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Betty White was Not the Imposter


What if you find yourself stuck inside your favorite game with the last saved celebrity on your phone?

Humor / Mystery
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Chapter 1

When I made the executive decision not to watch the Presidential debate today, I was under the impression that I was going to enjoy a short moment of peace. Ordering a couple of large pizzas and finding new hacks for Among Us definitely seemed like the ultimate gameplan for anyone wanting to avoid controversy.

Especially in a family so politically divided.

What I did not expect was to find myself spawning within the space lobbies to one of my favorite games because of a hack glitch. My brother has chastised me several times about cheating and how the karmic consequences would include being kicked from a game or being banned from a server.

No one said anything about actually spawning into the game as a damn yellow marshmallow wearing a spacesuit and an oversized helmet.

I looked around the lobby and saw similarly confused faces staring at me.

“We have a new one.” The shortest one said.

Wait, is that Betty White?

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