Weren't you supposed to be my soulmate?


The story is based on Sheetal track , Khushi in this story is different from the one in the show and it starts from Basketball match. Blog link : https://wystbmsblogspot.wordpress.com/

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After being rudely dismissed from the basketball ground by Arnav and Sheetal , Khushi with a broken heart went and joined rest of the Raizada who were busy cheering them without even paying a heed to a hurt Khushi.

Seems like even her jiji was not anymore bothered about her. Khushi sat on the benches outside and looked at them with a forlorn look. It hurt her immensely looking at the behaviour of her husband and family. She noticed how sheetal would purposely come close to Arnav and at one time there was hardly any distance between them but Arnav back off . But that doesn't make her feel any better because it was obvious that sheetal was purposely doing it but seems like her husband and family didn't mind it much.

Wasn't She the one who looked after every needs of her husband and family?

Wasn't She the one to notice if her husband was in pain or distress even if it was some silly issue? Wasn't she the one to soothe him?

Didn't she understand her husbands unsaid words when he lost his voice? Wasn't she the one who understood his every need ?

Then y wasn't he able to understand her pain? Her insecurities? Wasn't she a human being with feelings? Who feels hurt?

Why couldn't her family see her distress when they could see their daughter Anjali's pain? Just because she was their daughter in law and because she was Khushi? Whom anyone can take for granted ?

Why couldn't her Husband understand her inner sufferings , her insecurities? Instead of understanding her he was irritated with her for spoiling their match?

Didn't he notice that she was doing all this to just gain her Husbands love and attention on her?

She understood his all actions for him being a man of few words then why couldn't he for once understand her actions?

Why Arnavji? A lone tear dropped from her eyes which neither her husband noticed nor her family !

And she asked Arnav jus one question in her heart " weren't You Supposed to be My soul mate?" Who understands their better half more then themselves ?

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