The life of a story thats... strange


This is like a watt pad story. You will be a character in the story which will go by as y/n (meaning your name). And you will be apart of the Avengers on a mission for a month with Natasha Romanoff... Let’s see how well this month goes.

Romance / Action
Age Rating:

The mission.

It’s 3:00am you have been sitting up for the past 10 minutes looking at your phone. You decided to get up and head to the training room where you spend 4 hours, usually you sleep in but for some reason you have a gut feeling today isn’t going to go well.
A few minutes later and you get a call off Fury.
“I need you back at the Shield immediately, I have a mission for you” Fury states and ends the call 2 seconds after.
You rush over and manage to just get to it on time, and straight away you knew this was going to be the worst mission of your life as Natasha sits in the corner rolling her eyes at you.
“Please don’t tell me I’m working with her!”
You frown as Natasha states these exact words.
“She’s the most useless agent here!” The words cut through you like a sharp knife... you have been working your whole life to become an agent and you have to watch as one of them tries to crush your heart.
“How many missions have you successfully had compared to me?” You say in an angry tone, but surprisingly Fury sticks up for you.
“I must admit Natasha she has a point.” He says whilst shaking his head.
“I’m going to send you guys on a mission, this mission will last for one month. You will be going to Spain... don’t worry we have a hotel ready and most of the staff speak English so you should be fine.”

Natasha looks down and you can tell she hates this idea.

Natasha’s view

Why, I seriously have to work with this idiot? There’s nothing worse... I may as well go and get packed so I’m ready.

Y/n’s view

You and Natasha go to get you stuff ready, until you finally go to bed and rest.

It’s the next morning and Natasha taps your face violently over and over again.
“Alright! Alright! I’m up.” You shout pushing her hand away.
“You have some serious issues!” I say whilst frowning at her.
“One of them is being around you”
She says laughing under her breath.
“You know what. Your a really difficult person, really difficult.” I shouted whilst pushing her out the door.

You begin to pack your bags after putting on a suit. You bring your bags downstairs to see Natasha standing at the door waiting.

Natasha’s view

She doesn’t half take her time. It’s so annoying, how hard is it to pack a suitcase.
“Are you ready now?”
I watch as she rolls her eyes at me and pushes past.
“I’m picking the car.... and I’m driving” I hear her shout in the distance.
Why can’t I be put with someone better? She’s not smart. She is one of the worst fighters here.

Y/n’s view

How am I going to keep everything together. I’m going to have to make sure Nat stays safe and are mission gets complete whilst doing so.

You both get onto the plane and sit at your seats. You know full well this flight is going to last longer than it should.

“This is going to be my alone quite time so don’t disrupt me” Natasha says whilst pulling out an unusual magazine.
“God I should of died in my last mission.
Would of been a blessing.” You say whispering to yourself.
“ What mission?”
You look at her in disbelief. “I was talking to myself”
“Well don’t. Like I said I want this to be a quiet journey” She says wafting her magazine in your face.

You managed to get to sleep through the whole journey. Once you arrive Natasha punches you in the stomach to wake you up.
“Ow! Was that necessary?” You say whilst holding your stomach.
“It was actually. I know your background, I know you came from Russia. So no, it was necessary.” This surprised you and her very words stuck with you until you got to the Hotel.

You both go up too the Lady behind the register office.
“Que tal te fue hoy?” You say whilst winking at her, you turn to Natasha and she rolls her eyes.
“Here’s your keys and your room number is 104, have a nice night!” Oh and also vamos a jugar casual!” The lady says to you and you frown.
“Your no fun. Have a nice night!”
You take Natasha upstairs and let’s just say she wasn’t happy when she saw the room.
“This is ridiculous!” She screams.
“I’m having the couch...” you walk out and drop your stuff on the floor.

Y/n’s view

This is going to be the worst day of my life. Uh! I’m supposed to be the best assassin in Shield and now I’m on a road trip with little miss grumpy. I gave up being a Russian serial killer for this? This!? I’m so stupid... I need some wine!

Natasha’s view

Who gives up a bed just like that? Anyway I need to get to work I promised Fury I would make sure she’s in my sight at all coasts. Don’t want a lose idiot running around. I go to look around to see y/n not in the room.
“ Damn it!”

You come up stairs with a bottle of wine and enter the room as doing so Natasha bumps into you and it goes everywhere.
“Are you kidding me?” You shout pushing Natasha away.
“Where were you?” She says grabbing your arm and pulling you into the room.
“What if the people were looking for know where we are. The might kill you, I don’t have time to look after you and sought out a plan!”
She says whilst running her hand through her hair. Suddenly you kick her leg and pin her too the floor.
“ I am always ready for being attacked! Don’t ever say that I’m lacking and can’t protect myself. I have been hunting people down since I was 15! I know how to get a plan prepared and look after myself at the same time!” You angrily shout at her.

You quickly climb off her and pick up the glass off the floor.
“ The carpet is ruined. I’ll pay for it before we leave to go back to shield. For the meantime I’m going to sleep so I’m taking up the bathroom for a few minutes.” You take a pair of pjs into the bedroom and get changed. You walk out to see Natasha standing there waiting.
“What type of pjs are they?” She laughs.
“They hold knifes. I really wouldn’t like to be killed during my sleeping time.” You watch as Natasha pushes past you into the bathroom and shuts the door, you head over to the sofa and lay down then slowly head to sleep.

2 hours later you hear a glass smash next door which wakes you up... after that you couldn’t get any sleep. All of this was going to change.

You look over too the door and see the door knob slowly move. It was like a horror movie other than it didn’t feel as scary as it should. A man bursts through the door and you look over to Natasha to still see her asleep.
“Can you shut the door? And also can we do this quietly she’s a pain when she wakes up.”
He charges at you and you pull out the knife from your pocket and smash it into his shoulder. He slowly pulls it out and uses it as his own weapon, you stand still and watch him bringing out a huge smile.
“You people really are idiots.” You press a button which sends electric shocks from the knife into his hand which then travels all around the body. You then open the door to the balcony which is 4 stories high and slowly pull the man there.
“I’m sorry please don’t hurt me! I have family!”
“If you had family you wouldn’t have taken up the job of becoming an assassin” You slowly lift him over the side as he’s extremely heavy, you feel safe knowing he can’t fight back as his whole badly has gone numb from the shocks.
“Goodbye!” You push him over the side and watch whilst he falls to his death.
“That was easier than expected!”
You shut the balcony doors then head over to the main door and lock it. You Chuckle to yourself the finally head to sleep on the couch.
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