Bangtan smut book


My old smut from my wattpad account (Saki1155)

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Chapter 1

Ship(๐Ÿ“): Vmon

Top(๐Ÿ†) : Namjoon

Bottom(๐Ÿ‘): Taehyung

๐ŸŽ: (vaginal)

๐Ÿ‘„: (oral)

Fetishes (๐ŸŠ): Daddy kink

Settings (๐ŸŒบ): bedroom/shower

() : Me (author interrupting cuz I gotz some shitz to sayyyyy)

Word count: 593

Summary: Taehyung was being distant from him and Namjoon Decided to get closer to him then he caught him doing something with himself


Namjoon p.o.v

Taehyung started to feel uncomfortable around me and I never knew why, he was always figgity around me and he'd always flinch and blush around me his legs would get tight and he'd start sweating I'm not gonna lie it was pretty cute (He wants that God of destruction dick bro) It was late and I heard moaning (Gee I wonder who that is do you know who's moaning? Me Neither!!) And they we're moaning my name

???????: "Namjoon hyung~"

It was Taehyung

3rd person p.o.v

Taehyung looked at the door and saw Namjoon "J-Joonie's n-not what it looks like I Just" Namjoon chuckled at how he tried to lie while he had a dildo still inside of him and trying to hide it by sitting on it and closing his legs "Keep going" Namjoon said in a deep voice "W-what?" He chucked " You heard me keepgoing" Taehyung laid back taking the dildo and took it in and out of himself moaning and looking at him straight into his eyes it made him more aroused and put it in more faster then he came "If you're that weak" Namjoon said taking off him pants Taehyung gasping at his size Namjoon step closer to him "You're gonna have a hard time handling me" He slammed himself into Taehyung he screamed out in pleasure his legs spreading wider and wider playing with himself while Namjoon fucks him "Oh fuckkkk" Taehyung's head being thrown back in pure Ecstasy Namjoon hitting his g spot repeatedly didn't help either Taehyung feeling cloud 9 drool coming out his mouth eyes rolling to the back of his head Namjoon pounding him faster and Taehyungs legs spreading wider "D-daddyyyy" Taehyung moaned then his eyes widened Namjoon stoped "I-..I- I'm sorry Joonie hyung" He chucked once more "Its ok baby...I like it" Him pounding Taehyung like there was no tomorrow

Taehyung moaning like crazy Namjoon not slowing down his pace and Tae really wanted to cum "Daddy I...I I need to cum!" Namjoon still fucking him " Please " him really wanting to cum"Pleaaaaasssse" Namjoon chuckled "Cum baby" Taehyung instantly cumming on his dick and Namjoon cumming inside him "Can...Can we continue...i-in the...shower?" Taehyung said eyes darting to the left of the room blushing "Umm ok"

3rd person p.o.v

They were in the shower Tae was looking and Namjoooooooon's ya know...wanting to dosomething...special for him sense he made him feel special Taehyung walked in front of Namjoon "Tae what are yo-" Taehyung dropped to his knees taking his cock into his mouth and started to suck "Ahh fuck Tae"

Taehyung closed his eyes while bobbing his head on his cock then jacking him off while he sucked he was going quicker and quicker bobbing his head with saliva dripping out his mouth wanting his hot warm love juices to spill out and down his throat and started sucking faster than before

Cumming down his throat and Taehyung swallows it after that it lead to them fucking in the shower

A/n I wrote this sin in class so...yeah you're welcome
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