Contains sexual vkook content.

"Uh... Taehyung, just Taehyung... Kim, Kim taehyung..." he shook his hand having to stop himself from drooling at the veins across his arms.

"Well hello Kim taehyung, nice to meet you." He winked, and went back to Min.

"Wait- I don't want this take it back." He pushed the check towards him.

"I don't need it take it." Jungkook turned back to him.

"Are you- are you crazy?" He gasped.

Jungkook sighed and moved closer to him, his voice dropping a few octaves, which just made him even sexier, he went closer to his ear being raised the typical playboy, "i have much more where that came from sweetheart, keep it." He turned back around smirking only to get smacked on the back of the head.

"The fuck-"

Taehyung gripped his collar, "listen, I don't need your fucking money, okay? And don't sweetheart me I have a fiancé." He pushed the check into his lap, trying not to shy out when he felt the others dick.

Jungkook smirked at this and took the money passing it to the waiter not even looking at the response.

The waiter held it and dropped his next order in shock.

"Have fun with your fiancé." He winked.

Taehyung shook his head in disbelief, and to think he found him sexy... I mean, maybe he's attractive in many, many ways... maybe his muscles are another story... but he's a dick.

Jimin was too busy starring with an open mouth at Yoongi, who was kinda enjoying it, he found it amusing.

He sighed and turned around grabbing a straw and shoving it in his mouth, not too deep just to bring him back to life.

Jimin held the straw and put it in his pocket, saving it.

"Did you just-" Yoongi snickered.

Jimin blushed crazy and put his head down timidly.

"What's your name then?" Min raised an eyebrow.

"JIn Jin Jin he's talking to me..." he side glanced Jin who was staring at the waiter with cute dimples.

"Jin!" He whisper shouted, but it came out as more of a squeak.

"You do know I can hear you right?" Mr min snickered.

"...s-sorry your highness." He bowed.

"Can't tell if you're being sassy or if you genuinely mean that." He chuckled.

"S-sorry sir..."

"Sir? Huh?" He smirked.

Jimins eyes went wider and he felt the heat in his cheeks again.

Jin snapped back to reality and grabbed Taehyungs hand who was ranting at the one male "I will have fun with him thank you very much!" He growled, and grabbed Jimins hand who looked like he was about to cry of shyness before dragging the two back to their home.

"Mr jeon is such an ignorant dick... I think he's about 8-9 inches..." he measured with his fingers, sitting on the bed whilst Jin sat and gave Jimin breathing exercises who was having a complete panic attack.

"He asked for my name..." he shrieked curling into a ball.

Jin held the bridge of his nose being so done with his best friends.

"I mEaN whAt arE tHe odDs!!" Jimin held his hand to his forehead dramatically, still crying and shrieking.

"Right fuckers." Jin grabbed Jimins arm and dragged him up to the bed beside taehyung. He flicked both of their foreheads who furrowed their eyebrows and put their middle finger up at him in response.

"Firstly, you stop measuring Jeons dick." He pointed at Tae. "And you stop having a mental breakdown... now shut up bitches and listen to me... BECAUSE IM IN LOVE." He cried dramatically like his friends did ten seconds ago, dragging himself across the bed.

"You're... what-?"

"The bartender, he's so aaaahhhhh! His cheekies I want to squishie and his dimples I want to shove my fingers in!! And oh my god his dick IM TELLING YOU IT MUST BE HUGE." He squealed.

"You want to shove your fingers in his dimples? Won't that shit hurt?" Jimin snickered.

"...possibly... will it stop me...? Hahah no-?" Jin scoffed as if the answer was obvious.

"We all just fell in love." Jimin giggled.

"No I didn't, I hate that guy, arrogant prick." Taehyung sighed.

"Taehyung... do I have to remind you that you just measured with your fingers how big you think he is...?" Jimin snickered.

"That doesn't mean I have fucking feelings for him! HOLY SHIT IM GETTING MARRIED!" He blinked rapidly bringing himself back to reality.

"Honey no, you need someone who drives you crazy, not just bogum and his boring sex." Jin scoffed.

