"Taehyung you should lose some weight" "Why?" "Because I don't wanna be seen dating a fat ass"

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"So can you pay for me- uh us darling?"

"Tae Tae" Jimin said as he walsed into his room "Hi hyun-" Taehyung was about to respond till Jimin cut him off

"so you wanna go get coffee?" Jimin asked in a bright tone "O-oh su-" Jimin cut him off again "But...I don't have money" Jimin pouted looking at Taehyung

"So can you pay for me- uh us darling?" Jimin said with that same pout "O-ok i'll probably be able to get some from Joonie hyung"

Taehyung stood up then Jimin hugged him "Thanks Tae Tae xoxo" Jimin walked to Taehyung's car

"hyungie" Taehyung walked in with bottles of soju,cheogju,bags of cocaine, some weed, & an unopened bag of molly "W-what Taehyung?"

"Can I-i borrow some money" Namjoon groaned "G-go get I-it" Taehyung went to got get his wallet grabbing some money

"Thank you hyung" Taehyung kissed him on the forehead he kinda moved a bit but went back to sleep

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