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Rewinding the Blues

Track #1.5: “Decided that once again I was just dreamin’ of bumpin’ into you.”

[I kinda distorted some of their physical appearances. I hope no one gets offended, though ;) Enjoy reading~]

With Marinette’s clumsiness, she lost Alya in the crowd just fifteen minutes after they got into the bar.

Marinette had been all over the place. Getting starstrucked over the bands roaming around interacting with people, she doesn’t have a clue whether to take a picture or quench the thirst she’s been holding for a while now. As soon as she gets a cup of beer from Kim, she bumps into that brown-haired dude from a band she’s unfamiliar with. She rambles with her words and apologizes over and over. The guy just chuckles as if finding cute while in distress. Marinette blushes and chuckles awkwardly.

You got the first strike tonight, Mars. She sighs as she walks past them.

It turns out, having Jagged Stone as a special guest tonight, the owner of Garage has taken the opportunity to throw in a Battle of the Bands.

(Seems like Marinette didn’t only come to see her idol but cute boys in the band, too. Marinette had enough squealing for one night.)

Now that Marinette thinks about it, maybe she could try moving on from her little crush on Adrien. Maybe Alya was right, stressing herself over someone who’s out of her league is self-destructive. She gotta move forward.

(So much for watching Disney movies.)

With a sudden determination that starts to light up her eyes, Marinette decided to take this opportunity to find someone she can connect and fall in love with. A soulmate.

Funny how she thought of Adrien as her soulmate before. For a brief time, she became a fan of him that drove her to know a few things about the guy. Every detail of Adrien, she posted it on her bulletin in her room. Coincidentally, she had listed some of their similarities and was kind of ecstatic seeing how they’re actually compatible as friends (and prolly lovers, but that’s Marinette’s mind running wild).

Call Marinette a freak but she knows everyone does it, knowing things about their crushes secretly because of the fact that none of the common crowd can be close to someone who’s popular and so out of their league.

That’s what she realized at that moment, that she’s been doing what everyone already expects. Some of her friends (aside from Alya) had been swooning over the guy and kept talking about him when they were together and she didn’t realize she’s becoming one of them.

To be honest, she wasn’t all over Adrien Sanchez at first sight. They talked sometime at school too but she thought that he’s just being friendly because it’s the first week of freshman year; occasional greetings at the hallway, projects, seat works, and even handing her umbrella at the first drop of the rainy season, but that was it. He was nice and all of that… not until she heard things about his so-called charm and seeing him from a different angle.

That’s when she fell for him.

The beginning of an impending heartbreak.

A gloomy cloud suddenly grew over Marinette. Thinking about everything about him pulled her into a void of flashback. His boyish smile. The playlist she made.

You guessed it right.

She confessed but all he came up with is:

“You’re a true friend, Marinette. I don’t wanna ruin that for the both of us.” A flash of mixed emotions crossed his eyes, “And… Ame and I are kind of together now. Sorry.” He looked at her directly in the eyes and it was real, he was truly sorry.

Adrien was too honest. It broke her heart.

Marinette just hoped she wouldn’t see Adrien tonight. That would end her for sure.

No one knows how Marinette can lose Alya twice now. She just saw her with Nino who greeted her with his usual lazy tone and the obsession of calling everyone “Dude” even her. When she turned around, she lost them once more.

(She couldn’t possibly have heard it but Alya called her attention and excused them prolly going somewhere.)

As soon as the emcee walked up onstage and announced Jagged Stone will be here any time soon, Marinette sat down on one of the single couches and stopped looking for her best friend. Alya is probably with her boyfriend right now making out somewhere. She got herself a decent drink from the bartender. She just turned eighteen and was already allowed to drink alcohol occasionally.

Not too much, though, Marinette heard her mother’s voice inside her head while her father nodded furiously beside her. She can’t help but to smile.

“Isn’t that Marinette?” Marinette overheard a voice behind her, she looked around and saw a group coming towards her.

“Anette!” A pair of slender arms wrapped around her shoulders.

Ivan together with his girlfriend, Mylene and the girls, Rose, Alix, and Juleka greeted Marinette with the same enthusiasm as before. Marinette was overwhelmed finding them here.

“Finally! People I know! Hey~!” Marinette greeted them with relief on her face.

“Flying solo tonight? I thought you came with Alya?” Rose says in her usual girly tone. The girl just wore that pink dress like she owns every shade of that color.

Well, she’s the girly among their circle; the girl’s in love with that color but Marinette cannot deny how her bob cut blond hair.

“Yeah, I did. But she was with Nino,” Marinette whips her head around trying to point out a place but then, she gives up and slumps back on the couch, “Somewhere.”

The new arrived people sat on the long sofa. Ian ordered drinks for them, calling in a waiter.

“You lost them, didn’t you?” Alix guesses trying not to laugh.

If Rose is the girly one, Alix is the tomboy in the group. She’s pretty much into antique pocket watches, skates, graffiti, and skate parks. Marinette hasn’t seen her wear any dress, though. Just her usual black sweater layered with her green shirt with a skull printed on it and to top it all her black cap.

