We Don't Have A Good Past

“Bonnie” a female voice called out to which she turned around. It appeared to be a woman of noble status; she was wearing an old dress, probably of the 18th century. And a creeepy place Bonnie had never seen. " Run Bonnie, they will be here anytime." The lady added.Suddenly everything darkened and she heard a loud howl, seemed it was like a wolf. And Bonnie woke up.

She got ready and went downstairs.Bonnie never believed easily. She was practical. Nor did she kept thinking about strange things. But todays nightmare was different and it made Bonnie think.

Down her father was on the couch , reading one of his favourites and her paternal grandma, lovingly called as Gramms, was in the kitchen , preparing breakfast. Bonnie had lost her mother when she was young and she was the only child.As she sat down for breakfast, she remembered the dream again.

"Are you okay Bonnie?" Gramms asked.

" I am okay,- wait why did you ask?"

"You haven't spoken a word since morning. I thought somethings bothering you. Is it what we discussed yesterday? About that witch thing?"

"No I am over it. I don't think I am a witch so nothing matters."

After breakfast, when Bonnie was about to leave, Gramms came near and whispered in her ear" Dreams are meant to mean something , you shouldn't neglect them."Saying so she walked away.

Bonnie was speechless. how did Gramms knew about this? without thinking about anything else she walked out.There was someting wrong. A woman she doesn't know comes in her dream and strange things happen and next day Gramms knows she had a dream. But now she shouldn't think of this, because she is Bonnie Bennet, the one who thinks of the only reasonable.

At school , it was again the same morning, and Elena hated it.She wanted some fun, some mystery, something to give her life a reason. Bonnie understood what she was thinking and quickly asked "lets go out tonight! mystic grill?"

"yes, that would be great"

Stefan heard this conversation. He knew he was going to be there. He had to. For Elena.

After class , Caroline , Bonnie and Elena were discussing about their plans for tonight, when Bonnie saw someone's shirt saying 1864. She looked up to see the person's face and saw a glimpse of the lady in her dream. Frightened, she stepped back.

"Are you okay?" Elena asked her.

"Right, what happened?" Caroline added

"I just- nothing.You both continue.I am fine."

She knew she was not .Stefan too knew the same.

1864. The year of miseries.

Home again, Bonnie directly went to Gramms.
" I want to know whats happening. "Bonnie asked furiously.
" You said you don't believe it"
"Ofcourse, no one would . Its 2009. No one believes in such stories."
"Well , its not a story. And if you think it is, I can't share anything with you."
"I- I don't know what I should do."
"See. This is not a story. Your mother, your father, me and even you are witches. Our dreams differ from others. Our dreams are signals to upcoming bad events; we get to know about future because we have the power to face it and our psychic abilities make us different. Something special. Your abilities can help you fight that event if your powers are brought up quickly."
"my powers?"
"yes, I can teach you spells but your powers are nested in you. You can bring them up if you try."
"But what is going to happen from that dream? I remember the lady, the wolf's howl and 1864. I don't get anything."
"I can't tell about the lady, and the wolf is a sign of wolf or some other similar creature, like a predator. And 1864, oh- that is-"Gramms became nervous.
" what happened in 1864?"
" 1864 was the year of misery for the supernaturals. There were witches, vampires werewolves and many other supernaturals. Many died and the other misused their powers. Humans tried to catch and kill them, and they fled the city. some remained back, but in shadows."
"What has it to do now?"
"Maybe, they are back."

At Mystic Grills the girls gathered for their nightout. But Elena looked nervous.
" Here we go again. What happened now?" Caroline teased her.
"No I am fine, its just, my diary is missing. I remember bringing it to school, but then its missing now."
"You should look for it at home again, or maybe at school tomorrow." Bonnie reassured her.
" yes" Elena replied.
"Ok then , I am going up and will be singing. Wish me luck." Caroline said in a cheerful voice. All the three smiled at each other.
"I will be right back". Bonnie told her. Saying so Bonnie left towards the restroom.
Caroline was on stage , singing hit songs of 2000, her voice was a god's gift. Elena grabbed a drink from the table besides her.She just took a sip when a voice called her out. She turned behind. It was Stefan.
" Hi, I wanted to talk to you." Stefan asked, politely . His voice was so soothing." I think it is yours." Stefan handed her her diary.
"Oh yes, it really is. I am so greatful to you." Elena was really happy . The diary was the only thing she trusted." But, where did you get it?"
"Um it was in the school corridor, on the floor." But he knew the truth that he stole it , so that he meet Elena, here.
"I hope you didn't read it." Elena said, teasing Stefan.
"No no I didn't." Stefan smiled." Because I wont want anyone to read mine."
Elena laughed. " thats true. I am Elena , by the way."
" I am Stefan."
"I know we have history together"
" And English and french."
There was an awkward silence.Elena and Stefan kept looking at each other.

Bonnie was on her way back to Elena. While walking,she bumped into someone. It was the lady in the dreams. " RUN" she ordered.
The lady appeared in her dreams, she wasn't to be existed. But how cold she feel the touch?

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