After Dusk [h.s]

chapter one

Delilah narrating:
His name was Harry. Harry Styles to be exact.
He was the love of my life. My everything. But as they say; "If it fails it wasn't love." But in a way, I don't believe that. But, before we get into the last part of this story, let's start at the beginning.
It began 4 years ago. I was 19, as he was 22. I worked for a music producing company, I usually just volunteered until someone got fired or quit. Recently, we had started producing a new famous singers songs. Harry Edward Styles. Every young teen (or adults) crush. As you know, he started out in a boy band called "One Direction". The worlds biggest boy band in history. I personally love them! The music was a free card to get into my feelings or some shit like that. But anyways enough of me ranting, here's my love story. Enjoy x,and good luck! (You're gonna need it ;) )
Day 1;

"Delilah!" I heard my mum scream from downstairs as I was peacefully sleeping dreaming of cute boys haha.

"Delilah Dove Demartino! Get your butt down stairs this instant. I have breakfast ready!" She yelled again. Did I mention I was not a morning person?— I sat of from my bed a put my pink, Victoria Secret slippers on. They were a bit to small, but mum thought they were "the perfect" size.
"I'm coming!" I shouted back down.

before i decided to head downstairs, i grabbed a black hair tie from my night table beside my bed and put my hair in a sloppy bun.

Down Stairs;
"Good morning sweetie. how was your sleep?" mum asked as i sat down at the table waiting for her to give me a plate.

"would've been much better if i didn't wake up to you screaming for me to wake up at 9:30 in the morning." i replied rolling my eyes in disgust.

"well sorry if i didn't want you late for your first day of volunteering at the studio today!" she said laying down my plate of waffles and eggs over-easy.

"shit i totally forgot about that. what time do i have to go?" i asked. i wasn't lying, i did actually forget, i thought i started on a Friday, not Thursday.

"you have to leave at 11:00. so, i suggest you eat quickly and get ready. it already almost 10:00." mum said. i'm never usually on my toes, unlike my sister Arabella. she's a huge morning person, and is always so organized.
i enter my bedroom with slight hesitation, worried that i'll screw up today. i hurried and got ready. i put on a white cropped T and some old mom jeans with some brown sandals. i went to my bathroom and washed my face, & brushed my teeth. i grabbed my black hairbrush and started brushing my blonde locks. i got my curling iron and plugged it in— when it was hot enough i started to curl my hair. after i finished my whole head i brushed it out to make some waves instead of having big curls.

"Delilah! it 10:50! you need to go now." my mum screamed again. i didn't reply, i just grabbed my lanyard that held my keys, money, and cards and went down to my car.

"bye mum, and Bella." i said before walking out the door.

"bye sweetie. have a great first day!" my mum replied waving at me, along with my sister.

luckily, the work was close to my house and i was just on time. the people greeted me with a smile. a women named Lucy pointed me towards the room i was supposed to go in.

"and here is your room ms. Demartino." she said with a smile. i was so nervous to walk in.

"thank you." i replied, turning the handle to the tall wooden door.

"ah! you must be Delilah. nice to meet you. i'm mr. Alvin Sanders, aka your boss." he said standing up from his chair along with five other boys. and damn, they were hot... i mean except for Alvin but that's a whole other story.

i got so nervous i didn't know what to say. i mean, i had 6 guys staring at me smiling. and yeah it was One Direction! the biggest boy band! i mean, what do i say to five of the hottest guys? anyways. i pretended i had no idea who or what One Direction was (even tho i literally have 6 posters in my room).

"h-hi..." i replied rubbing my left arm nervously.

"if you don't know already, these boys are in a band called "One Direction".
"the one with the black hair with a blonde streak is Zayn Malik." Alvin said bobbing is head to the direction of Zayn.

i smiled softly looking at Zayn. more so focused on his soft cushiony lips and dark brown eyes. he's def gorgeous af!

"the blonde one to the right of Zayn is Niall Horan." he pointed towards him.

i smiled softly again. Niall fucking Horan! standing right in front of me. unbelievable.

"then beside Niall is Liam Payne." liam automatically waved.

"Welcome Delilah! we're all so excited to work with you." liam said instantly with a smile.

"thank you..." i replied nervously.

"beside liam is Louis Tomlinson."

louis waved. he walked up to me and shook my hand.

"soft hands. welcome to the club, luv." lou said to me.

i mean... i'm glad he thinks i have soft hands haha.

"and now last but certainly not least; Harry Styles." Alvin said.

harry wasn't paying attention at all. when he heard is name he looked up with a wooden toothpick in his mouth. he had black ripped jeans on with a cuffed white T-shirt that showed his amazing tattoos traveling up and down his arms.

"someone say my name?" he asked. damn. his voice was so sexy, so raspy, so fucking deep.

i was turned on immediately from if.

"god damn it styles- yes. introduce yourself to delilah!" alvin says out of frustration.

"oh. hey i'm Harry." harry says. he seems bored and not as sweet as the boys. he then turns his had back to the ground picking at his nails.

"hey..." i replied. did he not like me? did i wear or say something to offend him?

"ok well— thank you boys for introducing yourselves. Delilah, follow me into my office and we'll discuss some things." Alvin said.

"okay." i replied as Alvin was practically pushing me out the door away from the boys.

"what's Harry's problem?" i said. Harry never has acted like that on tv so maybe he was having a bad day i thought.

"harry is always like that. don't take it personally." alvin replied.

"really? he seems so different on tv and at concerts."i said disappointed. why was he like that? was he just an asshole?

"think about it babes. if you were making money meeting people, singing, and just being on tv in general. you would change your whole perspective and then away from everyone the real you comes out." alvin says making my list.

"oh.." i replied. maybe i thought, if i got on his good side and he could see i'm actually cool he'd be nice to me.

"ok so just a warning. Harry is the most needy one of the boys. he likes to demand a lot, so practically you'll just be the assistant to the boys, and a producer." Alvin said handing me my list.

"demanding?" i said. wtf? i'm not assisting some annoying demanding asshole. no way.

"yep. the rest of the boys have manners, except for Harry. just a heads up." alvin says.

"ugh. do i have to assist harry?" i said sighing.

"yep. it's the rules." Alvin replied, putting his hand
on my shoulder.

fuck. this is what i have to live with for the next couple of years? well... here goes nothing. cheers?
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