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Jeon Jungkook Oneshots


This is a compilation of various Oneshots that I wrote. This is the first time I'm posting something on Inkitt so please don't judge me. Also english is not my first language so if there are any mistakes, I'd like to apologise in advance.

Fantasy / Erotica
Gauri Chadha
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Ice Cube

Jungkook's POV

Sitting in the car, waiting to reach home to see my girlfriend for three years now, Kim Y/N.

While thinking about her, I realised that we haven't had sex for quite some time now.

While thinking about it, a naughty idea popped into my mind.

'Kim Y/N, get ready baby. It's going to be a long night.' I smirked while thinking.

~15 minutes later~

I was in the kitchen when suddenly I heard the front door open and shut. Knowing who it is, I didn't bother to check.

Suddenly two muscular arms snaked around my waist and I felt a pair of lips on my right cheek.

"Hey honey" said a sweet voice in my ear.

I turned around only to be met by my boyfriend, Jungkook's adorable brown doe eyes.

"Hey, how was your day?" I replied with a smile while my arms made their way around his neck.

"Good, but I missed you a lot." He replied sweetly.

"Hmm. Now go and change your clothes. I'll get the dinner ready." I said.

He gently pecked my lips before heading upstairs to our shared bedroom.

~Time Skip~
~After dinner~
~In the bedroom~


I just finished my night routine and got out of the bathroom.

I was wearing some shorts and a loose t-shirt.

I sat on the bed but I could feel someone's piercing gaze on me. I looked over at the bedroom door and saw my boyfriend looking at me with an intense gaze.

He started walking towards me without breaking the eye contact. He had his right hand behind his back like he was hiding something from me.

As he reached at my side of bed, he placed a bowl full of ice cubes on the nightstand.

I looked at him confused. What was he thinking and why did he bring ice cubes?

He suddenly bent down at the level of my face. Our faces were just a few inches apart. His hot breath fanning over my lips.

Slowly, I was getting an idea of what he was up to.

Suddenly, he leaned in and crashed his lips on mine. I kissed him back.

He made me lie down on the bed without breaking the kiss and hovered over me.

The kiss was slow and passionate. His soft lips caressed mine.

His tongue licked my lower lip asking for entrance and I gladly granted it. His tongue entered my mouth and met mine.

We were getting breathless second by second and Jungkook pulled back.

His hands made their way to the hem of my t-shirt, indicating his urge to take it off.

I arched my back to help him take it off. His hand started sliding upwards from my lower back till his finger reached the hook of my bra. He unclasped it and took it off of me.

He then suddenly stood up and walked towards our closet. He took out a red velvet box in which all the sex toys are kept. He told me about it when we had sex for the first time, that was two and a half years ago. But he never used anything with me. This was going to be an all new experience for me. I was excited to see what he was going to do to me.

He came back with handcuffs and a blindfold.

"Will you be okay if I use them?" He asked while gesturing towards the handcuffs and blindfold. I nodded my head as an answer.

He hovered over me once again and took both of my wrists gently and handcuffed them to the headboard of the bed. Then he blindfolded me.

I could not see anything but judging by some sounds that were being made, I could tell Jungkook was taking his clothes off.

Suddenly, two fingers hooked onto my shorts and took them off, leaving me in my underwear. Slowly, my underwear was taken off too.

I gasped as the cold air made contact with my wet entrance.

"Already so wet while I haven't even done anything yet" Jungkook teased while whispering in my ear and two fingers made contact with my entrance. I moaned at the sensation that erupted in my body.

Jungkook's POV

Looking at her naked body, handcuffed and blindfolded, was making me hard second by second. I wanted to be inside of her there and then but I had to execute my idea first.

I took one ice cube from the nightstand and put it in my mouth. My mouth hovered over hers. I trapped the ice cube between my teeth and grazed it over her lips.


I could feel his breath fanning over my face. Suddenly, I felt something cold against my lips. I gasped at the feeling. I then understood what the ice cubes were for.

He gently put the ice cube in my mouth and kissed me. His tongue gently pushed the ice into my mouth. A soft moan escaped me.

Then he again took the ice cube in his mouth and pulled back. I whined at the loss of contact.

He started grazing my jaw with the ice cube and made his way down to my neck. I started moaning as he found my sweet spot.

He then started going a bit more down towards my chest. My breathing was getting heavier as he was going downwards.

