This is for people who aren't aware of the mamma Mia landscape, this will be the hoku island scenery.

I know I don't normally use picture preferences, however I just need to show you, look how beautiful it issss 🌝

It's in Greece, and most places like this tend to be in close communities.

There's only two places I love in the world, there in Greece, and huge cities, so this is a combo haha.

"Evening, Mr jeon." The smaller blonde haired male shook his hand.

The business man was stood in a dashing suit, black shades and body guards, waiting for Jeons arrival.

"Evening, lets be going, yes?" Jeon shook his hand and lead them onto the yacht.

The two millionaires walked up the white step trailing and into the deck, before sitting on the white front holding a glass of champagne delivered by the slutty woman who didn't hesitate to push her cleavage in their face.

"So, Jeon where have you been? You missed the last few meetings in NYC."

"Been with a woman."



"I've been in Singapore for the last four days."

"What the fuck were you doing in Singapore? There's no meetings?"

"Also been with a woman. Had to leave though, she said her fiancé or something was acting suspicious... sucks man, didn't mind her either."


"Seulgi something? I don't know..."

Jungkooks eyes went dark...

"What?" Yoongi stepped back a bit, cautious.

"That's- that's my fiancé."

"Fuck... look man." He held his hands out in defense.
"I'm sorry, I had no idea she had a fiancé until she told me, and as soon as she did I picked up and left."

Jungkook clenched his jaw a bit, sighing... "it's fine, I had my suspicions on her anyways, but we're going drinking as soon as we get there. Clear?"

Yoongi chuckled, "yes sir."

Jungkook smirked and nodded going back to the front.

"Mr Jeon, Mr Min-!"

"Mmm hmm?" They muttered whilst being on their phones.

"The boat is running out of fuel, we're gonna have to stop on an island."

"The fuck?" Mr Min looked up confused. "And how long will this take exactly?"

"We aren't exactly... sure yet, since the fuel is yacht powered we haven't got enough from this country as of now, all the airport flights are delayed due to army training and helicopters are being repainted."

"We have to be at a meeting in China's headquarters in thirty-five minutes." Mr jeon growled.

"I-I'm v-very sorry sir, it's just... there's simply nothing we can do, we will have to leave you and Mr Min with the body guards whilst the ship crew attempt to drive the ship back to safe keeping, if it goes under it may explode, yet it's unlikely."

"Can't you take us back on the ship?"

"It's too much of a risk having you both on there, it's more important for your safety."

The two sighed, "right, which island?"

"Hoku island."

"Isn't that place like, abandoned?"

"No, they just don't have paparazzi and stuff, they are more calm."

"...what?" They both questioned raising an eyebrow.

"You'll see now..." the ship came to a stop.

The five body guards stood and got off the ship waiting for them on the other side.

The two nodded at the captains and set foot off the yacht.

"And how long will this be?"
Min sighed checking his watch.

The captain quickly closed the gate and ran back up to the ship, "could take two to three weeks?" He shouted back.


"Bye!" He scurried off inferior.

"Speak to my lawyers!" Mr jeon furrowed his eyebrows.

The two men were stood on the beech of hoku island with five body guards and a yacht in the distance, nothing but phones.

They fixed their ties and cleared their throat placing their glasses back on the bridge of their noses.

"Johnson, go up and find attendance will you?" Mr Min spoke to his body guard who nodded in response and went up the cliff steps to find some sort of person to help.

The clouds were beautiful hues of pinks and yellows, the sunset shining across the water made it almost hard for them to see even with shades.

"hello!" A lady walked down the steps smiling happily.

She had long blonde hair, looked about in her late 50s, she wore a long blue robe dress with sandals.

The two raised an eyebrow at her appearance but yet shrugged it off... she was literally their only hope.

"Hello, we are Mr Jeon and Mr Min from Jeon enterprise and Min cooperation." They smiled and shook her hand.

"...right, umm Anyways! It's getting dark come, come, I'll take you and show you our island! My names Mina, I'm the mother of the island!" She laughed and waved them to follow her.

Mr Min looked at Mr Jeon... "she doesn't have a clue who we are does she?"

"No, the old lady probably plays swing music with her birds." Mr jeon ran a hand through his hair and fixed his suit collar, eyeing up the island.

Min snickered and the two followed after her.

