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Psychopath or Friend?


Do Do Hee - 25 years old, the "sedative" of Jung Hyun Soo Jung Hyun Soo - 22 years old, psychopathic murderer, lady's nephew (ajumma) Eunjoo (ajumma) - 40 years old, the one who makes things worse.

Mystery / Thriller
Narcisa Patrolea
Age Rating:

Cap. 1

DH: - Don't do it! Trust me! Just calm down.

JH: Shut up, shut up, shut up !! I know what I'm doing! Ajumma explained to me why I shouldn't listen to you!

DH: Ajumma is a bad person! Mrs. Eunjoo is to blame for your behavior, but I can fix this, listen to me, please ...

Jung Hyun, the one with his mind troubled by the choices he had to make, stood with his eyes shining and reflecting the black image. Namely the one where he with his hands on the gun, stood in front of Do Do Hee with tears in his eyes and kneeling on the cold asphalt, from a warehouse on a street corner forgotten by the world.

6 months ago ...

Do Do Hee pov:

Again I stayed up late, good that I finally finished packing the utensils used today, I can't wait to get home. Should I stop by Jung Hyun's? But maybe he's resting, but did he take his medicine before going to sleep? But was ajumma at work? I hope he is well, it is not good for him to be alone at home, especially until late. I'll stop by his house tomorrow morning before heading to the hospital.

* after 15 minutes *

When she got home, Do Do went straight to the kitchen to heat the morning food in the microwave (this time, she didn't stop to cook it). While eating, she watches her favorite soap opera, having a slower sound.

Do Do Hee pov:

Enjoying my quiet food, I seem to be distracted by the sound of the garage opening of my dear neighbor Jung Hyun. But he didn't stay home? Or maybe Eunjoo left home ... but he shouldn't leave Jung Hyun alone.

In order not to be suspicious, Do Do went to the kitchen to see the window overlooking Eunjoo's house. As she watched with half-drawn blinds, she noticed Eunjoo and Jung Hyun coming out of the car parked in front of the open garage, bypassing the house and entering from behind. The girl, knowing that he advised her not to leave the house, or to be alone, went out of the house to the woman's nephew.

Do Do Hee pov:

Arriving, I knock insistently on their door, at the same time shouting the names of both of them, one after the other.

Jung Hyun pov:

-Who is? Is it Do Do Hee's voice? Did he see anything? We covered our tracks at the crime scene quite a bit. It will not be difficult for us to tell a few lies. I'm going to open them. Go and put the bag somewhere, but not in sight.

When Eunjoo opened the door, he didn't get to see Do Do Hee in the face, as he entered the house.

- Easy, what happened Do Do Hee?

- Where's Jung Hyun? Where did you come home at this time and why? He still shouldn't go out around the world, this will upset his mind, especially since he is at the beginning of treatment and it is not good for him! Why don't you want to understand that? I want to do it as quickly as possible, but if you continue to do this to him, my work will be in vain! Saying the last words, the young man came down the stairs with a smile on his face.

-You shouldn't scream like that. We just wanted to go to the park to see the kids.

- The kids? Why?

- This morning I saw the school bus full of children and I wanted to see them beyond the glass window.

- If I knew ... I'd take you to the office with me, but are you okay now? She says these words as she goes to the boy to hug him with much love and affection.

-See Do Do, you don't have to worry so much about anything. I think now is the time for Jung Hyun to grab a snack and go to bed.

-Yes you are right. Then I left you, but I will come back tomorrow morning to see what pills he has taken so far and how much. I have to make sure he's not missing anything.

-Okay, then see you tomorrow morning, good night.

-Well, good night to you both.

After Do Do Hee left for the door, Mrs. Eunjoo's smiling, gentle face disappeared with her following reply:

-After you eat, make sure you throw away the pills Do Do Hee gave you. He doesn't need to know that you didn't eat them. And be careful what and to whom you tell tonight, okay? You know it's for your own good and mine.

-Yes, I know, that's what I'll do ...
-Bravo to you, what I taught you was not in vain. You know I'm going to get sick if you don't listen to me and then you'll be left alone.

- But Do Do will be with me
-No, she's trying to cure you because she gets paid for it. She won't care about you after you get well. That's why you have to listen to me.
-Because you don't have to get sick so as not to be left alone.
-Exact. Come on and do what I told you.

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