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So my brother was a mad genius

Chapter 2: no he's not my boyfriend

"Y/N has a boyfriend!" Your brother screams as you slowly finish up your dinner Victor is the Annoying type you are 5 Seconds Away from snapping at him when you manage to calm down you think about how Ernest and William are going to react to you giving your brother black eyes , you finally swallow the food in your mouth
" he's not my boyfriend" y/n says as you give Victor a dirty look
" come on and that you have a boyfriend" Ernest says showing everyone your texts to Adam
"I DON'T HAVE A F ING BOYFRIEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Y/n finally screams your face turning bright red all of them stare at you
" but I already set up a date between you and him" William admits" he is coming over tonight for dinner" as William is saying this you finally have had enough
"Y/N, please don't kill him, he didn't know any better" Ernest said as you pick up a pencil and pointed at William imagining it to be an actual knife, you put it down with a strong and irritated sigh to voice your irritation William lets out a sigh of relief knowing that you are not going to do anything
" at least I'll see him two weeks after I met him "Y/n says as you slowly finish the rest of your drink all you can say is
" did you tell Mom or Dad?" You asked all of them shake their heads Victor opens his mouth to speak however he is immediately shushed by your sister Elizabeth finally saying something
"Y/N I completely understand your frustration towards them" Elizabeth says as you walk out of the cafe with them it was the last day of college today now you can go home for summer
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