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Rachel Ravenclaw: First Year at Hogwarts


Rachel Ravenclaw starts Hogwarts and has to defeat Voldemort's son, Lucanant. At Hogwarts, she learns that Harry Potter, the boy who lived was her cousin and the three, Harry, Ron, and Hermione helps Rachel through Hogwarts and is always there for her even though they are Gryffindor and Rachel a Ravenclaw.

Fantasy / Adventure
Sabrina Zeng
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

Growing up, Rachel Ravenclaw was surrounded by her loving family. Her knowing she was a pureblood was actually something bothering her. Her biggest secret was the fact that she wanted to be a squib. One muggle parent and one witch or wizard parent. But she was a pureblood. Both wizard and witch parents. She also had a sister. Her name was Ivy Ravenclaw. Ivy already had her first year at Hogwarts.

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