An Imperial Affliction


For my daughter, Anna. From The Dutch Tulip Man.

Drama / Mystery
Peter Van Houten
5.0 1 review
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Chapter 1

My Mother's glass eye turned inward, her face in utter focus as she scanned the tulips, checking for any misplacements of the orange colored flowers. I was watching her through the window as I laid on the couch thinking about death. Feeling a headache come on, I close my eyes and turn my head away from the window. The sun is blinding and little speckled spots are still on my eyelids when I close them. They soon fade away. The Dutch tulip man, named Peter, Comes in. He looks the couch and sees me laying there. I pretend to be asleep so that he'll just leave me alone. I close my eyes and try to goes limp as I can. Even with the IV attached my arm I try to roll over on a comfortable position but he sees me. "hey Anna how's it going? Are the meds working? do you need more?" We both know the answer to this question. No and yes. The meds are obviously not working, and I need more, but I don't want anymore. I mumble in a sleepy tone, "Go away" he pretends to look hurt by that comment, but I know he's not. And I know he's not rich like he says he is. In my opinion, I think he's a con-man. I feel a wave of nausea and tell him to get my mom. She's the only one that knows how to insert meds into my GTUBE. She comes in and gives me some meds which I forgot the name of. The force of all the meds makes me feel sleepy, so I don't even fight it. I sink into a deep sleep.
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