Natasha's Secret: Time for Fun


The Battle of New York is finished finally and Tony has asked if they can get shawarma but Clint has another idea and since Natasha is the only female she has to go with it.

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Before the Shawarma

This is my second story in the Natasha’s Secret series hope you enjoy. By the way I do realise the age gaps between these characters at the end I will list what the characters ages in this movie would have been.

Characters-Natasha Romanoff, Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, Clint Barton, Bruce Banner, Pepper Potts

Time Period- Avengers Assemble (The Avengers)

Base- The Battle of New York is finished finally and Tony has asked if they can get shawarma but Clint has another idea and since Natasha is the only female she has to go with it.

Warning- Contains sexual activities, group sex and mild language.


The Avengers had beaten the Chitauri and Loki had been taken back to Asgard. Tony wanted to go get shawarma and majority of the group agreed. Majority guess who didn’t.

Clint: I have a better idea. Boys come here Natasha stay away.

Natasha: Sexist Bastard

Clint: Nat stop with this sexist bullshit

Natasha: But it is you are all male or male presenting I am the only woman on this team 1 out of 6 is female and now you are all going to have a little talk and I’m not invited to listen to it because I’m a woman

Steve: Nat please let us just talk

Natasha: No. Not until you give me a reason why a girl shouldn’t have to listen to that conversation

Tony: Agent Romanoff what is your favourite thing?

Natasha: Why?

Tony: Just tell me

Natasha: I don’t know uhh alcohol?

Tony: Ok if you let us talk I will buy you as much alcohol as you want

Natasha: Not enough

Clint: Anyway Nat you are younger than us all so you technically should listen to us

Natasha: I’m not a child anymore Clint

Tony: Nat please

Natasha: Fine but I expect to see that alcohol in under a week

Tony: Ok

Clint whispered an idea to the team members while Natasha sat in a corner shooting her guns at a broken car.

Steve: Romanoff could you stop that please

Natasha: Ugh. Tell me. I can be very persuasive if you don’t

Steve: When we get back to the tower

Natasha: I thought we were going to get shawarma

Hulk(Bruce Banner): Natasha listen and go back to tower

Natasha: Steve give me a boost

Natasha jumped on to Steve’s shield and onto the back of the Quinjet leaving the others to walk back.


Natasha had gotten back to the tower

Natasha: Jarvis

J.A.R.V.I.S: Yes Miss Romanoff

Natasha: Can you open all windows please and turn off the opaqueness please?

J.A.R.V.I.S: Yes Miss Romanoff

Natasha: Thanks

Nat went into her room and fell backwards on her bed

Natasha: It’s times like these I wish my body needed sleep ugh

J.A.R.V.I.S: Miss Romanoff there is an incoming call from Agent Maria Hill

Natasha: Thanks Jarvis. Hey Hill

Maria on the phone: Agent Romanoff

Natasha: What’s up?

Maria on the phone: Nothing are the others there

Natasha: Nope why?

Maria on the phone: Director Fury wanted me to congratulate you on succeeding to stop Loki and ruin half the city in the same day

Natasha rolled her eyes and Maria laughed.

Maria on the phone: I’m kidding

Natasha: Thank god you are. Is that all?

Maria on the phone: I think so bye Romanoff

Natasha: Bye Hill

J.A.R.V.I.S: Call ended. Would you like anything else Miss Romanoff?

Natasha: Please tell me when the others get here

J.A.R.V.I.S: Of course Miss Romanoff

Nat went and took a shower. Her suit wasn’t the most comfortable thing ever but she liked the feeling of that tight leathery fabric around her ass.

Natasha: Jarvis

J.A.R.V.I.S: Yes Miss Romanoff

Natasha: Are they here yet?

J.A.R.V.I.S: No Miss Romanoff

Natasha was now out of the shower she got dressed into some red underwear she had that happened to be lingerie, some shorts and a shirt.

J.A.R.V.I.S: They are here now Miss Romanoff

Natasha: Thank you Jarvis

Natasha walked into the lounge area where they all were


Natasha: About time you all showed up

The groups jaws dropped to see Natasha in a very low cut t-shirt and very short shorts.

Clint: Natasha. When did you get here?

Natasha: About half an hour ago had to get out of that suit though it’s not the most comfortable especially when you can’t wear any underwear underneath

Steve: You can’t wear underwear with your suit?

