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Taehyung and Jungkook have to attend a royal dinner, but Jungkook can't seem to keep his hands away from his thighs...
( Susan thought she could get rid of me 😴💅🏻 )

"Ah you've arrived!" The elder lady rejoiced, her hair tied in a burgundy coloured bun, laced in pearls and diamonds planting a kiss on each of their cheeks.

Taehyung clung to Jungkooks arm inside the huge hall, afraid he'd loose him.

Jungkook was known as a cold prince... he didn't open up to anyone, he cared nothing more than to get the throne faster than his cousin, and he would.

However... he had someone... who made him feel like he was on fire everytime he made eye contact with him.

Someone who lit up the darkest of days, who he'd told absolutely everything too.

And he willingly will protect for the rest of his life.

His husband, jeon Taehyung, who was friendly to everyone, a complete social butterfly.

He loved him with everything he had. He'd give up the throne and any title he owned for him, he needed him, he was the only one who knew how to calm his anxiety, the only one who actually made him go crazy.

He noticed how Taehyung was holding his arm rather tight.

"you okay sweetheart?" He whispered down at Tae, who looked up at him with his bambi doe eyes.

"M'kay, just don't let go." He pouted.

"Never cutie." He turned him round and kissed his lips gently.

Tae giggled and Jungkook nussled closer to him... his comfort zone.

Until the king walked over and he backed away bowing before him.

"Hello son." He smiled.

"Father." Jungkook nodded coldly as he normally would.

"Ah Taehyung." The king brought him into a hug, squeezing the tiny boy.

Taehyung giggled "hi."

Everyone in the royal family pretty much adored Taehyung. At first of course it was rough, having a new person into their family, since Jungkooks past was very playboy like, they didn't want this new boy to ruin their image. But they were so pleasantly surprised when they saw how polite and cute Taehyung was, surprised he'd managed to win over the cold playboys heart and since the Kim family were quite rich he wasn't affected by paparazzi.

They were also worried about having gold diggers, but they've seen the way they look at eachother. As if the world stops for a moment.

They've watched so closely to see their son actually smile and laugh around Taehyung softly, and happily kiss him in public, he wouldn't even kiss his parents.

They've seen their little habits, when Jungkook holds Taehyungs waist and lowers slightly to his eye level, only to peck his lips, Taehyung blushes and shoves his shoulder softly and Jungkook laughs pulling him closer and snuggling into his neck, whispering little things into his ear. The two were crazy in love, anyone could easily see it. Which automatically made the royal family delighted to have Taehyung, calming their son and keeping a smile on his face.

"I wanna go home and finish our... session." Jungkook whispered.

"Jungkook stop it, come sit." Taehyung blushed a little bit dragged him to sit down.

"You're blushing." Jungkook smirked, letting Tae sit him on a chair.

"Well duh, your husband says he wants to go have sex with you instead of being at a family meal, the fuck do you want me to do?!" Tae whispered.

"Give me your ass..." Jungkook licked his lower lip scanning him up and down.

"Jungkook I swear to god, if you don't calm your dick I'm chopping it off."

Bickering was normal for them, they'd been married for about five years, dating for six, so technically they'd been together for eleven years.

The only time they'd ever had an actual argument was when Jungkooks old hookup lied to everyone and said she'd given birth to Jungkooks baby, when actually it was the pastry boys child after having a DNA test.

They met in a park, in the rain whilst Jungkook was having a panic attack. Taehyung appeared like an angel and talked him through it calming him down.

The two talked for the rest of the night and then went on a few dates secretly... until Jungkook told him who he really was, at first Tae was shocked but he didn't mind. He really loved him.

Jungkook didn't have sex with anyone as soon as he met Taehyung... that's how he knew he loved him too, he didn't even talk to other girls/boys. He gave everything to Taehyung.

The two had eaten and were making polite chat to the rest of the family, considering everyone loved Taehyung he was talking to Jungkooks crazy aunt. And Jungkook was speaking with the king since he was the next air.

When speaking Taehyung referred Jungkook as Mr.Jeon, since that's how they'd formally tell it to family members.

Even though Taehyungs last name was now Jeon, it was easier to refer him as Kim.

Taehyung knew Jungkook loved it whenever he classified him as Mr.Jeon, which made him giggle.

Taehyung was speaking about the new bakery that had opened up down the road when he felt Jungkooks hand on his thigh. This was normal for them, Jungkook held his hand on his thigh a lot.

But... Jungkooks hand slowly travelled up his thigh, and more to his hip bone, making taehyung move his hips a little in pleasure.

He'd finished talking to the aunt and he went straight to Jungkook shooting him a death glare. "Stop trying to fucking seduce me." He whispered into his ear.

"I wasn't trying, but obviously you feel something if you're gonna admit that." Jungkook spoke deeper, biting his lip.

"Jungkook stop." He hit his rock hard thigh, ending up hurting his hand instead of his thigh.

"Ouch." Tae groaned, Jungkook laughed.

"Okay everyone, dinner dismissed." The king announced.

Jungkook took Taehyungs hand and went up to their suite in the palace.

