

Maria: Natasha

Maria said Nat’s name in a very breathy tone that made Nat shiver.

Natasha: Yes Agent Hill

Maria: How did you know what training we would be doing?

Natasha: I just figured since I would be distracting them that this would be the best way

Maria was about to speak when Natasha began to kiss her. Maria moaned into Natasha’s mouth. Natasha began kissing down the Agent’s neck biting and sucking at Maria’s neck leaving little marks and bruises .

Maria: I don’t think this will be necessary you already seem to know what your doing

Natasha: But it will be fun and I have to admit wanting to fuck you since day one so here is my chance.

Natasha didn’t give Maria a chance to speak she ripped Maria’s underwear off and stuck two fingers in her.

Maria: Oh fuck Natasha

Natasha: Moan my name louder

Maria: Ugh yes...ahhh Natasha

She was moaning Nat’s name in a breathy tone. Nat was all too eager to hear the usually composed Agent moaning her name loudly so everyone at the S.H.I.E.L.D HQ would know who broke the Ice Queen.

Natasha: I said moan my name louder

Nat ripped Maria’s shirt and bra off and started to squeeze the older woman’s breasts.

Maria: Ahhh yes, yes, YES!

Natasha: Good girl now moan my name

Nat inserted another finger and used her thumb to circle the Agent’s clit.

Maria: Uhhh...NATASHA, OH FUCK YES!!

She moaned Nat’s name out loud, louder than Nat could have hoped

Natasha: You like that

Maria: Harder, FUCK!

Natasha: Good girl

Nat went harder making Maria closer to cumming than she had been in a long time

Maria: Ahhh Nat...make me cum please

Nat smirked

Natasha: I don’t think so hon...

Natasha pulled out of Maria leaving her on edge but Maria took advantage of this as she twisted the 26 year old redhead around and pulled down her shorts.

Maria: No underwear

Natasha just smirked knowing that her superior was looking at her ass

Maria: I would have expected better from you Agent

Maria went on to bend Nat over the table in the corner and spanked her ass hard.

Natasha: Mmmmm ahhh

Maria: Your not supposed to enjoy this


Natasha: Mmm but I like having my ass played with

Maria: So your an anal slut?


Natasha: You bet


Natasha: Ahhh harder

Maria: No

Natasha: What?

Maria: No

Natasha: Why?

Maria: Because your enjoying it you aren’t supposed to

Natasha just wiggled her ass a bit

Natasha: Please

Maria: No

Natasha: But you like the way my ass feels, don’t you Agent Hill?

Maria: Well yes

Natasha: It’s all yours

Maria smirked

Maria: In that case

Maria slowly inserted her finger into the younger girls ass driving the red head crazy

Natasha: Oh yes. Mmm

Maria: You like that

Natasha: Mhmm

Maria added another two fingers

Natasha: Fuck yes, more

By now Nat couldn’t deal with how slowly Maria was going so she pushed herself back as hard as she could onto Maria’s fingers

Maria: Oh so egger

Natasha: I NEED MORE!

Maria: If you say so Agent

Maria then reached into her bag and found a big 11" strap on dildo and quickly shoved it up Natasha’s asshole.

Maria: Oh my god you are so tight

Natasha: You bitch. Ahhh fuck

Maria: Now you don’t call your superior a bitch

Natasha: But you umhng are

Natasha was moaning out this wasn’t the first time she had 11" in her but it had certainly been a long time since she had.


Nat moaned Maria’s name so loudly that she was sure everyone in the city heard her. Maria smacked Nat’s ass again

Maria: It’s Agent Hill to you. Although you sound very sexy when you moan my name

Maria ripped Natasha’s top off

Maria: No bra either I’m not surprised

She squeezed Nat’s tits hard.

Natasha: FUCK!

Maria: Cum for me then training will be over

Maria picked up the pace which left Natasha on edge.

Natasha: Harder. Harder, make me cum PLEASE!

Maria smirked at the sight of the normally unbreakable girl who would never show weakness unravelling in her arms.


Maria: Come on cum for me

Natasha: Ahh FUCKING HELL!

Natasha came and she came hard.

Maria: Good now come here, Baby Girl.

Natasha turned around and her and Maria kissed. The older woman's hands lingered down Natasha's back.

???: What’s going on here?

????: I would like to know the same thing Agent.

The girls turned to see that Nick Fury and Clint Barton were stood there. The girls grabbed the remainder of the ripped up clothes to cover themselves.

Natasha: long have you been there?

Fury: As long as we heard someone moaning out Agent Hill’s name

Clint: Yes so we came to see what was happening

Fury: My office in 5 minutes. Don't be late.


Fury: Barton you go back to work

Clint: Yes sir

Clint left the room leaving the two girls with the Director of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Fury: Hill, Romanoff care to explain?

Natasha: Well...

Maria: I was training her for her next mission Director Fury

Fury: And what do you call that “training” Agent Hill?

Maria: Uhh I-I don’t know Director Fury

Fury: And Agent Romanoff you agreed to this?

Natasha: Well yes Sir

Fury: That isn’t training. It’s fucking in the Shield gyms. You both could have had the decency to lock the motherfucking door!

Maria: Sorry Director Fury

Natasha: Yeah sorry Sir

Fury: What were you "training" her for anyway?

Maria: For the Stark Industries mission Sir

Fury: What does having sex in the Shield gyms have to do with the Stark Industries mission?

Maria: Well if everything failed she would have to seduce the targets.

Fury: And who might these so called targets be Agent Hill?

Maria: Tony Stark and Pepper Potts, Sir

Fury: If I'm not mistaken Agent Romanoff is already trained in the highest form of seduction and sexual espionage. Is that correct Romanoff.

Natasha: Yes Sir it is

Fury: So I think this was an excuse for you to have sex with Natasha.

Maria: No Sir it wasn't

Fury: Well since you won't own up to the fact you have been looking at her the whole time during mission meetings then I can believe that it was training for a mission.

Maria: Thank you Sir

Fury: So are you ready for your mission Romanoff?

Natasha: I think so

Fury: Right you are going to have to go undercover so a cover identity is advised

Natasha: Of course Sir

Fury: You both are dismissed but I don't want any more gym sex from you two

Natasha: Yes Sir

Maria: Of course Director Fury

They both left the room

Maria: I still think you need more training Agent Romanoff

Natasha: Do you?

Maria: Yes you have to work on some of it

Natasha: Ok so more training for the rest of the week?

Maria: Great idea Agent Romanoff but this time we will train in my quarters

Natasha: If you think it’s best

Maria: Of course it is. Well then we should start training now

Natasha: Yes Agent Hill

Both girls made their way to Agent Hill’s quarters and they “trained” hard that night and the next few days and nights of the week. Natasha ended up choosing a cover identity; Natalie Rushman because Clint said all the others sounded like they could be hookers.

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