Natasha: No I thought all the suits were like that.

Natasha turned around and all the other Avengers eyes went straight to look at her ass.

Natasha: You boys alright

Bruce: Yeah about that idea that Clint had earlier

Natasha: I am not having sex with all of you

Tony: How did you know?

Natasha: I was well I am a Russian spy I hear everything

Clint: Please Nat

Natasha: Do I have to?

Tony: Natasha

Natasha: Fine I guess I need a little stress relief as well

Tony: Jarvis close make the windows opaque and close them also lock all doors leading to outside.

Jarvis: That is complete Mr Stark

Tony: Thank you

Natasha: Well then uhh

Steve: Where are we going?

Clint: Nat’s room

Natasha: Why?

Tony: Didn’t you want hard wood floors for this reason?

Natasha: Well yeah


They were all in Natasha’s room and were watching as she removed her clothing slowly to reveal a red set of lingerie underneath one word came to all their minds. Hot. She sexily walked over to Clint as he was the one with the idea. She pulled down his pants so that he was naked on the bottom half. Natasha laughed.

Clint: What?

Natasha: You are so small

Clint: Rude!

Natasha continued by putting her red lips around the top of his cock and began to lick it.

Clint: Oh fuck that’s good

Natasha made her way to the bottom of Clint’s dick sucking it all in and within around 5 minutes she already had his cum in her mouth.

Natasha: Hey what was that for

While speaking the cum dripped from her mouth onto her tits.

Clint: I’m sorry you are just so good at it

Natasha: My tits are covered in cum already and it dripped onto my bra

Natasha removed the cum soaked bra and two massive globes popped out of the bra.

Natasha: There we are. Your turn next Rogers

Nat smirked making everyone a little scared of the young girl

Steve: Uh ok

Natasha went and ripped off Steve’s pants to reveal a 11" dick that was already hard.

Natasha: That’s so much better

Natasha didn’t play about now she instantly went down to the base of his dick and sucked him off.

Steve: Ahhh

Tony: Jesus

Steve: Ugh oh my god

Natasha pulled away

Natasha: Steve cum on my tits and in my mouth please

Clint: Begging are we now

Natasha: Please Steve do it

Steve came all over Natasha’s tits and in her mouth. She started licking it all off.

Tony: What about me? Are you going to go down the line?

Natasha: Mhm wait your turn next time. No need to be so egger Mr Stark

Nat pulled Tony’s dick out of his pants and started to jerk him off

Tony: Ugh they get your lips and I get a hand?

Natasha: Steve got my throat

Tony: Same difference

Natasha: You really want me to suck you off?

Tony: Yes

Natasha: Fine

Nat’s red lips placed small kisses along his dick then she swallowed him whole almost. Loud slurping sounds but no sounds of gagging.

Clint: Real question now Nat

Nat shook her head as if to say yes

Clint: Do you have a gag reflex?

Tony: Ugh fuck. Do we even care? I’m gonna- ugh

Tony came and Nat’s mouth was now filled with the salty and warm liquid. Nat swallowed every last drop.

Natasha: No Clint I don’t think I have a gag reflex. Would it make you feel better if I made gagging noises when I give you a blowjob huh?

Clint: Pfft no

Natasha: Well then. Anyway your turn Banner

Nat then did the same as she had done for all the others and sucked on Bruce’s cock. She pulled away and whispered into Bruce’s ear

Natasha: The Hulk is bigger..

Bruce: I know that

Natasha: Just saying

Nat stood up now and pulled off her underwear.

Natasha: Now you all stay there and watch ok

The boys all nodded as Natasha made her way to a chair she had in the corner of her room.

Bruce: Nat what are you doing?

Natasha: Seeing who can last the longest before sticking their cock in my pussy or up my ass.

Natasha proceeded to sit on the chair and finger herself in the ass quietly moaning and then the moaning got stronger.

Natasha: Oh fuck yes ngh. Ohhh shit mhgh

Clint: Oh my god this is so sexy

Steve: I know

Natasha: Ahhh FUCK YES!!

Bruce: How can she do this to us

Tony: I don’t know she’s a seductive 28 year old

Bruce: She’s 28

Natasha: Yes ngh I a-am

Steve: Screw it I can’t watch this anymore

Steve got up walked over to Natasha and stuck his cock in her pussy

Natasha: Oh Fuck yes. Harder Daddy

Clint: Did she just call him?

