The Frivolous Skirt Chasing Pervert


Warning: 🔞💦 ***Read at your own discretion*** The originally planned vacation was for Akane, Kazuma and Sakura to go on a trip to the snow covered mountains for skiing. But, due to some unexpected works, Sakura had to stay back. And things took great turns when Kazuma got intimate with his Aunt, Akane.

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"Hey Kazuma, seeing you after such a long time, you look even more handsome."

"We met last week Aunty Akane."

Rolling his eyes, the boy known as Kazuma pushed away the hand which was ruffling his hair.

Kazuma was a 16 year old boy, with black hair and sea blue eyes. Which along with this sharp features, made him look very handsome.

Adding on his body which wasn't too big and bulky, or too small and scrawny, he looked like the kind of male every woman would have a wet dream from just one look at him, and want to have s.e.x with him if they saw him for the second time.

"Well, have a safe trip the two of you. And make sure to call me when you reach there!"

Saying goodbye to Kazuma and Akane, was none other than Sakura Yagami, Kazuma Yagami's mom, and Akane Yagami's sister.

The originally planned vacation was for the three of them to go on a trip to the snow covered mountains for skiing. But, due to some unexpected works, Sakura had to stay back.

And thus it was only Kazuma and Akane that were going on the trip.

Shaking their hands towards Sakura, the duo got inside Akane's car and drive away towards their destination.


Inside the car, Kazuma was looking at the reflection of his mom through the car's side mirror and then looked towards his aunt who was driving the car.

'Regardless of how many times I looks at them, I can never differentiate them based on their appearances.'

Indeed, just like Kazuma was thinking, there was no one who could ever differentiate between Sakura and Akane, just based on their appearances.

Because the two of them were a pair of twins who looked exactly the same.

Both of them had long brown hair, and the same sea blue coloured eyes. And even their hourglass figures looked exactly the same.

If there was one way to know who was who without talking to them, then it was by noticing the clothes they wore.

Sakura wore subtle and loose clothes that made her look like the perfect housewives and mother when at home, and doctor robes when she was out at work.

Akane, on the other hand, was always dressed in tight clothes that showed off her body, regardless of the occasion.

Kazuma's mom, Sakura got pregnant with her son at the age of 16. At the same time, the man who i.m.p.r.e.g.n.a.t.ed her, after learning this ran away out of fear leaving all the decisions to Sakura.

Ignoring the opinion of her family who wanted her to give up on the bay and have an abortion, Sakura went through with childbirth and took care of Kazuma on her own.

At the same time, she didn't give up on her studies or career and worked hard to become a doctor.

Spending literally the half of the week taking care of her young son, and working at the hospital during the other half, Sakura spent sleepless weeks like that. But never once did she complain or want to give up.

Instead, she worked even harder so that she could spend more time with her son and not miss any of his childhood.

And growing up, her son never once disappointed her. Because he grew up to be a loving and kind boy that cared for her very much and was very hard working just like her.

Akane, on the other hand, was the stark opposite of Sakura. And in short, a carefree woman who lived life by the day without any obstructions, any.

Other than helping Sakura whenever she could, Akane spends her whole day lazing around doing whatever she wants to do because she doesn't have a job she needs to do.

Akane married a man in her 20s, but the two of them soon for divorced after Akane found out about him cheating on her.

Thus in the divorce settlement, she got a sum of money which was enough to live her whole life without working ever again. And that's what she did, after the divorce she didn't bother looking for another man to marry. Instead, she spent most of the time at her sister's house and acted as Kazuma's babysitter when he was growing up.

Despite how different their personalities were, the two sisters shared one thing in common. The both of them loved Kazuma more than anything else in their lives.


Reaching their destination, Kazuma and Akane took their luggage into the cottage in the middle of the snow covered mountain.

Unfortunately, though the afternoon had a good weather which gave them the perfect weather for skiing, the sky was covered in dark clouds and snow started descending from the sky without stopping at all.

Soon the cottage lost electricity to it, when Kazuma and Akane learned from the weather report that the sudden and unforeseen snow storm would last for at least another week or so.

Calling and calming down Sakura who had started panicking saying she would drive up to keep them safe, Kazuma and Akane sat in the living room covering themselves up in thick blankets to keep them warm.

