7:55 AM

It was early on Hoku, the sun was just shining through the windows, which weren't even windows just wooden boards that open and close... you'd think this would be out of a Fairytail, the three princes lying peacefully in their slumber...

Well, they were... it just wasn't as elegant...?

Taehyung was sprawled across jins bed in white pyjamas tangled up in the white duvet with his mouth hanging open, Jin was beside him exactly the same, yet his hand was smacked over Taes face.

And of course, Jimin was reading a magazine in the bath nodding his head to music and wiggling his toosh.

Jimin finished up and dried himself changing into his clothes before walking through into the room.

"Wake up gays!" He strutted in rolling up his magazine and smacking them both on the heads.

Taehyung sat up with bed hair.

"Ooh Tae tell us what happened last night!" Jin sprung out of bed.

Taehyung groaned and sat up...

"We had sex." He nodded, and fell back to sleep.

Jin grabbed his head and pulled him back up.

"Did you orgasm?!" Jimin painted his nails.

"I did..."

"Yay! Congrats! Why do you sound... so, bad?" Jin tilted his head.

Taehyung sat up and sighed.

"I was in the goddamn same position as every other fucking time... and I was facing a window... and that jeon Guy happened to be there... and well, god he's just so sexy."

"Oh Tae..."

"Fuck you didnt-"

"Yes okay! His eyes were all over my body, he was shirtless in a chair, he looked so attractive... and so yes, I imagined him doing it to me..."

"I don't blame you, I mean god Tae you waited so long, and for what? Your future husband to keep you in one position and fail to pleasure you?"

"...guys he's suppose to be my soulmate, I can't keep doing this, I feel horrible for thinking of another man, but I just wanted to know how it felt to orgasm just once..." he sighed.

"We understand... maybe bogum isn't for you." Jin patted his back.

"No no he is! Not everything is about sex guys, he's a brilliant fiancé." He frowned.

"...whatever you decide, we're here for you."

Taehyung pulled them into a hug, "thanks guys..."

As soon as they pulled away there was a knock on the door.

"Come in!" Jimin smiled.

Mina walked in and straightened out the bed sheets. "Come on boys, wedding planning starts now!" She skipped out.

The three boys froze.

"Yes... yes... my, wedding. Right, that's right yes... uh."

Jin and Jimin looked at eachother and wheezed.

"Guys it's not funny I'm fucked!"

"Yeah Tae... by the sexiest CEO of Seoul."

He hit them both over the heads, "shush up pabos."

They all got ready and went out.

Yoongi and Jungkook woke up and stood for a second in their crappy house.

"The fuck are we gonna do min?!" He groaned.

"What do you expect me to say? Oh yeah, don't fucking worry about it, I'll get my rubber ducky and paddle my ass out of here?!" He groaned and changed his clothes.

"What do we do today...?"
Jeon sighed.

"We attempt to do business."
He nodded, although not 100% certain this is gonna work.

Jeon nodded too and grabbed his phone following min down to the restaurant.

They sat down and made a few phone calls on the WiFi.

"My business card? It's in my pocket Give me a second I'll go get it." Jeon spoke down the phone, "listen, Paul I have another call on the line, I'll call you back."

He nodded to Yoongi and got up to go back to his tux pocket to claim his business card.

"No, I'm not saying that, take 1.2 Billion out of the joint-account and bail him out, am I fucking clear? Or do I have to make it more obvious, do it or you're fired... have fun telling your pregnant wife you're jobless." He growled down the phone and turned around looking down at the beech.

Taehyung, Jin, Jimin and Mina.

"I'll call you back, give me twenty minutes, if you haven't taken the money out in that time you're gone."

He nodded at them and switched the line to the other. He grabbed his tux from the house and shut the door.

He read out the business card and placed it back in his pocket, switching the line to the other.

Taehyung ran back up since he was heading to his house, he ran into Jungkook.

"Did you clear the rumours?.. did you fucking deal with the paparazzi? No? You're fired."
He hung up.

Taehyung stood and watched...

Jungkook turned around to see the pretty boy.

"Who... who was that?" He pointed at the phone.

"An idiot who can't do his job." He sighed, clearly stressed.

"You're still working?"
He walked a bit closer to the Male who was wearing a shirt, his sleeves rolled up and first three buttons undone, his hair parted a bit exposing his forehead... basically looked sexy as fuck.

"I have to, just because I failed to get to the meeting, doesn't mean I can take a break." He slowly moved closer.

"You look super stressed, and... angry."

Jungkook smirked a little, "why don't you help redeem my stress?" He whispered.

"What?" Tae blushed.

"Nothing..." he smirked.

"Massage?" Taehyung laughed, he knew what jeon meant but wanted to play a bit.

"Massage me naked...?" He raised an eyebrow.

Taehyung raised a finger to his lips, "m'still engaged jeon."

"Oh please, call me daddy."

Taehyung blushed and looked away, flustered.

Jungkooks phone rang again he put it on speaker.

