Somethings wrong, with Us

Bonnie started running . She was terrified. She knew she can’t dream with her eyes open. But how did that woman appear ? Over here? Why was she behind her? Lost in thoughts she bumped into someone else. She stopped. It was a man, a tall, athletic man. It was him. Damon.

“Why are running?” He asked in a creepy voice.

Bonnie kept looking at him. He had a different, creepy vibe.“I am okay, thank you.”

" Were you running from the woman I am looking for?”

Bonnie was shocked. A man who she didn’t know, and a woman too ,were related? Who were they? And why Bonnie?Frustated she pushed that man. But Damon didn’t move. He was too strong. Or was Bonnie too weak? Bonnie ran away from there.

Stefan finally broke the awkward silence.” It was nice meeting you, Elena.”

“It was nice meeting you too, Stefan."

They smiled at each other. They both together, with Caroline's voice singing a beautiful song, people dancing around them but still a wonderful silence of love, it was epic. Just epic.

Something drew Elena's attention, it was Bonnie. she looked nervous.

"Are you okay Bonnie?" Elena asked.

"Yes, I am but lets go home now. If you are okay with it." She looked at Stefan.

"Yes lets go. I will go, call Caroline first. You wait here."

Elena went near the stage to call Caroline. Stefan understood what had happened. He understood everything. Damon was here.

Elena and Caroline returned. "What happened Bonnie?" Caroline asked.

"Nothing much. I am not feeling well. I think I need to rest." Bonnie was breathing heavily."Oh wait, my purse? I think I dropped it somewhere in the way-"

"Its okay Bonnie, " Elena cut her off." I will get it. You and Caroline wait here.And Stefan-" She turned behind to see he was not there.Without thinking anything else she headed towards the restrooms to bring back the purse.Caroline and Bonnie left for their car.

Elena had noticed that Bonnie was a little nervous from the morning. She knew something was bothering Bonnie . She also knew that she won't open up.

"Hi" a manly voice called. It was Damon.

"Hi" Elena said.

"You look nervous."

"No I am just in a little hurry."

"Are you sick?"

"No " elena laughed,"I am okay. My friend's not well. Thats all."

"Can you tell me where she lives?"

Elena was a little suprised. But before she could ask anything, Damon compelled her to open up. Words came out of her mouth without any control of herself. She told him Bonnie's address.

"Good" Damon said and left. Elena regained consciuosness but had forgot what had happened . She found Bonnie's purse lying their on the floor. She picked it up and went back.

"It took you long." Caroline said.

"Yes, I don't remember what happened to me suddenly. It was like I had forgotten everything for a second."

Bonnie grew more nervous. Was that woman behind Elena now? She got inside the car quickly and told the other two that they were getting late. Caroline and Elena finally sat inside.

They left Bonnie at her home and got on their way.Her father was not home and Gramms was sleeping. Bonnie sneaked inside her room. She got inside her bed and took a long deep breath. Shewas safe now because she was at her own home. She looked for her mobile in the purse to text Caroline and Elena that she was fine now and they don't need to worry about her. And then she found something else in it.

A necklace. Not hers. Not of anyone she remembers. Or wait. It was the same necklace the creepy lady in her dream was wearing.

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