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[🌺] Flower boy

(in which the jeon twins take an interest in the beautiful flower boy taehyung [soft and fluff])

it was a normal day in the flower shop for taehyung. standing behind the counter, putting a polite smile on his face. which wasn't so difficult for him because he loved his job, working between pretty flowers making people smile.

the whole town loved the sweet, innocent boy too, knowing him as the pretty flower boy. the boy was extremely gorgeous, attracting many customers to enter the small but beautiful shop.

he had soft features and an sinful body, making him the centre of attention.

he stared at his surrounding with those wide innocent eyes, being completely oblivious to the gawking customers.

"hello, welcome to asthetics". he politely greeted the two new customers with his signature smile.

but after taking in their handsome appearance he started getting nervous, feeling self conscious in front of them.

they looked like typical bad boys, wearing leather jackets and ripped jeans, golden chains hanging from their neck.

their hair slicked on the side, wearing an attractive undercut. they were identical twins, not a speck of a difference between them except the boy on the left had a mark on his right cheek and hair colour difference.

they had smoking muscles, biceps flexing under their fitted leather jacket.

while for the jeon twins, jungkook and jeongguk they had never seen someone as beautiful as taehyung, and believe you me they had fucked many long-legged girls.

he appeared smaller then them and maybe younger as well, looking somewhere near nineteen.

he possessed flawless golden skin, not a single pimple or blemish on his gorgeous face. his pretty brunette hair falling in soft curls, concealing his beautiful doe eyes.

his enticing curves turning them on to no end. and they could go on and on about his long legs, which looked so soft and smooth.

they made their way towards taehyung, faces etched into similar smirks. taehyung tugged the short material of the soft pink dress he was wearing seeing the two boys staring at him intensely.

"h-hello, how may i help you?". he muttered feeling extremely shy under their piercing gazes.

"well princess we want a bouquet of white roses. can you get that for me, hmm?". the ravenette's voice was baritone and dominant making taehyung turn scarlet.

"ofcourse". he mentally patted himself for not stuttering and rushed to the back of the store to fulfil his demand.

meanwhile the other two clutched their chests, where their heart was beating wilding, questioning if it was normal.

it didn't long for the brunette to return with the desired flowers, handing them to jungkook with slightly trembling hands.

"don't be so nervous princess we don't bite". jungkook smirked at taehyung's trembly state, feeling proud to be the cause of that.

"m-my names not p-princess it's t-taehyung". he tried to tell him off sternly but failed against those dominating eyes.

"well then princess i'm jungkook and this is jeongguk". the boy with the raven hair exclaimed pointing to the boy on his left with brunette hair.

"it was nice meeting you but it'll be 7,290 won for the flowers". taehyung wanted to talk further with the twins but sadly he had work to do.

the disappointment he felt reflected in his voice unknowingly making the twins hearts feel funny that maybe the stunning beauty wanted to spend time with them.

"babyboy would you like to go on a date with both of us?". jeongguk finally asked not wanting the beauty to slip out of their hands as he paid the desired amount.

"b-both of you?". the twins had a pact to share whatever they had and that a included taehyung and the fact they both started liking the flower boy and none of them wanted to let go.

they nodded simultaneously making taehyung feel giddy as he had built a crush on both of them.

a pink hue dusted his round and chubby cheeks as he nodded his shyly. the jeons grinned at eachother and before exchanging numbers and then disappearing through the glass door.
a few days had passed since the taehyung went on the first date with jungkook and jeongguk which had been a huge success.

picking taehyung from his house like gentlemen and greeting his mother, who was ecstatic that his son was finally going on a date and that too with two hot boys.

the three of them enjoyed it wholeheartedly, asking the beautiful boy on another date.

right now they were standing in front of taehyung's door waiting for him to open. and when he did open their mouths fell open in shock of how strikingly cute he looked.

he was wearing a oversized pastel hoodie along with a pair of faded blue mini shorts. a black sling dangling down his left side. his beautiful hair permed, gently falling in his eyes.

"y-you look amazing babyboy". jeongguk exclaimed loving the way his soft cheeks warmed up at the compliment.

"thankyou'. taehyung giggled shyly feeling like his heat might jump out of his chest. jeongguk pulled taehyung in his arms and pressed a kiss on his button nose.

before he could move to his plush lips jungkook pulled the shy boy in his own arms and clipped a lily in his fluffy hair and bumped both of their noses together.

"you look lovely princess". he muttered, nosing his jaw addicted to the fragrance of strawberries wafting of him.

taehyung's face twisted into the most beautiful smile feeling content that both of them actually liked him and that he was not just a fling. and it was true, both the bad boys hadn't fucked anyone since they met tae.

"alright alright we are gonna get late". jeongguk intervened the sweet moment, annoyed that he wasn't the one that made his babyboy smile.

taehyung noticed that so he hopped towards him like a cute little bunny and pecked his cheek sweetly. "you make me happy too ggukie". he muttered, plump lips still pressed against the latter's cheek.

he then skipped happily towards the twins fiery red mercedes-guardian—which was parked not far away— a pretty blush on his cheeks getting shy from his own actions.

the brunette's surprised expression morphed into a smirk as he gave the frowning ravenette a cocky look. before jeongguk could get a black eye taehyung called them over making them glare at eachother one last time.

the car ride was classic jeons flirting with taehyung making the innocent boy flush red every time they complimented him.

the location of their date was a surprise so the petite male started clapping his hands in excitement when they stopped in front of the town fare.

he had always loved the fare since he was a toddler, especially with all the rides and food stalls.

