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❝ how could i hate him? he's such an angel but then again, kinda wish he were dead. ❞ ー pjm - where park jimin pens the love story of his crush (jungkook) and his really pretty lover (taehyung) . inspired by the song “heather” by conan gray

Romance / Poetry
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00:: heather

ー the diary entries begin

back when we were in busan
and 12
we were playing in the fields
and i'd tell our moms to wait a lil longer
because i wanted you to linger
around me
a lil more
as you kissed my knee one day
i gasped
what did you do that for
confusion written on my face
mom says, we gotta kiss it to make it better
then i noticed my bruised knee
and blushed
you did it again
now that we're 15 and no longer in busan
we're about to start high school
but you kissed my lips instead
because they were chapped
and sorta bleeding
mom says, kiss it to make it better
you laughed
didn't see me getting flustered
we aren't 12 kook, stop it
you should not give me the wrong ideas
i like seeing you winded up
you look funny
and i hit your arm
i would be lying if i said
i didn't like it
but i want it the other way
when you kiss me in affection
when we have a different relation
i am determined to make you mine
as the school begins
and that single thought brings
chills down my body
and you noticed
take this sweater silly, you're shivering
it was the third of december
and i'd forgotten my sweater
and as i was about to flung it
over my shoulders
i saw him enter
light hair and pretty eyes
such a pretty face, i can't lie
he'd looks to die for
how could i know his name
he'd just entered the premises
i decided to call him
because he was just so pretty
my heart beat raced
out of admiration
or fear
can't decide
but i wished jungkook
would never notice you
because once he did
he'd never look at me
again the same way

but maybe
that's just a wish


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