"Koooook I'm tired." He pouted.

Jungkook looked at him and cupped his cheeks, "are you really? We won't-"

"No fuck I'm kidding! I need you-" he crashed his lips onto Jungkook and closed the door...

Jungkook muttered 'fuck' against his lips and lifted him by the thighs and placing him on the vanity. "Mm." "Mm." "Jungkook! Expensive." Taehyung tried to talk through the kiss but Jungkook shook his head and whispered an 'I don't care' and removed the others clothes.

Taehyung was stripped into his panties and Jungkooks shirt, and royal jacket had found its way to the floor, his crown crooked on his head, with messy hair, he took the crown off and dropped it onto his jacket.

"Jungkook! You can't just drop them!" He whisper shouted.

"Why are you whispering?" He smirked.

"Because!" He whispered, then looked confused at himself... "I don't know."

Jungkook laughed a bit and climbed on top of him. "So naughty, this isn't not having sex for a month is it?" Jungkook snickered.

"Shut up, you and I both know we wouldn't last that long."

"What would we say to the royal board? Sorry my husband was too much of a slut, the crown broke from me throwing it." He snickered, making out with the boy.

"Slut? Please. You beg for my ass everyday." He kissed him harder.

"Yeah because it's so good." He groaned into his ear.

"Well so is your dick, you don't see me complaining." He rolled his eyes.

Jungkook laughed and covered his fingers in lube.

"Jungkook I don't care." He reminded him for the thousandth time he'd happily take it raw, but Jungkook never let him and always prepped his first.

"Noooo baby." He whined not wanting to hurt him.

"Please koo, lemme try."

Jungkook sighed and held Taehyungs head up, secretly covering his dick in loads of lube.

"This once." He slowly pushed the tip in.

"It's fine just go."

Jungkook sighed, atleast he put lube in.

He started thrusting and gripping his hips.

"F-faster kook."

"Daddy." He corrected him.
"So polite Infront of everyone, they think you're so innocent." He husked down his ear.

He spanked his thigh thrusting faster and deeper, "break down infront of me don't you babyboy."

"Angh- daddy! Fuck right there." He rolled his eyes back when Jungkook pounded into that one spot.

"Fuck baby." Jungkook groaned throwing his head back.

Switching positions so that tae was riding him, holding onto the bed frame, bouncing on his cock.

"Daddy, s-so big!" He cried in pleasure, breathing heavily, as Jungkooks cock went in and out of his hole harshly.

They both stopped fast when they heard a knock on the door.


"Oh my fucking god." Taehyung cried, listening to Jungkooks little sister through the door.

"Can I come in?"

"NO! Umm, sayura go ask mother where the... Umm, cakes are!"

"Okay I just have to get my saddle I left buttercups saddles in here."

Jungkook groaned in agony, Taehyung got off his dick and hid under the blankets, putting on Jungkooks hoodie which was under his pillow trying to fix his hair, and wipe away the tears of pleasure.

Jungkook was still very much hard, he quickly but sweats on and a hoodie opening the door, with messy hair and swollen lips, covering his bulge.

"Okay go get it." He sighed, looking over at Taehyung who was biting his lip and playing with his wedding rings.

Sayura got her saddle from the walk in closet and walked out, "Taehyung did you stub your toe? Shouting for your daddy won't do anything he isn't here silly!" She spoke innocently.

Taehyungs eyes went wide.

"Okay sayura bye bye!" Jungkook quickly got her out.

"Koook!" He whined pushing his thighs together tight.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck." He took his clothes off again and threw tae onto all fours, leaving his hoodie on him and pounding into his ass, harder than ever.

"Oh fuck!" Tae screamed throwing his head back.

Jungkook spanked him and thrusted deeper, a few more times.

"You like that baby?" He smirked and pulled out pushing back in stronger everytime.

"Fuck yes! Fuck you're so good! Ah!" Jungkook pushrod against his prostate knowing where it is, and exactly where to hit. He rolled his hips onto that one place, reaching down and playing with Taehyungs dick, stroking it until he came.

"Daddy! Fuck oh yes!" He cried, his head now buried into the pillow face first as Jungkook rode out his high pressing his cock against his walls a little longer, before pulling out.

"Taehyung do you want me to call your daddy?" Sayura shouted from the next room.

Taehyung put his hand over his mouth and Jungkook broke down into laughter.

"N-no sayura! It's okay!" He shouted.

"Your daddy is right here" he whispered seductively into his ear.

Tae blushed and hid under the covers only to be met in the face by Jungkooks dick...

He just put it in his mouth and started deep throating him out of no where.

"Oh my god! Fuck Tae!" He moaned.

Taehyung smirked and giggled sending vibrations down his cock.

"Too fucking naughty." He fucked his mouth, until he came, letting Tae swallow it and come back up.

Jungkook was in shock.

Tae pecked his lips cutely, "I love you." And went to sleep.

"Love you too." Jungkook spoke still confused and snickered before going to sleep, cuddling him.

I'm back hoes, well thats until my acc probably gets taken down. LOLOLOLOL

My new username I'll post soon❤️
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