Stalker [Harry styles]



"Harry?"I say in a shocked tone.

"Well nice to see you again Paris"

"Oh um sorry hi Harry. I didn't expect to run into you"I saw while taking a sip from my smoothie.

"Same here. I just came to get something I was just about to go with the lads."

"Oh I'm probably holding you up. I should..."I get cut off my Harry.

"Don't be silly it's fine honestly besides I'm glad I saw you again. You know sober this time"he says with a smile at the end.

"It was nice seeing you too. I should get going though." As I'm about to walk off he speaks again.

"Could I maybe get your number?"he asks while holding out his phone.

"Um sure"I put my number into his contacts and send myself a text so I could have his.

"Thanks. See you around or maybe I'll just text you later"he says with a wink and walks off.

Well that was awkward at least for me. I wonder why he left I though he said he was going to get something from the smoothie shop. I probably misheard.

I go back to the house and set everything I got from the store down onto the counter. I noticed no one was home which was strange I thought they would have a huge hangover.

"Is anyone home?"I shout double checking if their here or not. When I got no response that was it telling me their aren’t home. I take the things out of the bag and take them into the hallway closet near the bathroom.


"We’re home"I hear someone shout and I automatically know it was Emalee.

I go down into the living room to find both Emalee and Aria.

"Where did you guys go. I thought you guys would have a big ass hangover and not go out"I say with a laugh at the end.

"See we’re some tough bitches that we didn’t get a hangover"Aria says and I chuckle.

"Anyways what did you do today. When we woke up you weren’t here?"Emalee asks.

"I went to target to get some things we needed.I also went to get a smoothie cause it was hot out. And guess who I ran into like literally ran into"I say and they both look at me weird.

"Who?"theu bith say at the same time.


"You ran into Harry? Where?"Aria says with a big smile.

"The smoothie shop. I was walking out and I ran into someone. When I saw who it was it was him. We talked for a few minutes and I he asked for my number."

I look at both of them and their eyes go wide.

"What and did you give it to him"Aria says in excitement.

I take a second to tell them.

"I did."

"Time to celebrate Paris might get a man. Thank us for it. Cause if we didn’t invite him you would have never met him"Aria says and I roll my eyes.

"Who says I like him. All I did was give him my number but I never said I’ll answer his texts"I say back with a smirk.

"Whatever you say I give it a month for you guys to date m"Emalee and walks away.


We all finished eating dinner and made our way to our room. I may in bed all wrapped up with my blanket scrolling through Instagram until I get a text.
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