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So my brother was a mad genius

Chapter 3: confessions and awkward dinner

The door opened as you prepared dinner, the friend you met online is standing in the door you finally get a look at him he is eight foot tall from beneath his long black hair you meet his yellow eyes his body is being held together by Stitches his lips are straight black the skin is yellow it looks like a corpse a living and breathing corpse stumbling together as amalgamation of mankind but you do not care as William Victor and Ernest come down they all have different expressions in William you can see Wonder in Earnest you can see surprise and in Victor's you can see sudden rage
" you you're alive?" Victor questioned getting up close to your friend
" despite your constant efforts to the contrary!" Putting his Long Jacket to the side to reveal more man-made stitches
" excuse me"Y/N says as you walked in the way of both your brother and your online friend" but can you please explain" you have a sassy look while saying this
"We can talk about this over dinner" Victor says you pull out a chair for Adam your online friend he sits down conscious about if it's weight would be enough to break the chair surprisingly it's not the chair stays strong not even giving away a little
" basically Y/n during my studies I got a little carried away after watching Fullmetal Alchemist for the first time and I decided I wanted to create some life so I did and here he is" Victor says devouring the last of the salad he had on the side of his plate as Adam had finally started on his spaghetti
Victor and Adam could not just stop staring at each other you finally had the strength to stand up and go to the bathroom, as you glanced into the mirror you heard a knock coming from the door good thing you was not pooping or anything like that there Adam stood arms outstretched smione is misshapen forum
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