Tony: Yes. Yes she did


By now all of them were involved Steve had his dick in her pussy, Tony’s was in her ass, she was giving Clint a hand-job and was sucking Bruce’s dick.

Tony: Nat are you ready?

Tony came all in Nat’s tight asshole.

Tony: Ahh

Nat moaned the only two people in the room who knew how much of what Maria called an anal slut she was were Tony and Clint.

Steve: I’m gon-gonna cum

He came in her pussy which left her in a sea of pleasure

She took her fingers scooped out all the cum and swallowed it all.

??: Natasha! Are you in there?

Natasha: Oh fuck all of you get into my bathroom now

Tony: Why?

Natasha: Just do it. One minute.

All of the boys were in her bathroom she got a robe on and went to the door.


Natasha: Hey Baby.

Pepper: Hey how are you.

Tony was shocked Natasha was calling Pepper his girlfriend Baby.

Natasha: A little tired but I’m fine

Pepper: I’m not

Natasha: Tony again

Pepper: Yes

Natasha: Do you want a little help?

Pepper: Yes please

Natasha leaned into Pepper and started to kiss her and Pepper went along with it. Natasha started to kiss down Pepper’s neck.

Pepper: Mmm

Natasha: You like that?

Pepper: Yes

Natasha: Well I’ll make it last

Nat pinned Pepper to the bed and they started to make out

In Nat’s Bathroom-

Tony: Oh my god

Steve: Are we watching Natasha and your girlfriend have sex?

Tony: Yeah

Clint: You have to admit it’s pretty hot

Tony: Pretty hot? It’s fucking hot as hell

Outside the Bathroom:

Pepper: Ugh Nat stop teasing

Natasha: You sure you want that baby?

Pepper: Yes please fuck me

Natasha smirked and ripped off Pepper’s clothes and started to lick Pepper’s pussy.

Pepper: Ugh ahhh. Harder Nat

Nat slowly stuck a finger up Pepper’s ass

Pepper: AHHHH

Natasha: Does it hurt too much?

Pepper: Y-yes

Natasha: Ok I’ll stop

Pepper: T-thank you

Natasha slowly removed her finger then Pepper spun her around

Natasha: Pep what are you doing?

Pepper: You had a rough day as well.

Natasha: Well yeah but-

Pepper cut her off

Pepper: Now tell me what you like the most

Natasha: Uhhh...having my ass played with drives me wild

Pepper: Good to know


Natasha: Mmmm harder slap my ass harder

Pepper: Are you sure?

Natasha: If I’m being honest it would be better if there was something in my ass

Pepper: Ok

Pepper shoved two fingers up Nat’s ass

Natasha: Ahhh FUCK YES!

Pepper: Wow you really do like this don’t you

Natasha pushed back as hard as possible onto Pepper to try and get her in further

Natasha: MORE! I need more in my ass

Pepper now had 4 fingers inside of Nat but she was determined for more.

Natasha: Do what you did before to my pussy but in my ass

Pepper: What?

Natasha: Fist me. Use me like a puppet.

In Nat’s Bathroom-

Bruce: So Nat has a thing for her ass being played with?

Clint: Yep

Steve: Umm Tony

Clint: Your girlfriend is wearing Nat like a glove

Tony: What?

Clint: She is fisting Natasha’s ass

Tony: Oh my god

Outside the Bathroom-

Natasha: FUCKING HELL! PEPPER! I-I’m gonna-ugh

Natasha collapsed as she came

Natasha: Pepper...

Natasha said Pepper’s name in a breathy tone still with the very seductive voice she has. Pepper had never heard her name sound so sexy.

Pepper: Happy?

Natasha: Mhmm

Tony, Clint, Bruce and Steve burst through Nat’s bathroom door.


Natasha: Ummm...

Pepper: Nat what is this?

Natasha: Well before you came here umm they, I, we were all having sex well really they were having sex with me

Pepper: So you all had a gangbang?

Clint: Yeah

Tony: And then you had sex with my girlfriend Nat?

Natasha: No your girlfriend had sex with me

Pepper and Tony: SAME DIFFERENCE!

