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"YOU, ARE, STRAIGHT!" Taehyung constantly repeated to himself staring into the mirror holding an okay sign on his fingers.

"HAHAHAHA Taehyung! You're literally freaking out about nothingggg, you're sooo straight! Like cmon Boobs And bums are just soo sexy..." He spoke again slowly cringing at the boobs and bum part.

He walked away from his mirror and pushed his head into a pillow, happily suffocating in the scent of his strawberry shampoo.

"Taehyung Baby! Come Down!" His mother called from downstairs, a sense of excitement in her voice... which made Taehyung wonder what plan she has this time.

He sighed and kicked his door open giving up with the straight pep talks. Constantly telling himself he's okay and he is not, NOT gay... even if he knows he is.

"Hey Eomma" He smiled softly walking into the lounge.

"Ah theres my son!" His Dad beamed and kissed his forehead messing up his hair in the process.

"Daaaad!" Taehyung chuckled brushing his fathers hand off his head and attempting to fix his hair, then asked what they needed.

"We have someone joining us for dinner today!" His mother smirked...

"Come on in Soohyun!" She gestured, as a girl walked in... sure she was pretty, probably about 14 too. But Taehyung didn't think anything of it and held his hand out like any kind person would do.

"Hello." He bowed, she blushed which automatically made Taehyungs gay ass cringe.

"Honey, Sooyun is joining our church! Shes so lovley, right?" His mother Winked and nudged his arm.

"Uhm, sure..." Tae muttered.

His mother looked at him awkwardly, before gesturing everyone to the dining table...


The whole dinner soohyun was playing footsie with Taehyung in a flirtatious manner, which just grossed Taehyung out even more yet he pretended he was interested, to hide his secret. Whilst his mother spoke wonders about her, praising her for every little thing she did. Whilst Soohyun also boasted about herself. He was so done with this set up.

Once they'd finished they all helped putting the plates away, and bid their goodbyes to Soohyun... his parents then sat Taehyung down Seriously.

"Taehyung... we want you to court her." His father said confidently.

"You cant be for real, I don't even know her!" Taehyung tried to fight back... but he knew his chances were slim against his stubborn parents.

"Well... why not, she seems a lovely girl. And she's pretty too!" His mother added.

And so, he did... he courted her, he didn't want to at all. But what could he do?! Come out as gay and probably get beaten up, by his religious nutty parents? Hell no.

"F-fine I guess..." He agreed, holding back tears, huffing.

"Perfect! We've already spoken to her, she says shes happy to." His father spoke up, earning yet another sigh from Taehyung.

"Yes Father." He mumbled and walked to his bedroom, feeling weak and nauseous.

Well... I guess im courting a girl I don't even like... plus the fact that Im gay but whatever.


He crouches down by his bed and places his arms on the edge, holding a prayer.

"please, please god... give me back my straight life, I have been given a sin and it's haunting me. Im sorry for what i've done to make this occur. I promise ill be better! P-please... I don't want to be...- gay." he cried the last part as he whispered 'gay'.

he wiped his tears, hiccupping. changed into his pijamas and cuddling himself to sleep.


Hiya! I hope you like this, also im not religious, nor have I ever prayed, let alone ever believed being gay was a sin, so im so sorry if any of this chapter is inaccurate.

-Kylie xx
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