It had been about a week since the kiss, the two didn't speak about it. Sure they 'platonically flirted.' But nothing serious happened apart from the typical Jungkook smirks. Plus! Today was the day of his hen party...

And of course... Taehyung was thrilled yes, yes of course he was ecstatic! Well he told himself to be atleast.

Him and Bogum had been okay he still hadn't made him orgasm... but Taehyung reminded himself that, that was okay. And that he must've been his soulmate for a reason. And I mean he was going to wait for marriage anyways... maybe this is just a sign it'll get better after marriage? Like a punishment to himself for failing his commitment?

Anyways, he's gonna have to remind himself. Since tonight is his hen party. They decided to do the parties earlier and then get married within in the next few weeks.

It was 9:40 and Jin, Jimin and Taehyung were getting ready for the party. It was gonna be a small party. But rest assured they are going to get wasted either way.

"TODAY IS THE MOTHERFUCKING DAY YALLLL!" Jimin threw himself around the room squealing about getting drunk tonight.

Taehyungs head was still clustered by everything going on... and by that he means his head was filled of the tiniest things from a man. And that man was not his fiancé. But it meant nothing right?

"I'm gonna tell Jungkook we need to stop talking." Taehyung spoke, staring down, gulping.

Jin and Jimin stopped shimmying and turned to him.
"Why?" They said in unison, both eyes furrowed in confusion.

"Because! I'm getting married! I can't be flirting around with another man..."

"I mean, if you want to. But honestly Tae it seems like Jungkook makes you very happy. I dont think I even saw this side of you giggling and blushing when you started dating Bogum." Jin sighed.

"Yeah but... Bogum is my soulmate. I would be shaming my family if I went against our marks." He frowned a little.

"Taehyung. Do what makes you happy. Don't waste your life, you only get one."

Taehyung nodded and breathed heavily.
"You guys go down to the bar I'll meet you there in a bit."

Jin and Jimin squealed and ran to the alcohol faster than flash making Taehyung giggle softly and leave the house... staring up at Jungkook and yoongis place.

He bit his lip and made his way up to the white door, giving it two harsh knocks.

Jungkook opened it after a while, on a call.

He scanned Taehyung, and hung up the phone.
"I'll call you back."

"Hey." Jungkook smiled.

For a second Taehyungs heart skipped a beat and he bit his lip forcing the words from his mouth.

"I-I should stay away f-from you." He looked down squeezing his eyes shut refusing to look up at him.

Jungkook furrowed his eyebrows, "why?"

"B-because, I'm getting m-married and I don't want distractions and the way I feel for y-you if bad!"

Jungkook nodded hiding his small smirk.

"So I must stay away from you and focus on my fiancé..."

"Okay... I understand." He placed a hand on his arm which made Taehyung bite his lip...

"Yeah..." he nodded looking up at him biting his lip when Jungkook slowly trailed his hand down to his hip, making Taehyung feel weak under his touch.

Taehyung felt himself leaning into his touch but jolted up, eyes going wide.

"I-I bye!" He ran away from the door and down the steps to the bar staring down at the moonlight and the blue waves.

Jungkook couldn't help but snicker a little.

Taehyung stormed into the bar and sat beside his friends immediately grabbing a shot and downing it, red blushed cheeks evident.

"Oooh you been to see your fiancé? What's got you all flustered?" One of his friends spoke.

He gulped, "haha... yeah... more alcohol please!"

Taehyung was now beyond drunk. He found his body heating up. Heating to the loud music. Wanting something to calm him, to tame him.

Up in Jungkook and yoongis place Jungkook was trying to work in his chair ruffling his hair and loosening his tie...

Taehyung looked up at the moon and followed the tracing of moonlight... Jungkooks bedroom.

He bit his lip remembering the touch on his arm, the feeling of his lips, his hands taming a firm spank on his ass which sent everything into perspective... everything. Fuck.

He stopped himself fast, and grabbed more alcohol, pouring the liquid down his throat, but the drink wouldn't flush him away, flush the sinful devil from his thoughts.

He's like a shadow, yet he is subconscious. Jungkook doesn't follow him physically. But boy does he wander in Taehyungs imagination a lot.

Taehyung kept drinking, his eyes drilling holes at the left window, entirely moonstruck.

He hates Jungkook for being in his head.

He hates him.

Hates him.


Jimin!" He shouted through all the dancing bodies.

"What?!" Jimin shouted grinding on the bartender.

"I'm going for a second I'll be back in a bit!" He slurred before leaving the bar and finding himself walking to the hole drawn window he was attracted to.

Hate him

Hate him

Hate him

So much



He barged into his house and tip toed up the stairs.

Hate him...

His feet moved for him as he saw Jungkook sitting back in his chair, sighing.


He stopped behind him... and slowly walked closer.

"Jungkookie." He whispered and slowly ran his hands down his chest from behind, feeling Jungkook lean back into his arms.

"So stressed Jungkookie..." he whispered into his ear, not hesitating to nibble at it, looking forward into a mirror that the two could see eachother in. Making eye contact.


Taehyung spun his chair around and straddled his lap, still feeling tipsy.

He placed a finger on his lips shushing him... although he was silent. Making Jungkook snicker.

"Shhhhhhh! You!" He pointed at his chest.

"You are a bad, bad, person!" He hit his abs.

"I am?" Jungkook held in a laugh and raised his eyebrow.

