what will happen when the alpha prince, jeon jeongguk falls in love with the wrong royal and on top that a boy!!??? and things get spicy when he gets himself a fierce rival!! top jeongguk bottom taehyung side ships: namjin yoonseok (credits to the original owner of the cover art)

Romance / Erotica
Age Rating:


hey lovelies,
publishing another book, a prince au since i know a lot of you like it. becomes kinda tragic towards the middle but obviously ends happily, i hate sad endings:(

it contains yoonseok cause many people are already doing yoonmin. jimin ends up alone in this one.

its fictional meaning it contains all kinds of magical things like omegaverse, vampires and witches.

things you need to look forward to:
1. gguktae
2. top gguk
3. omega and innocent tae
4. rebel and arrogant jk
5. innocent but sassy tae
6. fluff
7. angst
8. forbidden love
9. tragic
10. taegi
11. vmin
12. boyxboy
13. mature scenes
14. mpreg
15. age gap (5 years)
can't handle any of the above topics the exit door is wide open for

introduction to the characters:

kim taehyung
(he has blonde hair with a bronze undertone, remember that one spring day performance where tae started crying, he was wearing full white clothing and grey lenses, that look)
~ 19 y/o
~ prince of the pack and kingdom silver rose (but not in line for the throne)
~ rare male omega

jeon jeongguk
(black long hair, with an undercut)
~ 24 y/o
~ prince of the pack and kingdom blood moon
~ true blood alpha

park jimin
~ 22 y/o
~ prince of the northern lands
~ vampire

jung hoseok
~ 21 y/o
~ prince of the southern part of the pacific ocean
~ siren

kim seokjin
~ 25 y/o
~ prince of pack and kingdom silver rose
~ alpha

kim namjoon
~ 24 y/o
~ jeongguk's personal guard and advisor
~ alpha

min yoongi
~ 23 y/o
~ taehyung's cousin and protector
~ alpha

kim jennie
~ 20 y/o
~ princess of the kim clan
~ witch

hope you'll stay with me till the end🙂🙂 vote and comment your opinions, i would absolutely love reading your comments.

i purple y'all sooooo much💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
take all my love

taetaebottoms #topkookreligion
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