Stalker [Harry styles]



"So you not coming with us tonight"Emalee says.

"Emalee you know I'm tired and I don't want to go out tonight.

"Just let her stay home you know if we force her to go to this party she'll just be sitting there bored"Aria says while walking out of the kitchen.

"Exactly so I could just stay home and relax"I say while crossing my arms.

"Whatever then. Aria and I will be leaving in about 2 hours so at 7"Emalee says while walking to her room downstairs.

"What are you going to be doing here alone anyways"Aria asks.

"Eat and watch tv maybe sleep to cause work has me dead."

"Hm okay well I better get ready so see you later"she says and leaves me alone in the living room.

Meanwhile I go upstairs to my room to clean the mess of clothes I have everywhere since I have time to do that today. I never realized how much clothes I had until now. This might take awhile.

Going to each pile of clothes I pull out most of my crop tops and hoodies that need to get washed. The other pile consists of jeans, sweats, leggings, and shorts. I don't remember when was the last time I was able to do my laundry and I never did it because I never needed anything since I have a lot of everything.

I sort the piles and take them back downstairs to the washing machine so they could get cleaned. Once I do that I wipe down my desk and anything that has a counter top in my room. After an hour of cleaning my room and washing clothes and putting it away I plop down on my bed and take a nap.


I wake up by the sound of someone knocking on my
door very loudly. I get up and open the door to see Aria was the one knocking.

"Girl can't you hear be banging on your door"she says.

"I was taking a nap and you know I'm a heavy sleeper so I can't hear the first few times."

"Okay well me and Emalee are leaving already so we'll see you in a bit. Call us if you need anything okay?"she says.

"Why do you guys baby me as if I'm a child I'm literally older than you guys.

"You act like a baby. Anyways we gotta get going see you later"she saying as she makes her way down the stairs.

I don't know why they baby me. I'm 23 and their both 22 I'm older by a year, but I guess that's how friends are. We been living together for about a year and a half after we finished school. Both of their rooms are down stairs mine and the guest bathroom are the only ones upstairs as well as a bathroom for the top floor.

I go into the kitchen to make myself a snack since I am getting hungry. I pull out all of the ingredients to make a sandwich and begin to make it. I get a small bag of potato chips to go with it as well as a Gatorade. I plop down on the couch and turn in Netflix to watch while I eat.

By the time I'm done it's 8:30 pm and I'm getting quite bored. I got back to my room and pull out a book to read for awhile. That while turned into hours. I finished the whole book in about 3 hours. It wasn't a big book but it was a decent size. It was now 11:45 pm and the girls are still out. They'll probably get here super late like they always do.

I get up and go to the restroom to wash my face and brush my teeth. I then change into a pair of sleeping shorts and a tank top cause I get hot a night. Plus it is summer so it's hot either way.

As I was about to go back to my room I hear laughing and stumbling.

"Why are you guys laughing"I say as I walk downstairs. When I reach the bed I see both my friends and what seems to be 5 random guys. They probably met at the party but I didn't think they would invite them over, especially at this time.

"Uh what going on"I say with a confused tone in my voice.

"They are Harry,Zayn,Louis,Niall,and Liam. Guys this is Paris our best friend."Emalee says.

"Hi. Well I'm going to go to bed now so see you in the morning"I say buy Emalee yanks on my arm and pulls me to the couch.

"No your starting here and having a few drinks with us. Aria brink the vodka and shot glasses!"she shouts.

"I'm not drinking tonight I don't want to be hangover tomorrow and I have things to do tomorrow too"I say as I try to get up from the couch.

"At least just stay here"Aria says.

I take a second to think about it. If I try to leave they be complaining but maybe I could just sit here.

"Fine but only for a little while"I say.

After 20 minutes of sitting here listening to them talk I get up to get a wattle bottle from the fridge. As I shut the fridge door I see a fall body standing in front of me. It was Harry I believe.

"Oh sorry let me get out of the way"I say as I try to walk around him but I feel him grab my hand and I stop in my tracks. I turn back to look at him and he's just looking into my eyes as if I were hiding something.

"You've been quiet the whole time"he says with his deep voice. "How come?"

"I-well I don't have anything to talk about so I just stay quiet"I say as my eyes study him. He's still looking at me but this time as if he's known me his whole life.

"Paris was it?"I nod my head in response. "Hm that's a pretty name. Makes sense since you are a pretty girl"he says and I immediately blush.

"Thank you"I look down since I've held eye contact with him long enough.

"I should probably get back over there"I say.

"Me too."


They guys ended up leaving at almost 2 last night. Once they left I went straight to bed and didn't wake up till now. I got ready and left because I have to go do some things. I left without telling the girls plus their out of it. They kept on drinking with them. I can't wait till they both say they have a hangover.

I go to target to pick up some house essentials like laundry soap, toilet paper and so on. I go into almost each aisle of the store just to see if I find anything I like. I ended up grabbing new mascara since I was almost out and a lip stick. I head to the self checkout and scan all the item I got. My total turned out to be $125 because I did buy a few random things. I get the bags and head to my car.

I stop by the nearest smoothie place to get something fresh cause it was hot.

"What can I get for you today"the young guy behind the counter asks.

"Can I get a pomegranate and strawberry smoothie please and that'll be it."

"That'll be $5.50"he says.

I pull out my car and swipe it.

"Here's your recipe and give us about 5 minutes"the guy tells me.

I go and take a seat and go on my phone for the time to pass faster. I check my emails and texts.

"One pomegranate and strawberry smoothie!"someone shouts.

"Here you go have a nice rest of your day"the girl who has me the smoothie says. "You to"I reply.

As I walk out the door I crash into a body. I look up to see it's Harry.
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