"Y-yes! You are so... god I'm such a slut..." Tae sighed placing his head in his hand leaning against Jungkooks warmth.

"Tell me why." Jungkook spoke in a hush, Deep voice.

"Because! Want bogum... but in a boring way... when I look at bogum I think, boring! But you... want you different." Tae muttered, Jungkook caught on a little and smirked, sliding his hands around his waist.

"Want me how slut?"

Taehyung let a soft whimper.

"Want you... to, pin me against a door, shove your tongue down my throat and let me gag, let me mewl and cry."
He whispered, closing his eyes in annoyance of waiting.

"want you to spank me, bend me over and fuck me. Hard, because I'm fed up of the softness." He cried in frustration, whispering closer to his ear.

Jungkook clenched his jaw and looked down at the sexually frustrated state.

"I'm... oh my god." Taehyung jolted up from his lap panicked.

Jungkooks dark eyes glared at him.

"I- I didn't mean any of that!" Taehyung groaned.

"Dont." Jungkook, stood up.

"I'm so sorry! I said I'd stay away and I-"

"So don't."

"I can't Jungkook I'm getting married!"

Jungkooks tongue went to his cheek as he looked to the side, Taehyung looked at him... sadness evident in his eyes.

"I... have to go." Taehyung went to walk out... but he felt his hand get grabbed firmly, preventing him.

He turned back and looked at Jungkook who was staring at him, a grip still remained on his hand.

The two stared at eachother for five seconds... before Jungkook went closer swiftly and slammed his lips onto his, grabbing him by the face and pushing him up against the cabinet, letting Taehyungs feet trail backwards as a moan hitched the back of his throat, and his lower back hit the wood.

Taehyungs hands went up to Jungkooks hair as Jungkooks hands trailed up his body viciously calving into the heat and messiness of the kiss.

Their lower regions bumping against eachother making Taehyung break the kiss into a broken moan as he threw his head back, which left Jungkook trailing the kisses down his neck harshly, devouring him as his hands found his rounded butt.

Taehyung clawed at his shirt getting fed up of him not taking it off but finally pulling it apart breaking the buttons, letting his thumbs trail down the hard abs.

Taehyung soon found Jungkooks hands inside of his pants feeling up his ass before pulling them off completely along with his underwear making him press his thighs together in desperation as Jungkook threw it across the room then going back to his lips.

Taehyung tugged at his belt before Jungkook pulled his own pants off put keeping on the underwear, pushing him back up against the cabinet.

Taehyung gasped into the kiss throwing his hands around his neck when Jungkook picked him up against the cabinet spinning him around and pushing him against the wall, leaving Taehyung holding himself up against the light.

Their lips broke and they breathed heavily onto eachothers lips, Taehyung jolting when Jungkook slowly pressed a finger to his hole.

He heard a packet tear and before he knew it Jungkooks finger was coated in lube.

"Are you sure?"

Taehyung nodded desperately, moaning when Jungkooks finger pushed passed his rim, bogum didn't do this. He just went straight in.

Taehyung slowly found himself moving up and down on his finger, rolling his hips as Jungkook kissed his jaw.

The feeling was indescribable... it was good. So. So good.

Jungkook had fully stretched him out and carried him to the bed laying him down softly.

The atmosphere had changed a little, it has gone a bit softer, Jungkook was no longer throwing him around and devouring him. He was staring into his eyes and kissing him softly.

He marked him.

He marked him as his and sucked along his collarbones as he grabbed Taehyungs hands pinning them to the bed, slowly pushing the tip in.

It didn't hurt Tae as much as it did with bogum, it felt pretty much instant pleasure.

Jungkook slowly rocked back and forth letting Taehyungs body push up and down into the pillows moaning.

This went on for a short while, it felt good... until Jungkook tossed his leg over his shoulder, pushed his hips to the bed... pulled out and slammed back in, making Taehyung jolt forward.

Jungkook pounded his hips fast, listening to the skin slapping of the room, the groans from Jungkook and the screams and moans from Taehyung.

The bed squeaked with every thrust and Taehyung was screaming and crying in pleasure throwing his head back into the pillows.

"Whos slut are you?" Jungkook growled into his ear, nuzzling his nose into the scent of his hair.

"Yours! Fuck, there!~ Harder! Oh god!" He rolled his eyes back when Jungkook hit all the points he wanted.

"Gon- cu-cum~" Taehyung choked out with a moan as Jungkooks thrusts just went deeper and harder.

"Cum. For me." He spoke, and kissed his lips through the orgasm, genuinely worried Taehyung would wake up the whole island by screaming and crying his name.

Taehyung shot cum against Jungkook and his chest moaning in delight when he felt Jungkooks cum drip down his thighs making him feel full.

Jungkook slowly kissed his cheeks, pulling out and grabbing his underwear for him.

"You... dont have to leave... right?" Jungkook bit his lip.

"I'm staying with you..."

Jungkook smiled softly and passed him his shirt putting his own boxers on letting Taehyung sleep in just a shirt.

Jungkook got into the bed beside him and the two snuggled close.

Taehyungs heart pounded against his chest. Surely his soulmate should make him feel this way... right?

He kissed Jungkooks arm softly and dozed off.

One thing he knew for sure... sex with Mr.Jeon was a trillion times better than Gummybear.

And fuck he wanted more.
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