They'd walked pretty much everywhere around the island, it wasn't a wide radius so it wasn't very hard, they had a karaoke area where they would all join on a Saturday night and dance around together, a lovely restaurant in which her local cousins cooked in, she explained how her late grandfather bought the island but later passed and gave it down to her, it was now dark at night time, yet the island illuminated blues and whites, on each wall was a white light which reflected off of the water creating blue streams of glory across the island.

The island wasn't very cold either, it was extremely hot, the two men were overheating big time in tuxedos, that was all they wore twenty four seven, luckily the body guards held two bags with extra clothes the captain threw at them.

"Where would you like me to leave you? There's plenty of houses which aren't used so just feel free to find your place." She smiled.

"Ah thank you, could you take us to the bar?"

"The karaoke night?"

"...sure." Jeon side smirked at min knowing their about to get wasted.

It had been two or three days since we'd last heard of Taehyung.

...Taehyung was currently screaming in the mirror with Jimin and Seokjin who were laughing their dicks off.


Jimin chocked out slapping his knee, "you- your fiancé-" he wheezed, "can't- pleasure you."

"Well... maybeeee."

Jimin stopped looking at the floor, and looked up, his eyes meeting Taehyungs.

"Absolutely fucking not, we're both bottoms and I be that gay bitch for Min Yoongi, did you see him on the news today." He squealed.

"Jimin, min Yoongi is a business man who works in the city of Seoul, he's practically so far up the business he could be on Mount Everest to you... you won't get dicked down by him... PLEASE I NEED DICK." He cried again.

"I could!"

"The only reason you're in love with him is because you saw him walking out of a jet and his shirt blew up a bit on a newspaper." Jin snickered.

"Ugh whatever, i will one day."

"Whatever you sayyy... ugh I just want a really sexy man, who can pin me down and fuck me until I have no ass left you know?" Taehyung scoffed applying a small coat of chapstick to his plump lips.

"Well... if bogum is so bad in bed you should just try it with another guy for a night." Jin spoke, who was currently sat on the toilet reading a magazine.

"I couldn't... he's just so amazing, I'd feel bad."

"He is so not... he literally spanks my ass 24/7." Jimin snickered.

"Whatever let's just go get a drink, can I get drunk please?" Taehyung frowned, Jin finished and cleaned his hands... this was the type of thing they didn't mind doing, Taehyung was sat on the counter crying about his fiancé not making him cum, Jimin was in an empty bathtub filing his nails and Jin was having a shit whilst reading a magazine gossiping with the others, they were the islands favourite boys though, everyone can admit.

"Taehyung you know what happens when you get drunk." He opened the front door closing it behind them.

"I won't jump on the tables and strip this time! It was my birthday I couldn't help it I drank too too much..." he pouted.

"No tae." He laughed. "Do you know what aunt Mina would do if she saw you drinking?"

"I'm 23 years olddd." He whined.

"Oh yes, and of course, whining about it is the way
To prove that." Jin rolled his eyes sarcastically as the three walked down the steps at night and down to the bar.

"Why don't you ever hook up with anyone?" Tae tilted his head at the two.

"Because I am faithful to min Yoongi, I promise one day I will be his wifey."

"Sure." Taehyung giggled.

"I just want min Yoongi on a chair leant back with no shirt on, please give- holy shit-"

The three boys turned the door open and froze, Min Yoongi was sat, infact shirtless with another male beside him, supposedly Jeon Jungkook another business man Jimin simped for in the newspaper.

The two men were sat at the bar laughing, they hadn't drank anything yet, they were too shattered so they decided instead to just sit and get drunk on laughter...

Min Yoongi had his shirt unbottoned since it was so fucking hot on that island, jeon jungkook has the first four buttons undone and his sleeves rolled up, their tux jackets thrown on the counter.

Taehyung gasped... "and I just want a million dollars-" he held his hand out.

The males turned to them and Jungkook snickered.

"Guess not everything works." He went to close his hand but a small piece of paper landed in it instead.

He looked confused and unraveled it... it was a check... for one million dollars-?

Jungkook was leant back in a chair swirling a pen around his slender fingers smirking.

"Did that give you what you want?"

"What-? Wait? Huh?" Taehyung blinked rapidly.

"How the fuck did you throw that perfectly in my hand and how the fuck do you have a million dollars you look like eighteen." He raised an eyebrow.

"Twenty two, Jeon Jungkook CEO of Jeon Enterprise... nice to meet you." He smirked and held a hand out, in which the other returned looking at the cocky... yet seriously sexy male.

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