Looking towards his aunt who was using her phone, most likely to learn more about the weather, Kazuma desperately tried to keep himself from shivering so that he wouldn't seem less manly.

"Bad news Kazuma, the roads are all blocked due to the snow. So, it looks like we'll need to wait for the storm to die out before leaving. But the good news is that the cabin is stocked with enough food to last us for a whole month."

Unable to say anything as it would give away his clattering teeth, Kazuma only nodded his head, while he started rubbing his hands together to feel warmer.

Looking at Kazuma who was obviously feeling cold, Akane felt a little guilty because the skiing trip was originally her idea.

"Kazuma come here for a second."

Beckoning Kazuma closer by calling him, Akane spread her arms inviting his hug her.

"What... What are you doing Aunty Akane?"

"I'm telling you to hug me so that the both of us will feel warmer."

Looking at Kazuma who was still looking at her with a hesitant gaze, Akane felt a little disappointed.

"Are you embarrassed to hug an old lady like me?"

In fact, it was quite the opposite because Kazuma always loved Akane a little too much. But he always kept those feelings hidden.

So if he were to hug her, his d.i.c.k would definitely react. And this wasn't something Kazuma wanted Akane to figure out.

However, when Akane said it like that. Kazuma was unable to ignore her request anymore.

Sitting down on the sofa with his back against her front, Kazuma though this way he wouldn't be facing her b.r.e.a.s.ts and be safe.

Unfortunately, such a thing didn't happen.

Because, as soon as his head rested between Akane's ample b.r.e.a.s.ts, his teenage d.i.c.k instantly turned hard. Luckily he wasn't hugging Akane with his front, due to which she didn't notice how Kazuma got hard from her b.r.e.a.s.ts.

Feeling happy that Kazuma was snuggling with her, Akane spread her arms and tightened them around his chest so that they could be even closer.

Staying like this for the next hour or so, both of them felt their bodies turn warm due to different reasons.

Kazuma felt warm because his blood was coursing through his body many times faster due to being so close to Akane.

And Akane felt her body turn hot every time she looked at Kazuma's face that was resting against her b.r.e.a.s.ts.

Letting go of each other reluctantly, Akane and Kazuma had their dinner which wasn't anything special as most items in the cabin were canned goods.

When it was time to sleep, no one knows who suggested it, but both Kazuma and Akane decided to sleep together snuggling with each other to stay warm throughout the night.


Awkwardly sleeping on the two ends of the bed, neither Kazuma nor Akane said a word despite feeling cold.

This was because neither of them wanted to be the first one to say those embarrassing words and ask the other one to hug him.

Finally unable to wait anymore, Kazuma made his move.

Not saying anything, he moved under the covers and got close to Akane's body where after he hugged her by the waist and pulled her body closer to his.

Pressing his crotch against her perky butt, Kazuma snuggled tightly with Akane as his warm breath tickled against her neck.

In fact Kazuma didn't come close to get rid of the cold, instead, he did it so that he wouldn't miss this opportunity to hug his aunt.

Startled for a second, Akane smiled as she felt Kazuma's warm body covering hugging her from the back.

For the next few minutes, Kazuma desperately controlled himself and inverted his thoughts so that his d.i.c.k wouldn't get hard. But regardless of what he tried, his d.i.c.k was turning harder by the second.

At the same time, he noticed how Akane's body felt very cold and not warm at all.

"Aunty Akane, are you... Okay? Your body feels very cold."

"Ahh? I don't know... My body's turning colder by the second. It seems like the warmth is not enough for me."

Hearing Akane, Kazuma got scared thinking that she was getting frostbite. However, not having any proper experience about what to do, Kazuma could only panic without finding an answer.

"I know! Aunty strip yourself n.a.k.e.d! If we rub our n.a.k.e.d bodies against each other, your body will definitely become warmer!"

When he was saying those words Kazuma only cared about making his aunt feel better. But once he finished saying them, he instantly felt awkward by realizing how it sounded.

Similarly, even Akane was stunned at the suggestion her nephew gave. Feeling her face turn hot, Akane was just about to reject it, when she began losing the sensation of her toes.

With fear eating away at her heart, that she might really lose her life from frostbite, Akane could only agree to Kazuma's suggestion.

"Okay... But.. I can't move my body properly.. So... So you'll have to remove my clothes."

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