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So my brother was a mad genius


This is a reader insert Y/N means your name H/c means your hair color F/F favorite food Y/N Frankenstein is in college they are finishing up their first year when they get a friend request on Discord but your brother's Ernest Victor and William I think that the person that you are talking to is your boyfriend one day you invite him over for dinner little do they know it is your brother's Pet Project gone wrong and once he shows up all heck breaks loose

Scifi / Drama
Age Rating:

Chapter 1: texting on Discord

Y/n: hey I saw that you friend requested me that's really nice
Adam: np
Y/n: you have a pretty name Adam
Adam: you to!
Y/n: it's nice to meet you
Adam: nice to meet you too if you don't mind can you please tell me a little bit more about yourself
Y/n: I would love to, I love animals I have E/C type eyes my favorite food is F/F I am currently attending college
Adam: that's sounds nice what are you majoring in
Y/n: I'm only in my first year but I'm going to major in science!
Adam: you must have a lot of work cut out for you
Y/n: yep but it's all worth it now if you will excuse me I have to go back to studying I'll talk to you soon
Adam: ok speak to you soon
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