"Is it me? Do I have a sex problem? Bogums suppose to be my soulmate, our marks are the same." He pouted.

"No I'm sure its not your fault... tell me, what does he do during sex?"

"Well I've tried it twice now... and both times he just does doggy style, that's it, he doesn't touch me, all he does is tell me I'm doing well... when actually I'm just kinda sat there." He laughed.

"You should try it again tonight, see if he changes positions or something."

"Okay I'll try it now... ugh wish me and my ass luck please." He scoffed and stood up going to bogums place.

He walked in and went up to bogums room, bogum sat on the bed reading a book.

"Hey." Tae smiled sitting on the edge of his bed.

"Hey sweetheart." Bogum smiled, going back to reading his book.

...yet when he said sweetheart it didn't feel as sexy as when the other male did it, the other just held a sexy aura with him, he was daddy material which is probably why he's modelling on every page of the magazines...

Taehyung crawled closer to bogum and went to his ear.

"Fuck me gummie..." he whispered, he'd never called bogum nicknames during sex, he's never felt the need to in all fairness, he feels it should just slip out in pleasure, yet he was never in enough pleasure to find out...

"Take your clothes off, I'll be back." Bogum got up.

Jungkook and Yoongi were walking around the residence now, trying to find a place, they walked into an old dusty house and turned the lights on.

"This do?" Min looked in disgust, plopping his tux jacket on the couch

"I cannot stay here..." jeon growled kicking at a piece of wood on the ground.

"No choice, the body guards are in another house, you take upstairs I'll take downstairs." Min layed down on the dusty bed.

"Right then, night." Jeon walked up the steps.

"Night." Min turned over and went to fall asleep.


"SHUT UP BASTARD IM SLEEPING." Min shouted back, sighing in happiness when he heard no response.

Jeon sighed, he looked around the place, there was no windows but that was for the best, it was so hot in this damn place.

He took his shirt off and threw it on the ground somewhere.

He walked around the room and found the bed, but as he walked past the window, he saw directly opposite into another house...

And there was kim Taehyung in doggy style, his ass in the air with another male slamming into him, he looked bored? His face was facing the window Jungkook was in, his eyes were closed, as if he was gonna fall asleep.

Jeon snickered at the others boredom, but couldn't help but get hard at the view of his ass above him, his beautiful locks falling over his face on the bed.

Taehyungs eyes opened a little going immediately wider when he saw Jungkook shirtless across from him, smirking in his direction, his eyes shooting daggers of lust, fully darkened.

He was folding his tux shirt, but ended up tightening it a bit more as if he was tightening a whip.

Taehyung bit his lip a little, breathing heavier, Jungkook licked his lips when he saw Taehyung starting to feel more heat.

Jeon sat on the chair leaning back, his abs reflecting off of the moonlight.

His eyes fucked Taehyung seductively, inwhich Taehyung started finally moaning for real, he liked feeling under someone's control, and Jungkook staring at him made him feel naughty.

His eyes traveled from his hips to his waist, licking his lips when they lingered over his ass... imagining how rough he could wreck that body, leaving an angelic mess below him.

Bogums eyes were shut and he was too eloped in pleasure to see the sexy CEO who was eyeing up his fiancé in the window shirtless.

Taehyung however was now a moaning mess throwing his head back sweat dripping from his beautiful forehead.

Being eyefucked by Jungkook was better than actually getting fucked by his fiancé.

"Mmmmm gonna cum...!" He moaned... it should be for bogum, yet the way he said it... it was directed to Jungkook.

"Aaah cum." Bogum moaned.

Taehyung didn't cum though... he looked at Jungkook.

Jungkook smirked and mouthed, "come for me baby."

He came with a name rolling form the tip of his tongue.

"Ah Jeo-" he cut himself off and threw a hand over his mouth, his eyes still rolling back.

Bogum pulled out and went to the toilet to clean.

Jungkook got up and smirked, he winked at Taehyung one more time and left the window.

Taehyung sat on the bed panting heavily still staring at the empty window.

Lololololol he finally said a nickname 😏
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