Marinette looked flustered and scratched the back of her head, chuckling, “You know me too well.”

Mylene giggles, “Marinette pretty much is pretty much an open book with her reactions.”

Mylene has the softest voice and probably the one of the nicest too. Her blond dreadlocks with a tint of green and blue on random strands, collected with a pink cotton bandana. Her usual outfit is a blue shirt underneath an olive green jacket. Tonight, instead of jean shorts and leggings, Mylene wore ripped jeans with a brown belt with ladybug pins on it. She kind of owns that thing, accessories and all.

The group nods and laughs. Marinette sighs and smiles.

“Hey, didn’t you like, had a crush on Adrien in freshman year?” Ivan suddenly said that caught the girls off-guard, “It was pretty obvious she’s into him, though.” Ivan grins not realizing the scrunched up faces the other girls have.

Mylene nudges Ivan’s side where she was resting around his arms. She sent him a glare but all he could offer is a confused look.

Marinette laughs nervously, five pairs of eyes looked at her, “That was just a harmless crush. I don’t like him anymore.” She rubs her thumb on the moistened glass she’s holding and takes a sip after, avoiding eye contact.

When all of a sudden, Rose hooks her arm on Juleka’s and tries to lighten up the atmosphere, “R-Right, Juleka! Your brother’s gonna play tonight, right?”

Juleka smiles and stutters. She’s a Gothic type girl who usually dresses in a dark polo, purple leggings, and black boots. She usually hides her face within her dark roots of hair with purple highlights on the tips. Her twin brother Luka and Juleka went to dye it on her 17th birthday.

The conversation continues and the atmosphere lightens.

“You have a brother?” Marinette asked, genuinely shocked.

Marinette and Juleka weren’t that close back then.

It seemed like Juleka wasn’t that open to any of the girls either, well except for Rose who lives next-door. Chloe, if not Marinette, sometimes picks on, calling her names. She transferred to their college not later than the first week and the only person she knew back then was Rose. Rose was relieved when Juleka became a part of the group, she said Jules needed some time to adapt since she just got herself fresh cuts from a broken family.

“Yeah. Twin brother actually.” Juleka answered quietly.

“Really?” Marinette tries to encourage her to tell more, “Older or younger, though?”

“Older by four minutes.” Juleka grins.

“Okay, so how am I knowing it just now?” Marinette pouts and thinks about if she met him or not yet.

“He usually gives Juleka a ride to school?” Mylene says.

Marinette shooks her head slowly.

“Anette comes to school seconds before the bell rings so… she prolly missed him a lot.” Axil seconded.

Marinette holds her hands up, “Guilty as charged.” The gang laughs.

“You’ll meet him later. Don’t worry.” Juleka says, smilingly.

Marinette only managed to know more of Juleka when she modeled one of her designs. Being a design student sure is fun when you have friends that could try on those dresses you make. It’s like you were able to acknowledge their personalities just by sewing dresses that match them.

Marinette finds sewing and making dresses comforting. She got the talent from her grandmother who’s pretty much the coolest in her age. Impressed by her designs, Marinette’s grandmother always tells her to be a fashion designer someday.

But that was twelve years ago.

She’s grown enough to know what she wants to be in the future.

She just doesn’t have the courage yet to tell her grandmother that.

Maybe one day she will.

“...He’s the leader of Legion.” Marinette was pulled off from her thoughts when she heard Rose squealing while talking about the Battle of the Bands.

Marinette didn’t even realize they were already talking about the big show tonight. She felt a little bit excited about it, too.

Legion? I heard them play before! Remember that time when I told you about the guys who played at the plaza?” Marinette told the story animatedly, about when she was on her way home, “They were really good!” She complimented the band over and over (from the vocalist, drummer, bassist, and the guitarist--especially the guitarist.) Their eyes filled with amusement as they listened to Marinette’s words.

They were still on the topic when Marinette felt a warm presence just beside her head. A deep man’s voice sent shivers down her spine.

“I’m glad you liked it.”

Marinette was so startled that she didn’t know what to do at that time and rambles, her forehead bumped into his that earned a small aw from the guy.

She mumbles an apology.

The gang burst into laughter.

Marinette couldn’t help but to stare as the guy rose up from behind the couch and stood in front of her.

The man stood six foot one. He wore a Jagged Stone white shirt (alike with Marinette’s) layered with sky blue hoodie, a pair of pitch black ripped jeans, and black rubber shoes.

He rubbed his forehead, revealing black-painted nails but it didn’t look dirty on him. However, the color complimented his fair complexion. He’s got a dark head of hair with teal blue tips, a few strands slightly covers his chocolate-brown eyes. Lukas glances up and catches Marinette staring at him. He grins.

Marinette felt her cheeks start warming up.

Once again, she apologizes that earned a snicker from Lukas.

“How’s the party so far?” He asks the gang.

“Fun!” Rose answered for them.