He then reached my breasts as his hands made their way downwards from my waist to my thighs.

He slowly grazed the ice cube over my left nipple. I moaned loudly as my nipples hardened. Then his tongue licked my nipple.

The hotness of his tongue and the coldness of ice together were making my head feel dizzy.

Then he again started going downwards, grazing over my waist, my ribs, my stomach and then he reached my belly button. He placed the ice cube in the hollow of my belly button. I moaned at the feeling.

Then I felt another ice cube grazing over the skin of my lower abdomen.

He then parted my legs. I felt him sit up for a second and then I felt him take one of my legs and place it over his shoulder.

He started grazing the inner part of my leg, from my ankle to my calf and he slowly started moving upwards.

He reached my inner thigh and my womanhood was aching for his touch.

As he was nearing my sensitive area, my moans were getting louder and louder.

And then, it happened.

The ice cube grazed my entrance and moved upwards towards the bud.

"Ah Jungkook" I moaned his name loudly at the feeling. My hands aching to touch his hair but the handcuffs stopping me from doing so. Loud moans and whimpers left my mouth.

I arched my back as his tongue also made contact with my entrance.

He started licking my clit while the ice cube was still increasing the sensations.

Then he sucked at my bud and I became a moaning mess.

I could feel a familiar knot forming in the pit of my stomach, wanting to be released.

"I'm going to cum" I told him.

He continued working on my entrance while I was getting closer to my climax.

The cold feeling of ice cube, his hot tongue licking my folds, his mouth sucking my bud, his breath fanning over my wetness, everything was too much to take at a single time.

My moans turned to whimpers, my back arched constantly and then a sudden rush of blood ran through my veins.

A loud moan escaped my mouth and my back arched again. I came all over Jungkook's mouth.

He licked every single drop of the liquid while I flinched a little at his touch due to sensitivity.

He then moved upwards, trailing butterfly kisses all over my stomach then my chest, my neck, my jaw, my cheek. Then he kissed my lips while caressing my body with his hands.

Jungkook's POV

I was really hard by now and my body started aching for an orgasm.

I took my member in my hand and grazed the tip over her entrance.

A soft moan escaped me while Y/N gasped.

I entered her with ease because of the orgasm she had earlier. It made the frictions even better. We both moaned at the same time.

I started moving in and out of her slowly. I groaned loudly at the feeling of her walls wrapped around my member and her soft moans and whimpers were turning me on even more.

"Ah Jungkook f-faster" Y/N said in between her moans.

I obeyed her command and started moving faster. Her moans were getting louder as my speed increased.

"Ahh JUNGKOOK" she screamed my name loudly after I thrusted a bit harder and hit a specific spot. I knew it was her g-spot.

I started to thrust really hard and deep inside of her, constantly hitting her g-spot. The more I hit the spot, the tighter her walls clenched and louder she screamed.

I was getting closer to my climax and I knew she was close too.

My face in the crook of her neck, moans and groans leaving both of our mouths, sounds of skin slapping echoed throughout the room, the headboard of the bed constantly clashed with the wall.

"I'm cumming" Y/N said.

"Me too" I replied.

After a few more hard thrusts, I felt her release. She moaned my back loudly.

After a few more thrusts, I felt myself cumming too. I pulled out just in time and came on her stomach.

My body collapsed on hers, tired from all the work I've done. We both panted heavily.

After regaining my breath, I realised that Y/N was still handcuffed and blindfolded.

I freed her wrists from the handcuffs and took off her blindfold.

Her tired eyes met mine. She gave me a lazy smile.

I lovingly kissed her lips once again. After I pulled back a little bit, I whispered against her lips with a small smile, "I love you."

"I love you too" she replied with a small smile.

After a while, I grabbed some tissues and cleaned her as well myself.

Then we both lied down under the warmth of the blanket, holding each other close and drifted off to sleep.

~the end~

Hello readers. This is your author, Gauri. This is the first time I've written something and posted it so if there are any mistakes, I'd like to say sorry. If you didn't like what I wrote or have any question or suggestion for me, feel free to share it. If I get some reads on this one and there are a few positive responses, then I'll continue posting more. Otherwise I won't post anything anymore or I'll wait till I have something good to post. So yeah, If you read this one, please tell me whether you like it or not.

Love, G.❤️
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