"Mr.Jeon?" A little stubby man walked through the glass doors of the millionaires office.

Mr.Jeon nodded in response and continued typing on his computer.

"You'll need to take the helicopter to China, since the airport station is delayed."

"Why is it delayed? Where's my jet?"

"Yes, well your fiancé is using the jet for now for her trip to Singapore."

"Mhm... okay then I'll take the helicopter... hows her trip by the way?" He sipped his coffee, scanning the documents before him.

"I'm not sure Sir, we haven't heard from her since last Wednesday." The man pushed his glasses up his nose and held the files close.

"Alright I'll call her, out." He shooed, the little man waddled out and shut his door, calming his breathing afterwards, settling his shaking hands.

Mr.Jeon saved the work and shut off his computer, he got up and held his briefcase, throwing his cotton coat over his broad shoulders, putting his sunglasses on and walking out, fixing his tie.

Ignoring the whispers from the workers, no one dares to talk to him.

He went to reception since he got a ring from the receptionist before hand.

"Mr.Jeon you have a new assistant who will be tagging along with you on your journey, and unfortunately the last helicopter was taken out last night, meaning you will have to take a boat, across hoku island."

Jungkook sighed, "right, send the new assistant to the boat, I'll be signing out for the evening."

"Yes sir." She blushed at his smouldering stare.

Jungkook raised an eyebrow and turned around to the doors, nodding at his bodyguard to follow.

He excited the skyscraper and stood by his bodyguard as the paparazzi covered the area, they were stranded around the limousine with strobe flashing lights in his face.

"Mr. jeon where will you be going on your journey?"

No response.

"Mr.Jeon do you know exactly where your fiancé is?"

No response.

"Mr.Jeon will you be staying at Hoku island?"

"No I will not, do I seem like the type of person to stay there?" He turned before stepping into his limousine taking off his sunglasses and getting out his phone as the driver got in the front, his bodyguard going beside the driver.

The car departed from Jeon enterprise and drove down the city roads of Seoul at night, three more security cars surrounding the main.

"Where to Mr.Jeon?"

"A temporary hotel for the night, I'll be heading off tomorrow."

The driver nodded and drove to the penthouse suits which overlooked the city lights.

Jungkook took out his cell and typed the number of his fiancé.

He wasn't allowed to save numbers to his phone incase of someone stealing it and getting into all his personal contacts.

The phone rang three times before a lady picked up.

"Baby where are you?" Jungkook whispered down the phone soothingly.


"...I didn't ask what you were doing? I'm asking where you are? Where are you staying?"


"Because I'm your fiancé and I deserve to know."

"I'm staying in the Hilton, south of Portuguese... why are you coming?!"

"No, of course not, I'm heading to China tomorrow for a business meeting, I'll be gone three to four working days."

"Oh good okay bye hon."

"Bye babygirl."

The phone hanged up and jungkook sighed putting his phone back into his pocket.

"Were here sir."

Jungkook looked through the tinted dark windows at the flashing lights of the paparazzi.

They're like fruit flies, they're everywhere yet not needed and very irritating when crossing paths.

He waited for his driver and body guard to open the doors and form some sort of path through the irritating flies.

The driver opened the door and held his briefcase and sunglasses for him, Mr.Jeon carried them and walked through the crowds into the hotel suite whilst his manager from the other cars spoke to the receptionist.

He walked into his penthouse suite and threw his coat down, his bodyguards and management were in the lower rooms.

He walked to the wooden brown stand and poured himself a small glass of scotch, taking a seat in the black neat leather armchair viewing the city at night, he unbottoned three buttons of his shirt exposing a bit of his tattooed abs and leant back.

He swirled the liquid around the glass and necked the rest before getting up and going to bed.

Tomorrow will be a very long day.

He woke up the next moring and sat at his table with the security, manager and publicist, reading through the news papers ignoring their chitchat.

"Jeon, your new assistant will be meeting you by the boat."

"Which boat will this be exactly? I don't take what you call... uh, public?" He threw his news papers down sipping his coffee.

"We've hired a personal yacht to attend you."

"That'll do, and this assistant?"

"Goes by the name Min, supposedly also loaded, he isn't going to be your assistant, he will be assisting you since your real assistant won't be making it, his wife is giving birth."

"Hmm, whats he coming with me for then?"

"He is also attending the meeting in China, hes a very high classed business man, vice chair of Min co-operations."

"Ah right, heard of him, this?" He pointed at a photo of a male, blonde hair black suit with sunglasses walking off of a jet surrounded by security.

"Yes, yes that's him." His manager smiled, yet faded at Jungkooks poker face.

Jungkook put down the papers and got up buttoning his suit.

"Let's be going then." He fixed his hair in the mirror whilst his body guard followed along.

A few days earlier on hoku island.

"Thank you for the flowers bogummie." Taehyung smiled, pecking his lover on the cheek.

"Of course baby." Bogum pulled out Taehyungs chair as he sat down.

"Your mother insists we marry soon... what'd you say?" Bogum smiled.

"I say yes!" Taehyung giggled.

"Okay then, we will be married soon my love." He held his hand across the table.


"Yeah?" He spoke whilst scanning the menu.

"When... when will you have sex with me...?"

"You want me to?" Bogum looked up. "I thought you wanted to wait till marriage?"

"Well, were getting married soon! And I've never exactly... tried it." He pouted lightly.

"Okay then, tonight." He winked, calling the waiter over who was their close friend.

The two had finished their dinner on the island and went home

"We're do you want to try it?"

"...the beds okay?" Taehyung giggled nervously.

Bogum smiled and took his shirt off. "Don't be scared baby, I'll make you feel good. Take your clothes off I'll be here in a second with lube and condoms."

"Kay..." Taehyung slipped his clothes off and layed on the bed.

"Okay go on all fours." Bogum smirked seeing his body and rubbed at his ass.

Taehyung got on all fours, blushing when bogum touched him.

A few moments later...

"Mmm fuck Tae, so good for me." He thrusted deep...

Taehyung who was on all fours with a slight cringed face, he wasn't moaning, he wasn't in pleasure, he wasn't in pain... he was just plain bored.

"I'm gonna cum babyboy." Bogum spanked his ass.

Taehyung sighed a bit and bit his lip...

"Mmm me too!" He faked.

"Come for me."

One of them came trembling whilst the other copied off the other male... with no semen.

Bogum pulled out and took off the condom throwing it in the bin.

"I'll go clean..." Taehyung fake smiled and closed the bathroom door.

He looked in the mirror and frowned, "so this... is sex-? what the heck is the big deal?!"

He changed into a white t-shirt and walked back out to find bogum asleep.

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