Natasha: I mean I enjoyed having sex with both of you and you enjoyed so if you both make up then I will never have sex with either of you again

Tony: That promise isn’t going to last long is it

Natasha: No. Oh and Pepper

Pepper: Yes

Natasha: Your fist is still up my ass

Pepper: Oh

Pepper pulled it free making Nat moan.

Natasha: So empty ugh I hate it

Clint: Hate what?

Natasha: Having nothing up my ass. Clint pass me that

Clint: What?

Natasha: That metal thing you idiot

Clint passed it to her. It was a butt plug

Pepper: What the fuck is that?

Natasha put it inside of her

Natasha: Ahhh fuck. It’s a butt plug you’ve never had one before?

Pepper: Nope

Natasha: Oh come on you have to be lying even Maria Hill owns one not for herself but she still has one

Clint: She uses it for you doesn’t she

Natasha: I-I uh don’t know what you are talking about

J.A.R.V.I.S: Miss Romanoff incoming call from Agent Maria Hill

Natasha: Everyone shut up and hide

Maria on the phone: Hey

Natasha: Hi

Maria on the phone: You look sweaty did you and Barton fuck again

Natasha: Excuse me no we did not

Maria on the phone: Don’t believe that for a second

Natasha: I have just had a shower

Maria on the phone: With Rogers

Natasha: I wish

Maria laughed

Maria on the phone: You really want to sleep with him don’t you

Natasha: Well yeah you can only imagine how big he is under that suit

Maria on the phone: I guess. So did you and Stark do it behind the bar?

Natasha: Your making me out to be some kind of slut

Maria on the phone: That wasn't an answer

Natasha: No I did not have sex with Tony Stark behind a bar

Maria on the phone: What about Banner? You and him get up to any fun?

Natasha: Are you serious? Banner? Pfft no

Maria on the phone: What about the big green guy?

Natasha: That happened. Just not today

Maria on the phone: I knew I'd get one answer

Natasha: That still doesn't solve your problem about why I'm sweaty

Maria on the phone: No it doesn't. Wait was it Pepper? Please tell me it was Pepper. If it was Pepper I am going to laugh so hard at that. But seriously was it Pepper?

Natasha: No

Maria on the phone: Thanks for crushing my fun

Natasha was laughing at Maria

Maria on the phone: Ok just answer this did you have sex with anyone today?

Natasha: Yes

Maria on the phone: Who?!

Natasha: Why would I tell you?

Maria on the phone: Oh come on Nat. Was it Sharon?

Natasha: What do you think I could do with Sharon?

Maria on the phone: I don't know phone sex?

Natasha: No

Maria on the phone: Oh my god you didn't

Natasha: What?

Maria on the phone: You had a gangbang with all the boys didn't you?

Natasha just lowered her head slowly

Maria on the phone: You did

Natasha: So

Maria on the phone: I don't know it's just interesting to know your sex life. Anyway...

Natasha: Yes I will “train” later but instead of me going there why don’t you come here?

Maria on the phone: Natasha I can’t

Natasha: You can’t come to a where a girl lives just to do the exact same thing to her that you would if she were to go to where you live

Maria on the phone: Nat

Natasha: I’m not coming you come here

Maria on the phone: Natasha please

Natasha: Nope

Maria on the phone: You can be in control

Natasha: I’m sold. Oh and by the way if you can’t walk straight for a week it’s your own fault

Maria on the phone: Ok bye

Natasha: Bye

J.A.R.V.I.S: Call ended

Clint: So you are Maria's booty call huh?

Natasha: Shut it Katniss

Steve: And you want to have sex with me in a shower?

Natasha: Well hasn't everyone who is attracted to Captain America had that fantasy once? or in every single wet dream she or he or they have had for the past two weeks?

Pepper: Oh my god Natasha

Nat just bit her lip

Natasha: Well it's true

Tony: What would be so wrong about having sex with me behind a bar?

Natasha: What would be so wrong? Uh the fact it has happened

Tony: True

Natasha: Now I have to get ready for training with Maria so everyone out.

Clint: I'm telling everyone at Shield that you are Maria's booty call

Natasha: Oh shut up at one point you were mine

Bruce: On that note bye Nat

Natasha: Bye

They all left and Nat went to S.H.I.E.L.D HQ to see Maria. It's safe to say that Clint may have ended up in the hospital wing the next day.

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