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Chapter 1

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The story begins in a rather small room, a bit dusty around the comers with one window that was covered in pieces of paper covered in articles with editing marks on them, stuck to the dirty glass with tiny pieces of tape, the room was quite abandoned, sectioned up on the rooftop, which meant not many people went there. On the door marked its name in small italics, which must've once been a beautiful classroom. A small one. But beautiful. 'classroom 2B'.

And inside classroom 2B, a small boy sat typing away swiftly on a rather old blocky laptop with a small square screen, the pretty boy had his lip bit and his nose scrunched as his eyes scanned the letters displayed across the small screen.

His eyes broke away when his phone lit up and pinged.

he sighed and rubbed his eyes that he'd had open for way too long, picking up his phone and blinking a few times to see the message.

Worldwide Ugly🙄🌍😷
hey, come to the office Mr Lingo needs to set you a new assignment.

The boy rolled his eyes and dropped his shoulders, standing up and shoving his laptop in the bag. Before swinging it over his shoulder, turning the lights off and letting the door close with a slam.

He walked down the spiral staircase that led up to the rooftop, and towards the lift that takes him back to the student dorms.

The lift opened at the bottom, he stopped slouching against the side and walked out yet almost bumped into a tall red-headed boy.

"Shoot sorry Tae!" He replied and held his shoulders scooting around him.

Taehyung looked up with big eyes. "Ah- it's okay... Hoseok." He spoke with a confused glance, and an awkward smile.

The boy now known as Hoseok flashed his famous smile at him and waved bye.

"Did- Jung Hoseok just- Did- I- Umm... okay?" Taehyung spoke to himself still confused at to why one of the most popular boys in his school was talking to him, normally they'd look him up and down, turn to a friend, talk about something whilst staring at him, just to make him think they were talking about him. Real snakes.

But then again Jung Hoseok was known for being the sweetheart he thought, setting foot down the dorms out-door hallways and out of the courtyard which was covered in spray painted penis's Yugyeom had drawn.

He left the school gates and made his way to the offices, Taehyung was a writer, he had a strong passion for writing, he'd never been too good at writing stories, however he's amazing at reporting and writing news articles. Mostly just ready-known facts. His imagination isn't exactly the bright spark but he's good at his job.

He entered the building and went upstairs to his bosses office where his cousin would be. Up the lift and to the huge white doors.

He knocked before entering, "Taehyung come in!" Mr. Lingo shouted startling him a little.

He sat down Infront of him, "you have an assignment?" He smiled.

Jin spun his chair around and joined the table.

"Yes I do, but however... on this one I won't be telling you what it is you must write!"

Taehyung glanced confused.
"What do you mean? I'm Terrible at doing this, is there no like news paper report I can write off?"

"Nono, taehyung what I'm saying is, you have to write something unique, you know? It's time to write a story."

"My mind won't stretch that far..."
Taehyung looked down.

"Wait... remember- remember the time you stayed up all night for like a whole week reading wattpad?"

"Yeah, i got seriously sleep deprived. Go on?"

"Well. The story you read that you wouldn't stop going on about-"

"Yeah, where that girl had twenty days to make a gang leader call in love with her, but in the end he got made to shoot her."
He furrowed his eyebrows.

"Well! Instead of doing that, be... unique!"

"Ah, I see where this is going." Mr. Lingo nudged Jins arm.

"So wait- I need to write about some girl who made a mafia fall for her... who then died?"

"No! Think outside the box." Jin spoke.

"Oh! i've got it! instead of writing about how to make a guy fall in love with you... i'll write about how not to make a guy fall in love with you."

"Yes yes, perfect!" Jin clapped.

"I'm not sure if i'll be able to though, i'm not good at writing novels, mostly facts."

"Sooo... why not live it? Live the moment to write the facts."

"I'm sorry what?!" He raised an eyebrow, giving a 'what the actual fuck' face.

"Make a mafia date you and then repel him and write the story on how not to keep a guy or how to make him leave faster than lightning."

"Where on earth and how on earth will i ever be able to make a mafia fall in love with me?!"

"Taehyung..." Jin looked at him.

Taehyung looks at him for a few moments confused at what he was trying to say.

He gasps-
"Jeon Jungkook." The two say.

"Who is this?" Mr lingo cuts in.

"Jeon jungkook goes to our college, he's literally the most well-known guy in the school and is apparently dating another one of the most popular boys there and is highly rumoured to be taking his fathers place as mafia leader next month." Jin gave him a whole fact file.

"And the police havent arrested him yet?"

"No not yet, they say they have no evidence against him, they know it's him but they cant find the evidence to prove so, apparently he never leaves a trace."

"That's perfect! get with him, and then repel him so bad he dumps you within a second! and then write about it!"

"Yes! That's amazing." Jin claps.

"I'm sorry, how the hell will i ever get jeon jungkook to date me in the first place? he's already got a boyfriend."

"There's rumours he's got a boyfriend! we don't know that for sure..."

"Okay okay, but let's be real here even if he was single there would be no chance of me ever being able to date someone like him, i mean he's basically a greek god."

"Goodness you kids cant someone show me this guy already?" Mr lingo huffed.

Jin gets up his Instagram and shows him a photo.

"Jesus look at the jawline on that." Mr Lingo shamelessly checks him out.

Taehyung and Jin laugh in response, taehyung stares at the picture, knowing there's no way he can do this.

"He's perfect! Go make him fall for you!" Mr lingo looked at Tae.

"This is gonna be impossible." He groaned.

"But just remember, it doesn't matter if it doesn't work out becuase this isn't serious. just go in there go out with him and then make him leave you ASAP." Mr lingo patted his back.

"Okay, you're right I can do this."

"You got this."

Happy 2021 ❤️
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