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Heather | tk


ー where to begin

and maybe that was
merely a wish
we sat together in the new class
excited as i was
seated next to you
i was still determined to make
you mine
until my eyes spot heather
entering the class
the entire class staring
at his petite figure
my heart skipped a beat
you still didn't notice him
but till when?
we were seated in front
and the backs were all taken
so heather sat next to you
and you were sitting next to me
my blood kinda boiled
but i couldn't help but stare
you were so busy
examining your bag
you didn't even notice his presence
i just prayed
that it stayed
that way
as heather was busy
prepping for the class
i couldn't help
but stare again
how can someone be so perfect
i doubted myself
how can i hate him
he looked so well
but a part of me
wanted him to stay away from you
because i wanted you to be mine
and even when the
class commenced
i couldn't focus
on anything else but heather
as the weather
tensed and what i feared
came true
he asked you for a pen
and brought your attention to him
you gave him what he wanted
but i wished you didn't
cause he smiled at you
and you
smiled back

oh how i wish
i were heather.


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