"you like the fare princess?". jungkook smiled, feeling content with his choice of location when the small brunette showed him his boxy smile and nodded his head frantically.

they got out of the car, jeongguk getting taehyung's door like a gentleman. they chuckled when taehyung launched forward headfirst leaving them behind.

they soon caught up with giggling male, softly scolding him for running off from them like that.

after a few hours they had tried every ride, going to every food stall trying some of everything. both the twins trying to show there own way of affection.

jeongguk bought taehyung his favourite cotton candy while jungkook won a tiger plushie for him. and they got to know eachother a lot better.

taehyung found out that the twins lived alone with their older brother namjoon since their parents died in a car crash a few years ago.

while taehyung lived with his mother only since his father abandoned them when he was three. they didn't go further into the topic as the boy was still touchy when it came to his father.

the night held something that jeongguk certainly didn't anticipate.

while opening the paper bag for taehyung's cotton candy since he could see the boy struggling, he sliced his finger with the sharp edge effectively giving himself a paper cut.

"ggukie did you get a papercut?". the boy had asked as ogled at the blood oozing from the tip of his index finger. concern was clear in his voice he took hold the stinging digit.

all the blood rushed straight downstairs when when he took it in his warm cavern and started sucking and licking on it.

fortunately he didn't get a boner due to his amazing self control and saved himself from the embarrassment.

needless to say the night was very fun and romantic and right now they were on the merry go round since the the adorable boy whined they go there.

and they didn't regret it one bit, the setting sun looked absolutely exquisite with pink and purple hues disappearing into the void and the small tufts of clouds looking like cotton candy.

both the jeons stared at taehyung as he looked at the view deeming it the most gorgeous sight as the sun reflected on the beauty making him appear like an angel.

they wanted to make taehyung their's and the urge of touching him was getting stronger, driving them to the edge.

they admit they just met him but they can't help but falling for him, for them he's not just a fling they can use and then dispose off.

they experienced feelings with him in those two days they never had before. he gave them a rush of euphoria and the feeling of home.

"taehyung". they both called out simultaneously and he looked up, surprised for they had called him by his name for the first time.

he tugged a loose strand of hair behind his ear as blinked up at them. his teeth sunk in his bottom lip when he caught their darkened gazes.

he was sitting parallel to jungkook and both of them unknowingly started leaning forward. jeongguk watched as his twin captured the nervous boy's plush lips in a soft kiss.

the kiss was extremely gentle as they both moved their lips in sync. sparks coursed through their bodies as jungkook pulled taehyung closer, so he was seated on his lap.

he glided his fingertips up and down taehyung's slim waist, following the curves with his long fingers making the brunette shiver at the cold touch.

the kiss was innocent until jungkook shoved his tongue in taehyung warm mouth, feeling very inch with the warm muscle.

taehyung tasted sweet like strawberries, making him yearn for more.

he swallowed every sweet whimper and moan that escaped his baby's addictive lips. sweat rolled down his forehead as he sucked on the latter's tongue, intertwining the strong muscle with his own.

taehyung broke the heated kiss from the lack of air, huffing and panting.

but he couldn't rest very long when suddenly he found himself on jeongguk's lap. he got a whiff of his cologne when he found his lips on the latter's.

he gladly gave entrance when jeongguk nibbled on his bottom lips. he moaned when the latter flicked his tongue, completely dominating the kiss.

he tilted his head for better access as he continued to moan and whimper shakily. he moved away to breath and he immediately missed jeongguk's lips on his own.

his chest rose and fell rhythmically as a bead of sweat dripped down his face, rolling along the pulsating vein on his neck.

he sighed in content when jeongguk slipped one of his hand in his hoodie and started kneading his soft, pudgy tummy.

"taehyung, i-i wanted to tell you something". it was probably the first time jeongguk ever felt nervous or stuttered, usually he was always very confident but something about the small male made him breathless.

his breath hitched when taehyung peered up at him with those wide puppy eyes and tiled his head cutely.

"yes ggukie?". he pouted his swollen lips when he received no answer. he was going to whine when jeongguk suddenly started talking or more like rambling.

"taehyung you make me feel things i have never felt before, you made me truly happy in these past two days and i wanna spend all my time with you. i feel a gravitational pull towards you whenever you're near. it's too early to say i love you but it won't be too difficult if you're the one i'm falling in love with.

a-all i wanna ask is that if you'll be my b-boyfriend?".

tears sparkled in taehyung's eyes at hearing the raw emotion in jeongguk's speech, his cheeks burned scarlet as he nodded in head, answering his question.

jungkook smiled before pulling taehyung to himself. his lips formed in a fake pout.

"aww man gguk stole my speech, but i won't let him steel you so easily. princess i like you, a lot and i'm pretty sure i'll be deep down in love if you continue to remain in my life.

and i know my dumbass twin likes you too, so will you make us the happiest men in the world and be our boyfriend".

he ended his speech with a cheeky smile making taehyung giggle cutely as he softly cupped jungkook's face to press a shaky kiss on his lips.

"does this answer you question?". he muttered before moving back.

they all smiled at eachother, imagining their future ahead as they basked in eachother's love.

that's how two bad boys met the pretty flower boy.
First oneshot, vote and comment it you like it:))
Word count: 2264
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