“Well, then I’mma take off na,” Lukas beams, “Just checking on my lil’ sis. I’m betting she’s in good hands?” He pointed to Juleka’s friends.

“Of course, You can count on us!” Mylene said in her motherly tone.

Juleka groans as the gang teases, “Shoo,” she quietly gestures her hand to Lukas.

Lukas just chuckles, “Not too much alcohol, aight?” He playfully glares at Juleka.

Some guy came into the view and called the attention of Lukas, “Well then, see ya!”

(Before he turned from them, Lukas glanced at Marinette for a brief moment and smiled. Weird.)

Marinette was just probably imagining things.

Everybody mustn’t have seen that one and just wished him luck for the play and Ivan whistles, earning a laugh from their table.


“Thank you so much, guys! Everyone, once again, The Parisians!” Alec, the emcee for tonight’s BoB, claps his hands and encourages the audience. The crowd was immersed with the music that they couldn’t but whistle and scream the lyrics at the top of their lungs.

The guest judge, Jagged Stone, came in with a grand entrance. It turns out he was in the middle of rehearsing his songs for his concert in a few months. Everybody was screaming as Jagged went on stage, even Marinette couldn’t but to scream along with her heart bursting with excitement and admiration towards Jagged Stone as the idol was introduced by Alec.

Jagged Stone performed a 45-minute intermission and it probably looked like a mini-concert show as he had his guitar solo. His usual spiked dark hair with purple tips was down as sweats formed on his temples. The crowd even got wilder when a crew of his got him bottled water and he poured it onto himself and let it dripped down his dark leather jacket with his chest coming into view, he chuckles with his fans’ reaction and someone should’ve fainted when he winked. The light shone down on him like he is a god. The man’s really know how to give the audience a show. Jagged banged his head on the edge of the stage as he set his foot on one of the speakers. The way he strummed his electric guitar, it was beautiful.

Marinette sighs and once again, she collects herself from her fangirl!self and turns to her friends.

It’s been an hour or so since the intermission happened but it seemed that there were still some aftershocks and everyone’s still on their feet, fangirling over Jagged Stone. Adding all the seven bands performing tonight, it fueled up the audience.

It’s the final band who’s already setting up their instruments on the stage looking familiar. Marinette recognized the other guys and Lukas.

She was heading back home last week after an over time at school when those guys were hollering up some crowds. Marinette being a music junkie heard some of the familiar beats, it was from her favorite album. She didn’t realize that it was Juleka’s brother who led the band, though.

“For our final band, let us all welcome… Legion!” Alec received a whole lot of screams and claps from the audience. Marinette and the gang jumped up and down to see them on the stage.

For the rules of the BoB, the bands are gonna perform three pieces, two covers and one original. As far as Juleka remembers, Legion’s original play would be the one Luka wrote a long time ago. Other than being the leader of the group, Lukas also composed their songs.

The first play: I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor by Arctic Monkeys.

Marinette couldn’t contain her amazement as the people roared and cheered on the song. The harmony of each bandmate moves smoothly. They looked pretty serious but the way they use their instruments was like being one with the music. Marinette catches the way Lukas adlibs with that instrumental and she could see the lights pouring on him. He had his eyes closed and pretty much immersed with his solo. He was really good with no doubt.

The second song is: Brianstorm. (the drum solo was lit! The guy pretty much owned the stage with just him hitting those beats. Differently than before, the second song kind turned the audience off from the other bands but Legion is doing better. They maintained the impact on the audience. Well, the winks and smiles and the water tricks helped, too. Marinette swore she saw Lukas glancing at where they stood. Or maybe it was just the lights?)

“You should meet him sometimes.” Juleka shows a meaningful smile when she catches Marinette stealing a glance.

“What?” Marinette becomes flustered and stutters.

“I mean, everybody knows you love music. You’re pretty much similar with that dork.” Juleka chuckles.

“And… you’re ok with that?” Marinette seemed to be confused on how Juleka pushes her into meeting her brother.

“Of course, he’d be delighted to meet someone with mutual interests.”


Just then, Juleka realizes and chuckles. Rose looks at her with confusion, “I-I didn’t mean it like that, Marinette,” Marinette blushes, “Friends! I was saying you should be friends with him. He’s kind of a snob with other people aside from his bandmates… and I know....” Juleka seemed awkward and nervous, “It’s kind of weird to ask you that considering the fact that we’re not that close…” She anxiously laughs.

“Juleka, of course we’re friends! Don’t say that…”

As Legion plays onstage, Juleka smiles and looks at her brother, she comes near Marinette’s ear and tells, “He looks cool but deep down, he’s alone.”

Marinette whips her head towards the stage. On the final song, they rotated, Lukas is now the center point. He’s definitely singing his song. His voice was cold and somewhat deep and soothing. The beat was slow but kinda giving off a warm bite to the audience. It was like a drug that everyone just fell into. Marinette finally realizes something from his way of delivering the song.

It was a song about heartbreak.

As soon as Lukas struck the final chord, he met the eyes that hunted him to his sleep.


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