"I got the 1.2 Billion, do I bail him out now?"

"Yes, bail him out and send him to the penthouse." He spoke professionally.

Taehyungs eyes went wider at the prices... but his eyes were fixated on Jungkooks arm muscles.

...he did feel guilty... it's just bogum didn't have muscles, he didn't have abs like jeon... and he may or may not have a small thing for it.

"Okay, okay bye, atleast you're not fired."

Taehyung looked to the boats on the side inwhich jeon and min already checked it they could use it, but the fuel was too low.

"You want to relieve your stress?" He raised an eyebrow.

Jungkook smirked, "and how is that?" He whispered in his ear, his hands slowly Tracing up his sides making Taehyung feel fuzzy.

Taehyung laughed a bit and turned his heads to the boat.

"Take the day off work! Come! I can show you around the island."

Jungkook sighed and turned his phone off... "fine."

Tae giggled and grabbed his hand leading him down to the boats.

"We're just gonna go?"

"Yeah? Why wait!" He giggled.

They got on the boat and Tae drove it into sea parking it just coast of the island, the sun was setting a little.

"You still look stressed." He sighed walking towards Jungkook who had his phone on on the edge of the boat.

"...it's hard not to be in this life."

"Hmm... maybe... we could..." he unbuttoned Jungkooks shirt, making jeon raise an eyebrow at him.

"Jump in." He grabbed his shirt and phone and put it on the side and pushed Jungkook into the water.

Jungkook was in the water and rubbed his eyes. "Tae what the fuck!"

Taehyung took his shirt off and jumped in giggling.

Jungkook laughed at the pretty boy giggling Infront of him with his adorable box smile.

The water was beautiful, it was extremely clear, laced at the bottom with the most stunning coral.

"Now, stop being so stressed and play with me!" He smiled.

Jungkook pushed his dirty thoughts away and pulled him closer, only to flick water at his face.

"Hey you bitch!" Taehyung hit it back.

The two splashed around and laughed.

...it was amazing, they'd never felt so close to someone, they'd never had this much fun.

"Tae it's getting dark." Jungkook laughed.

"It doesn't matter here! Just stop being so tight! Loosen upp." He put his arms over his neck the two of them still floating, the lights of the boat lit up the blue ocean below them.

"Are you drunk on water?"
He snickered, holding him up by the waist.

"M'drunk on somethin." Tae laughed.

"Let's go dry on the boat."
Jungkook spoke, and helped him up the ladder.

They both sat on the front of the boat, watching the sunset drinking light alcohol.

"Why do you still do it if it causes you so much stress?" Taehyung batted his eyelashes lying on his front.

"What do you mean?" Jungkook looked at the sunlight, shining a stream of gold over his perfectly toned skin.

"Your job..."

"Because... it's my fathers legacy."


Both of them seemed to be inching a bit closer by the second, until they were lying on their side looking into the others eyes.

"Thank you for redeeming my stress." Jungkook chuckled placing a hand on Taehyungs hip.

"Thank you for not being stressy, you look angry when you're stressed."

"I'm not that bad." Jungkook laughed.

"You fired so many people." He pouted.

"They deserved it..."

"Mmm sure."

"Don't you find it hot when I'm angry? That's what most say." he smirked.

"Oh do they now?" Taehyung giggled.

"Mmm hmm... what'd you say?" He looked him up and down.

"Not much different to you normally." He smiled teasingly.

Their faces were now closer and their thighs were touching... and Taehyungs soft thigh felt itself dragging in between his legs, leaving them both a tangled mess.

"You think I'm hot normally?" He winked.

"Stoppp!" He whined.

Jungkook pulled him closer and closer... until their lips were fanning over eachothers.

"You're so pretty in the sunset." Jungkook smiled a bunny smile making Taehyungs heart melt... and break at the same time at how much he adored it.

"You're... you're-" Jungkook inched closer... "you're..." closer... "fuck." Taehyung wrapped his arms around his neck and crashed his lips against the other.

It was wrong... it was so wrong, but holy crap Taehyung felt as if fireworks should be exploding, the way Jungkook held him close, teeth grazing his lip, kissing him with such desire... it made him melt on the spot.

They pulled away blushing.

"Just to be clear I did not plan this-"

Jungkook laughed...

"God I'm getting married... I'm a horrible person." He sighed placing his face in his hands.

"No you're not... it's your life." Jungkook whispered, rubbing his jaw slowly making him look up...

Taehyung swore he saw little hearts in his eyes.

"Let's head back yeah?" Jungkook tapped his thigh.

Taehyung nodded and stood up with Jungkook and both of them walked back into the deck.

They drove back whilst talking about their lives and families.

They pulled up and Jungkook pushed Taehyung into his chest. "You're not a bad person, don't think that, hmm?"

Tae nodded and snuggled into his chest a bit more, smelling his strong cologne before he departed.

That was all they did that night... Jungkook went home to bed smiling... and Taehyung went home and screamed at jin and Jimin, telling them everything.
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