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Draco malfoy imagines


A collection of imagines and one shots

Romance / Fantasy
Stacey Parrish
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The yule ball

I walk into potions class and take my seat waiting for snape to start teaching and for draco to come in, he was my bestfriend since first year and i've loved him for 2 years but he didn't know that, since the yule ball was announced a few days ago and i was hoping for draco to ask me soon, as i sat there thinking about it i didn't notice he came in and sat down and was trying to talk to me until he elbowed me and snapped me out of my thoughts as i hit him back, making snape notice and come over "what happens to be the problem here" he spoke slowly as he looked back and forth between us waiting for a answer, i spoke up "nothing sir, just an accident" as he looked at us both for a few more seconds before speaking "you both have detention, stay after class" making draco glare over at me as i did the same back,
As class ended and everyone got up to leave draco and i just stayed in our seats, as snape gave us instructions to clean and rearrange books, as snape left we didn't say a word to each other the whole time yet i noticed the glares draco threw my way, a couple days went by as we didn't speak to each other, starting to feel bad for what happened, i went to the common room where i saw him and pansy together talking as they looked up draco and i locked eyes for a second before i looked away and went to leave, right as i took a few steps outside of the door i heard footsteps coming up behind me i felt a hand grab me and turn me around and the jealousy coming over me before i could think i told him "why don't you just go back to your little girlfriend" as I was looking up at him I saw his expression change from shocked at my outburst to that stupid smug smirk he always had, "jealous are we?" he said, I was with her because she asked me to go to the yule ball with her and i was turning her down" he spoke again as he looked down at me, he continued "i turned her down because you're the person i wanna go with y/n, i tried asking you in potions class the other day but you were in another world, as usual" he furrowed his eyebrows at me when i began laughing "that's what I was thinking about that day but i'd love nothing more then to go to the yule ball with you draco" i said as I smiled up at him the same time he smiled down at me and leaned in as i met him the rest of the way and closed the gap between us.
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